My Bad Ass Girl [+16]

Jennifer moved to another school, because her brother didn't like her always skipping classes and always being in trouble. So he thought of transferring her to a school for rich kids, where he thought it might change her. Which she did, but it wasn’t because of the school itself it was because of Harry. But is that enough to change her mind on transferring to another school? Or will she stay with harry?


2. Two

Jennifer 's POV


I got out of the car.

"Thanks for the ride josh."

"Anytime, as long as I'm free."

He gave me my bag inside the car. I touched the hood of his car. Wow! I just really love his car. Maybe, if Carl would allow me to have my own car I'll buy one like this.

"I'm surprised that you would touch my car like that, but not me and you eve look really seductive without even trying." he smirked at me

"Because you car is hotter than you." I smirked back

He touched his chest faking hurt

I grinned at him and looked at my new school. It's big just like I expected it to be. I looked around us there were girls and guys looking at me. I winked at some of the guys.

I watched josh come to my side "Well, Good luck on your first day." he pat my back and messed my hair

"Hey! Not the hair!" I glared at him

He chuckled and cupped my left cheek and kissed my temple.

I smacked his arm.

"Ow!" he said caressing his arm "What was that for?"

"For kissing me!"

"I always do that, why complain now?"

"Because they might think that you're my boyfriend. Duh?!"

"Oh yeah. New school." I watched as he gets back to the driver's side "Well, Good luck! And be nice." he got inside his car

Damn that BMW is so hot. Maybe some of this days I'll get to borrow it from him.

I started walking inside with my bag hanging in my right arm.

Where's the principal's office here? I walked around some more. Shit! I don't know which way to go. Fucking school! Why does it have to be so big?!

Then I spot a guy with glasses, his hair in a perfect quiff.. Nerd! But whatever I need directions.

"Hey! Guy with the glasses."

He looked at my direction.

"Yeah, you."

He looked at me kinda shocked.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Harry's POV

I was talking to my friend about the assignment in calculus, when the girl in front of us talked

"Hey! Guy with the glasses." she called out

Guy with glasses? Was that me?

I looked at her. She has a long auburn brown hair, it reaches her waist. She's wearing a yellow beanie, black shorts, grey sweat shirt and a pair of black leather boots that ends just below her knees

"Yeah, you." he pointed at me

I was kinda shocked that she we would talk to me.

I excused myself from my friends and walked up to her.


"Where's the principal's office?"

"Oh.. uh.. Just go straight ahead then you'll see it." I said directing her straight ahead

"Okay, thanks." she said then left.

O-kaaaay. I turned around to see my friends, but they already left. I scratched the back of my head, but bring real careful to not mess up my hair.

I was about to walk down the hall to the main hall where the old school officers give them out, to get my schedule. When she walked right in front of me with her friends behind her. Her blonde hair perfectly combed, light make-up on her face and a baby blue floral dress with a baby pink cardigan. I saw her looked at me for a split second. I sighed to myself, someday.. Someday I'll have the courage to talk to you Sarah Vivienne Perez.

I walked down the hall with other students.

I was almost the last to get my schedule.

"Hi Harold." Marie greeted me. She was the Vice President last year.

"Hi Marie." I said while signing the paper she gave me. "Will you for the Vice President?" she pointed another paper for me to sign

"Hmm... yeah, it's stressful but fun." she said while searching for a pile of papers.

"Well, Good luck with that." I flashed her a grin

She gave me my schedule and gave me reassuring smile.

I walked to my locker while looking at my schedule.

Monday - Chemistry, Drama class, free break, Math, English, Lunch, History and Gym Class


I bumped into someone.

"Fuck!" she cursed "Watch where you're going!" she said through gritted teeth

"I-I'm sorry." I looked at her.. She fell at the floor

She looked at me "Guy with the glasses, nice bumping into you." she smirked.

"I-I'm sorry." I said while watching her get her books that fell from her small hands.

I composed myself and helped her with her books.

She stood up half of her stuff with her, the other half with me. I looked at her schedule.

Monday- English, Drama class, Free Break, Chemistry, Math, lunch, History and Gym Class

"Well, your first subject is English."

"Where is that?"

"Oh.. It's room 23"

"Okay." she tried grabbing her stuff from me

"N-no, Uh.. I.. I'll help you." dodging her hand.

"I'm fine." still trying to grab her books

Because I'm taller than her, I used it an advantage. I held her books up high where she can't reach it.

She tried jumping. "Fuck!" she sighed in defeat. "Fine, whatever." I smiled at her. She started walking down the hall.

We ended up in the principal's office when the bell rang.

"Oh.. Uh.. I gotta go." I said while we were heading inside the office without knocking


"But I'll be la-" she gave me a look

I kept my mouth shut.

We kept walking till we reached the main office. She knocked this time.

"Come in."

We went inside. Yes, I went inside with her, only because she grabbed the hem of my shirt.

"Hello Ms.Sanchez.." he greeted her "Ah! Harold, what are you doing here? The last time I checked your record is clean."

She looked at me and smirked.


"I'm not in trouble sir. I was just helping her." I gestured to her books that's still in my arms

"Of course you're not." he gestured for us to sit on the chair in front of her desk. We sat opposite to each other.

They talked about rules and stuff about the school and academics.

"Well, since your here Harold." he grabbed a paper under his desk and wrote something on it. "I want you to show Ms.Sanchez around the school." he handed my three papers. "Since you know this school like the back your hand. Can I count on you Harold?"

I nodded.

"Alright, you may leave."

We left the office. Once we were in hallway she sat on the bench beside the door of the office, I stood in front of her. She sighed deeply.

There was an awkward silence between us. I looked at the papers he gave us to distract me from the awkward silence.

Paper 1: Excuse slip for me

Paper 2: excuse slip for her

Paper 3: her locker number

"So, Harold huh?" she asked


"We'll, I'm Jenn. Jennifer Sanchez."

"Nice to meet you Jenn."

She nodded in response.

She stood up and finger combed her hair.

"Well, lead the way Harold." she gestured me.

I showed her around the school. I showed her where the subject rooms are, comfort rooms, volleyball court, tennis/Badminton court.

"This is the cafeteria.." I gestured "Up there." I pointed at second floor cafeteria "That's also part of the cafeteria but mostly all the popular students sit there."

She nodded.

"There's the food stalls, and the re-" She grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled me in front of the food stalls

I fixed my shirt

"What's the best here?" she asked me

"You have got to stop pulling on my shirt like that." I said still fixing it

"Oh don't be such a goody two shoes."

"I'm not."

She raised her eyebrow at me

"Okay, maybe a bit."

She shook her head and ordered food for the two of us, I tried paying for it but she wouldn't let me.

Next the secret garden.

"This is like the secret garden of the school. Only I know this place and now you know it too."

She walked around admiring the flowers. She looks really peaceful in here, aside from her bad girl look, if you look hard enough you could really see her being calm, peaceful and worry free here. I took this time to admire her features. She has beautiful blue eyes, long lashes, and flawless skin. She's fit.. Alright she's sexy and beautiful; she'll blend right in with the popular kids. My thought were interrupted by her

"Wow! This place is beautiful." she said still looking around

"It is." I walked up to her.

"Wow! So you always come here with your nerd friends?"

"No. and they are not nerds they are just smart."

"Still the same." she shrugged "Where to now?"

"Well, because it's almost dismissal.."

"Whoa! Seriously?! We were walking around that long?"

"Yes.. And as I was saying I'll show you to the garden."


Once we arrived at the garden

"Well, here it is."

She sat on the bench, I sat beside here. She grabbed something from her pocket

She put a cigar on her lips and light it up.She inhaled it and puffed out the smoke.

"It's not aloud at school to smoke."

"Who says?" she said inhaling again

"School rules."

"Fuck the rules." she puffed out the smoke again

"I.." but before I could even say anything else she threw away her cigar.

"There! Happy?" she said then stood up and stormed off.

I scratch the back of my head. I don't get this girl. One minute she looks so calm and nice then the next she's pissed off and just storming off like that. I sighed to myself.

"J-jenn!" I ran after her

"What?!" she said through gritted teeth.

I got to her in less quickly because of my long legs.

"A-are you mad?" I asked. she stopped walking and I stopped too.

She sighed "Sorry.." she faced me, he she is again she looks so calm and nice "Sorry for bitching out on you. it's just that.." she looks like she's battling with herself wether to tell me the reason or not. "never mind"

I just nodded. "C'mon." I held her wrist, she jerked away. "Sorry, I.."


"It's fine."

I lead the way, she's behind me

"Where are we going?" she asked looking away

"To the garden."

"The other one?" I looked at her for a split second. I saw her raised an eyebrow

"Yes.." I smiled at her.

"Why?" she stopped walking when I didn't answer her, so I held her wrist, dragging her all the way there.

"Why?" she asked again

"Harold!!" she said obviously annoyed

"Just trust me." she flinched away from me.

I looked at her, she's looking down at her feet.


I heard her sigh.

"Nothing.. What time is it?"

"It's 4:34"

"Shit. I have to go."

"Ohh.. alright. you know your way out?"

"Yeah." she said walking away.

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