I am too strong to be depressed. Too strong to be true. Too strong to not be weak. Too strong to be strong. I am lost. Lost in the Oblivion I bravely challenged. Lost like millions of others. Lost. Alone. Empty. But strong. Strong enough to be back.


1. Venturing.

And then, she stared into oblivion.

A common line in stories.

A line that is a forerunner which heralds the fact that she is going to slip into depression.

What is Oblivion? I ask myself.

The books scream words which sound dark and empty.






To me, Oblivion is just something beyond.

It is there.

Why is it that when a person is sad, hurt, alone or depressed,

they look to seek oblivion?

Is it the abode of unconditional comfort- which I seek?

Is it the housing of company?

Is it a store house of the answers I desire?

Is it the home to the hospitality that I need?

Is it the collective of all things I have lost?

Is the law that deems my life fair?

No. It isn't.

But it is there.

Something that the best of people fail to do or be.

It does not flood you with comfort.

It does not give you your answers.

It does not whisper comforting words into your ear.

It does not pour 'fairness' into your life.

But it is there.

Something that the most loving of people fail to do or be.


How many people have you seen?

How many have you witnessed- slipping into oblivion?

Never to return.

Sad. Broken. Alone. Depressed. Lost. Empty.

Never returning.

Swallowed into void.



I believe otherwise.

I believe I am strong.

I believe oblivion will be the witness of my transition.

My stage.

I won't loose my self there; Unlike millions of others.

I believe I can venture into it. Only to return strong.


I believe that oblivion will be the platform for coping. Crying. Coming to terms.

The silence will give way to understanding.


A renewal of strength.



A/N: This came out of oblivion. Like literally. I just typed it spontaneously. I do have a plot to back it. But I will continue only if there is some response. So it is up to y'all. Can I continue?


BTW: I hope my writing doesn't make me sound depressed. Cause I am the last person to be.


BTW: Though I write it in first verse, this isn't me speaking... So, I'd like a name. Any suggestions??


sorry for the long update :D thank you :) and don't forget to leave your comments :D



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