My Bad Ass Girl [+16]

Jennifer moved to another school, because her brother didn't like her always skipping classes and always being in trouble. So he thought of transferring her to a school for rich kids, where he thought it might change her. Which she did, but it wasn’t because of the school itself it was because of Harry. But is that enough to change her mind on transferring to another school? Or will she stay with harry?


1. One

Jennifer 's POV



"You heard me jenn."

"You have got to be kidding me.."

He gave me his serious face, the one that I'm scared of. Yes, I'm scared of his serious face.

"Ugh!! I can't transfer to another school! I'm happy in Sacred Heart University!!"


"Carl.." I said mimicking him

He gave me his serious face again.

I groaned

"I already thought it over."

"But .."

"I'm doing what's best for you."

"But aren't you going to ask if it'll make me happy?"

"I know that you'll be."

I groaned again

"Just trust me jenn."

"I do, and you know it."

"I know, just.." he sighed "After maybe, 4 months and you still don't like it there. I'll transfer you to whatever school you like."

I grinned widely "Really?"




"What?! Just to be sure."

"Alright, alright."

"Say it."

"I promise after 4 months, and you still don't like it there, I'll transfer you to any school you like."

I hugged him and he hugged me back


"what?! No buts!!!"


I rolled my eyes.

"I'll do my promise but you have to promise to try and like it. Have some friends over here, not just some guy you met at a bar!"


"Alright what?"

"Alright, I promise."


I groaned again

"I promise to try and like the ..." I thought over what school I was transferred to, but then again he didn't told me what school. "Whatever school you transferred me to and try to have some friends."

"I transferred you in East University."

"Whaaaaat?! That school is full of goody two shoes people!!"

Actually, that school is for rich people, well that's what I heard. We're rich, yes. but I don't wanna study there! Hell no!!

"No it's not. Just give it a chance."

I rolled my eyes and made a face at him, He glared at me.

"Alright, I promise to try and like East University."

"Good." He hugged me again then got out of my room

I flopped down my bed, my stomach against the bed.

New school? hmp! Another school year, another school. Well, at least I still have a week before school starts again.

I just realized, I'll be a junior the following school year. wow! I'm almost a college student, I don't even know what to take up on college.

Oh I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Jennifer Sanchez! The new girl in East University (EU) In my old school I'm known as the bitch that you don't wanna mess with, and just like any other bitch I have friends to, but they don't study in Sacred heart university and one of them don't study at all!

I guess by the title of this story you already know my reputation and what to expect from me, so no need to explain any further.

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