I find your lips so kissable And your kiss unmissable....

I find your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes irresistible


2. Writing a poem

Harry sat at the back of the classroom and he let his eyes slide over everyone's backs. As always stayed his gaze on Nialls back. The blond boy was sitting at the front, by the window and he was always in a good mood. Harry smiled, but no one saw that smile. Niall sat talking to Louis. They certainly talked about something boring, but Harry liked to look at Niall when he was talking. His lips moved and you could see that he liked the subject. So lovely lips, so beautiful profile and so lovely voice. Sometimes didn't Harry even listening to what Niall was talking about, and he just looked at the Irishman's face and how he got the words out. Bad habit and likely way Niall thought that Harry wasn't at all interested over the subject or even over what Niall said.


"Today we're writing poetry." said Miss Sanders. She was their English teacher and she was well liked. Harry didn't liked poems and he grunted lightly. She explained how to write a poem she read some aloud to the class and then she smiled big. 
"You have one week to you. On Friday I want to have in your poems on my desk and on Monday, I will read those who are best to the entire class."
Harry sighed. He looked over at Niall. The Irishman had already started to write something on a paper and he looked as if he liked the subject. Harry looked down at his empty page, in his notebook and he pondered. What would the poem be about? Harry had no imagination and he had no idea what he wanted to say with the poem.
"I'll write about sex." he heard Zayn whisper. Harry met his gaze and smiled weakly. 
Zayn laughed and he nodded. He leaned lightly against Harry and his face was happy. 
"Yes, nice sex. You know, erotic poem!" 
Harry just laughed and looked down at the paper again. Maybe Harry could write about Niall, but not mention that it was about Niall? Harry realized that that was a good solution. He could write anything that he felt for the Irish, but everyone would think that he had written about a girl. Love was still wonderful, although it was hard to feel so much.


"We have only one week to do this!" Niall mumbled, when the lesson was over. Harry wanted to know what he would write about, but he didn't dare to ask. Niall went before Harry out into the hallway and he appeared to take the task seriously. 
"I know!" replied Louis to him and laughed lightly. "I can come over to you so we can help each other?" 
Harry sighed and he felt again that he became jealous. Louis was Nialls buddy and Louis could go home to Niall. Louis would certainly sit near Niall and they would laugh together and think of many good stuff to write. Harry wanted to be Louis. Just for the sake sake, he pushed cold Louis, as he passed him. Harry didn't care if Louis was injured or if it hurt. Louis would know his place and he should understand that he shouldn't be so good friends with Niall.


"What will you write about?" asked Eleanor. She sat down next to Harry on the bench and smiled big. "I'll write about you." 
Harry sighed and gave her a cold look. 
"Then, your poem will be poor!" 
She giggled and blushed slightly. Harry knew that Eleanor had feelings for him, as she had had a long time, but he chose to show resistance. She wouldn't believe that he was interested and he didn't want her.
"I'll write about sex." 
Zayn was so proud over his choice of poem and he laughed right after he had said those words. Eleanor sighed and didn't seem as amused as Zayn was. 
"Sex, then you're crazy?" 
Zayn didn't agree and he sat down next to Harry. 
"I think it's a good topic, and everyone knows how wonderful it is with sex?" 
She sighed and shook her head. 
"Haven't you heard about that you shouldn't have sex before marriage?" 
Harry couldn't help but laugh. 
"So you're a virgin?" 
Eleanor blushed instantly. She stood up and gave both of them a dirty look before she vanished away. Zayn laughed, catching up with Harry and they gave each other a high five.


Okay, the truth was that Harry was also a virgin. He hadn't exactly tried to be close to a single person, but he wouldn't admit that. Everyone at school thought he was with different girls every weekend, and Harry chose to have that reputation. It sounded better against than all found out that he was gay or that he hadn't even touched a girl.




Anne came out of the kitchen and smiled at Harry. 
"Hello darling. How was school?" 
Harry snorted and tossed the bag on the floor. 
"The usual." 
He walked past her and headed towards the stairs. 
"Can't we talk?" she asked directly. "You don't say much to me anymore and I miss our chats." 
Harry just sighed, and he didn't answer. He walked up the stairs, into his room and he slammed the door. He had nothing to tell her, more than the truth, and he didn't even want to tell the truth. "Speaking the truth. Mama, I love a guy and I want him to love me." She had surely pitched straight. "Are you gay?"


Harry sat on the bed and he thought about the poem. He took out a pen and paper. How could he describe love, but not describe Niall? 
"I find your lips so kissable.." he wrote as a start. "And your kiss unmissable..." 
Harry could almost feel what it would be like to kiss Nialls lips. Niall was certainly not used to kissing, but they could learn from each other. Harry would be cautious. He would show that kissing Niall said more than a thousand words. 
"And your eyes irresistible..." he wrote. Nialls eyes were so gorgeous. They were blue, beautiful, and they sparkled. Irresistible? Harry smiled. He would baptize poem to irresistible. That said it all. The word suited Niall and Niall was irresistible.
"Don't try to make me stay, Or ask if I'm okay, I don't have the answer ..." 
Harry let the pen glide across the paper and the words just poured out of him. He smiled all the time and it took him two hours to make the poem. 

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