I find your lips so kissable And your kiss unmissable....

I find your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes irresistible


7. When the truth's out there

Harry was shaking all over. Niall phoned him on Saturday afternoon, and it felt throughout the body.
"When shall I come?"
Niall seemed to be in good spirits on the other end of the wire.
"Come over now if you want?"
Harry had showered. He had made sure that the hair was okay, and he smelled like a perfume shop. He hoped that Niall could see that he had made ​​an effort.
"Okay, give me half an hour?"
Niall laughed.
"Sure, it's just to press the doorbell and I open the door!"


Annie laughed. Harry stood in the hallway and he looked closely in the mirror. She stood so she had him under surveillance. 
"It can't be easy being gay?" she said with a twinkle in her eye. "I don't think Niall cares if you happen to have your hair in the wrong place." 
Harry sighed. 
"But he might like me more if I look perfect?" 
She grinning. 
"Are you going to change him? I don't think you can just make him to become a fagot just because you look good?"
Harry sighed. She was right, but he still chose to do so he was happy with himself. he changed his shoes and then he took his jacket on. 
"So am I all right?" 
She nodded and eyed him. 
"You look like the perfect son." 
Harry laughed and hugged her lightly. 
"I'll call if I'm late?" 
She balked. 
"You call me?" 
Harry nodded and released her. 
"Like you said, I am a perfect son!"


Harry was shaking all over. He stood outside the door and hesitated. He looked for a long time at the doorbell and he had to calm down the body a bit. Eventually, he pressed the button, and directly he heard a ding and dong.


Niall looked surprised at Harry. 
"Oops, you were dressed?" 
Harry blushed. He went after him up to the bedroom. Harry noticed that they were home alone and Nialls parents weren't there. 
"So are we going to practice?" 
Niall smiled and nodded. He picked up the guitar and sat down on the bed. 
"You can the lyrics to the song?" 
Harry laughed, and he sat down next to Niall on the bed. 
"It was me who wrote it?" 
Niall blushed. 
"Well, I just meant.." 
Harry smiled and pushed easily to him. 
"That's okay."


It was easy to sing with Niall. Harry heard directly that their voices fit together, and they could end up on different pitches. Nialls voice was wonderful, and Harry had to force herself to sing. It would have been easier to just listened.


"We should do more songs together." 
Harry said the words before he repented it. He had gathered courage and to his great surprise, nodded Niall. He seemed to think the same. 
"Yes, why not?" 
Harry swallowed. He couldn't believe that Niall really sat there and he said yes. It was as if everything Harry wanted to do, also wanted Niall do. Okay, Niall didn't want to be Harry's boyfriend, but it was okay anyway.
"So you're serious?" 
Niall smiled and nodded. He raised one eyebrow. 
"Why not? You can write wonderful lyrics and I just adds to the music."
Harry wanted to kiss him, hug him and say thank you a million times. Still, he remained calm and got a smile. 
"It will be a lot of work?" 
Niall agreed. 
"But you have the time, I mean, I heard that Eleanor broke up with you?" 
Harry gulped and he was so close to telling him why. Still, he nodded and tried not to show any emotion. 
"Yes, she don't want me?" 
Niall seemed to think, and he gazed at Harry. 
"Is it true that you had a problem with one particular thing?" 
Harry swallowed. He blushed and he saw at Niall that he only meant well.
"With her, yes, with the right person, no!" 
Niall smiled weakly. 
"So it was her fault?" 
What do you answer? Harry blushed even more. He swallowed. 
"I think it was my fault." 
Niall frowned. 
"Your fault? I heard that your a charmer against girls and you..." 
"Wrong!" Harry interrupted him and chose to look down at the floor. "I have many secrets, and one can say that the rumor's untrue."
Niall didn't seem to understand. 
"So that abut that you're out with the guys on the town and knocks down idiots?" 
Harry smiled and shook his head. 
"I don't dare to turn down anyone. I have fought with the guys, but there are those that I know." 
Niall seemed to understand the picture. 
"So it's not true that you have paid for sex?" 
Harry laughed, and he was amused. 
"Okay, all you have heard isn't true. No. I've never had to pay and I can choose if I want to have sex. I just want it with the right person and not just for the sake's sake."
Niall blushed and he seemed almost embarrassed. He pondered and put down the guitar on the floor.
"Okay, so then I have the wrong image of you. But you hated me for a while?" 
Okay, he got Harry into a trap. How would he explain his own behavior towards Niall. 
"It's not true!" 
Niall hesitated. 
"But you looked so askance at me and you commented everything in a negative way that I did?"
Harry shook. He didn't know what to say. Niall was definitely not such a guy as you could hate. On the contrary, he was a lovable guy.
"Like I said, I have secrets!"
Niall frowned.
"Okay, but I don't understand why your secrets did so that you looked cold at me?"
Harry did it! He did it quickly. He took Nialls face between his hands and kissed him. It was such a kiss as Harry had wanted to give him for some time. Niall hesitated and he froze. Harry stopped kissing him and looked straight into his blue eyes. 
"I'm sorry." Harry whispered tenderly. "The truth's the opposite. I'm gay and I love you!"
Niall just stared at him. He didn't seemed  to understand that Harry was serious. 
Harry nodded and smiled a little bit. 
"You are the most wonderful person that has been in my life and I have every day longed for you, but no one knows about me being gay at school. I have let the rumor be, how untrue it may be, just to hide the truth."
Harry saw at Niall that he began to understand. It hurt that Niall didn't say that he was gay and it hurt to have to tell the truth. It would affect their friendship and perhaps no more songs would become alive between them. 
"I understand if you're angry." Harry continued. "I understand if you drag yourself away and don't want to be friends with me. I understand if you spread out the truth at school. It's just that I can't be the normal Harry anymore. The lie's so big that it eats me up inside and out."
Niall landed in reality. 
"I wont tell anyone." he said, and Harry saw that he was honest. "I was just so shocked. Your the last person I thought might be gay." 
Harry took a deep breath. It hurt all over and he just wanted to cry. 
"I'm sorry about..." he hesitated. "I promise I wont touch you or kiss you again, but I love you so much."
Niall chose to smile weakly. He was still unsure, but he either cried or spat at Harry, which was a relief. 
"It's cool!" 
Harry nodded and looked away over Nialls room. 
"So the thing with making songs?" 
Niall laughed lightly and stood up. 
"I'm hungry! Are you hungry?" 
Harry was surprised. 
Niall grinned. 
"I eat often and I'm always hungry. I think we should eat something. I think much better with food in my stomach."

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