My Bad Ass Girl [+16]

Jennifer moved to another school, because her brother didn't like her always skipping classes and always being in trouble. So he thought of transferring her to a school for rich kids, where he thought it might change her. Which she did, but it wasn’t because of the school itself it was because of Harry. But is that enough to change her mind on transferring to another school? Or will she stay with harry?


4. Three

Chapter 3

Jennifer 's POV

I woke up at sound of my phones alarm.

I knew you were trouble

when you walked in,

Shame on me ..

Best tip I could give you when you pick a song for your alarm, make sure it's something that you hate or irritates the hell out of you. It's not that I hate Taylor swift, I just really hate her song; "I knew you were trouble" I don't know why, but I do!

I turned it off quickly, before hearing the rest of the song.

God I hate that song!!

I sat up and went straight to the bathroom before I decide to go to sleep again.

Once I got in the bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror.

Yup! Best way to a guys heart.. A birds nest-like kind of hair.

I decided to use shower rather than the bathtub, because I know to myself that it'll take me almost 15-20 minutes just sitting in the tub, plus the 5-10 minutes of washing my hair and body. Yeah, I take that long whenever I use the tub. Don't judge me!

I went in the shower, warm drops of water running down my body. I washed my body, with my favourite body soap that smells like choco-mint. Then my hair. I also brushed my teeth. I grabbed the towel that's always neatly folded above the sink and wrapped it around my hair and another with my body.

I walked out of the bathroom, I grabbed a mint coloured bra with matching underwear.

I don't know if I should wear shorts or pants today..

Well, it is sunny outside, so shorts it is!

I grabbed a black shorts, white crop top and top it off with a plaid shirt. I grabbed my cross necklace and also a bracelet. I can't decided wether I should wear a black converse or white converse.

I don't really like white, so black it is!! Haha

I fixed my hair and did my everyday make-up, which is mascara, liquid liner and red lipstick.

I grabbed my phone to check the time.

I still have 26 minutes.

I grabbed my bag and swung it over my shoulder. I went downstairs and saw Carl wearing his working clothes while eating pancakes in the living room.

"Morning!" I greeted him

"Goodmorning Jenn!" he greeted back. "Your pancakes are in the kitchen. I have to go to work." he said going to the kitchen same as I am.

"Don't you think it's little too early for you to go to work?" I asked while grabbing my pancakes and sat at the stool.

"Ahh.. My boss made me switch with one of my co-workers today, and her time is in the morning." he explained whilst trying to tie his necktie.

I stood up from the stool and walked to him, I grabbed the tie from his hands and did it myself.

"What time will you come home?" I asked when I was done tying it and sat down on the stool again, and began eating my delicious pancakes.

"Thanks. and I'm not sure." he said

"Will it be late?"

"It depends."

I nodded in response.

"You don't have to wait up for me." he said.

He grabbed his bag and kissed my forehead. "I gotta go! Bye! Go to school, okay?" he shut the door without even waiting for my response.

That's my brother to you.

I finished off my breakfast and texted Patrick if he could give me a ride to school.


Anything for you. I'll be there in 5-8 minutes.


Anything for me or you're just too lazy to go to school early and you're using me as an excuse to be late?

I pressed send while walking to the sink and placed the plate in the sink. I walked to the living room as I waited for his reply.


A little bit of both. haha. Now stop texting me or I'll end up being in a car crash.


I knew it!! You could always just ignore my text, you know! but you love me too much to that. haha.


Damn I do!


Haha. I love you too. Alright last text! promise. We don't want you to end up in the hospital again. hahaha

I pressed send and giggled.


I hate you for reminding me!!

10 minutes had passed and Patrick is still not here. Not even a text or call to tell me where he is or something. What if he had another car crash?!

I called him, but he didn't answer. Damn it Patrick! You better fùcking pick up! I called him again and this time he answered on the second ring.

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!" I said before he could even say anything

"Jesus Jenn! I think my eardrums just exploded. Oh.. wait it didn't." I heard him laugh at his own joke. I growled at him.

"Where the hell are you?! You said you'll pick me up in 5 minutes!"

"Actually, I said 5 to 8 minutes.."

"Yeah and it's been 10 minutes.. make that 11 minutes."

"Alright.. alright. I'm sorry."

"Whatever! Just be here in less than 5 minutes!"

"I'll be there in three.. two.."

"And you better have a good excuse." I added

"two and a half, two and a quarter and one." he counted down

and right on que I heard the honk of his car. I grabbed my bag and house keys and headed out, I made sure that I locked it first. Don't want anything be stolen away from me. I entered his car and I was just about to ask him why he was late and why he didn't even bother to text me that he was gonna be 11 minutes late, when he put a finger infront of me to shush me.

"Before you speak... here." he said handing me a Starbucks. I grabbed it from him and he started the ignition and drove off.

I was about to ask him what flavour when he said something.

"It's chai tea latte. Iced. Your favourite."

Did he just read my mind?!

"and if you're thinking that I just read your mind, I didn't!"

Whaaat?! Seriously.. how the hell did he knew that?!

"I just really know what you were about to say or do."


I drank the latte.. Ooooh. It's so delicious!!!

"What? No Thankyou?" he asked not taking his eyes off the road.

I pecked his cheeks and drank from my Starbucks again.

I saw him smile on the corner of my eye.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We arrived at my school 10 minutes early. I reapplied my lipstick and finger combed my hair. I pecked Patrick's cheek again

"Go to school!" I said and mumbled a goodbye as I got out of his car.

I watched him drove off before I walked inside the school.

Once I got inside, I walked over to my locker, I saw a guy.. a hot guy next to my locker with a girl .

Guess I found my first prey.

I smirked at the thought of his naked body... his smoking hot body! just by looking at him, you could already know that his hot, and a playboy, but that wouldn't stop me from having him.

As I went nearer to my locker, as if on que the girl walked away leaving him with me.

I stood in front of my locker and on the corner of eye I could see him looking at me, I smirked.

"Hey.." he said and I looked at him.


"I'm Nick and you are..?"

"Jenn." I said closing my locker and walked off, leaving him hanging there. Once i was far enough I looked back and saw him jogging to me.

My plan is working.

"Jenn.." he called out

"Yes?" I asked innocently once he was next to me.

"So are you new here?" he asked while walking with me.

"yeah, I got here yesterday."

"Want me to show you around?"

"Hmm.. Someone already showed me around." I said not bothering to look at him

"Oh.. Well, do you wanna grab lunch later on?" I stopped walking and so did he

"How about my place later?" I said looking at him as I bit my lip seductively and he moisten his lips with his tongue.

His action made me smirk.

I already him wrapped around my finger.

"sure." he said and before the warning bell rang.

"Well then, see you later." I winked at him and walked off to my first class. English.

I walked inside the classroom and sure enough the teacher was already there.

"Ah.. I guess you're our new student, am I correct?"

I nodded.

"Since you're already 5 minutes late, how about you introduce yourself to us." she said gesturing for me to stand in the next to her. I did as she asked and introduced myself.

"I'm Jennifer Sanchez. 16 years old."

"Well would anyone wants to ask any question about her?" before she could even finish her sentence almost all of them already started asking questions.

Guess, I already have all of the boys attention.

"One by one! Raise your hand if you want to ask her a question." she said.

they did as she said and raised there hands. All of the boys are raising there hands and a few girls.

"Alright, Lance!" she pointed to the guy in the back.

"Are you single?" lance asked and got a lot of "yeah, are you?" and etc.

"Yes." I answered with a smirk

"Marvin!" our teacher asked the guy in the middle who seemed like a jock

"Brian!" she called a guys name again

"Will you go out on a date with me?" he asked and I heard a girl said to him "What the hell!" I guess she's his girlfriend

"Sure but I don't think your girlfriend would approve of that." I said and winked at him. He got a lot of "ooh"

I saw his girlfriend glared at me then to him.

"Alright.. Abegail!" she asked Brian's girlfriend

"Why are you here?" she asked irritated.

"Obviously because I transferred!" I said.

Hah! Take that bitch!

The guys laughed at her.

"Alright that's enough.." the teacher said and everyone else laughter died down. "Ms.Sanchez why don't you sit next to Brian." She said and I looked over to Abegail and smirked.

I took the vacant sit next to him.

"So I'm Mrs. Bortikey and welcome to English11, Ms. Sanchez." I nodded in response.

She began discussing about writing poems and such things, but I didn't listen to her.

"Jennifer." I heard Brian whispered out to me. I looked at him and raised my eyebrows.

"So about my question.. will you?"

I smirked. Two guys in one day.

"as I said, sure if you didn't have a girlfriend." I said looking over his girlfriend who's been giving glares ones in a while.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it." he said with a wink.

English class ended and went straight out and off to my locker to leave my book. I walked off to Drama class and as I went nearer I saw Marcel walking alone.

"Marcel!" I called out. He looked around and when his eyes landed to mine, he smiled and walked over to me.

"So where's your nerd friends?" I asked

"They are not nerds just smart students."

I giggled "Whatever you call them."

"I think they're somewhere around the lab."

"Nerds." I murmured

"I heard you."

I rolled my eyes playfully

"So what's your next subject?" I asked

"Drama class"

"Oooh! we have the same!" I said as I linked my arm around his and dragged him to our next class.

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