I find your lips so kissable And your kiss unmissable....

I find your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes irresistible


3. The party

Harry went through the week at school. On Friday, he put the poem on Miss Sanders desk and she smiled at him. 
"Good that you submitted the poem in time!" 
He snorted and went to his chair at the back of the classroom. Niall sat as always at the front, and Harry noticed that he was silent. Harry wondered if Niall maybe wasn't happy with his poem? Maybe that Louis hadn't helped him? Harry sat down and met Zayns eyes. 
"So you wrote about?" asked Zayn. Harry swallowed. 
Direct the buddy laughed at him. 
"So boring subject!"


It was a short Friday in school. Harry hated Fridays. He wouldn't get to see Niall on all weekend and it hurt. Harry tried to suck in everything around the Irish, so that he would make it through the weekend. It was as if he was following Niall, but the Irishman didn't see that. Right as it was Eleanor came up to Harry. 
"So you'll go to the party?" 
Harry sighed. 
"What party?" 
She wasn't sure. 
"Didn't he asked you?" 
Eleanor seemed to hesitate. She frowned and looked over at Niall. 
"Louis and Niall are having a party on Saturday at Nialls home." 
Harry balked. He lit up and he felt his stomach tingled, but then he was stiff all over. Why hadn't Niall asked if Harry wanted to come?


Harry did the right thing. He went straight up to the Irishman. 
"May I come to the party? You've asked everyone else but not me?" 
Niall was startled and Harry saw that he wasn't sure. It was as if he was scared and he swallowed. 
"I didn't think you wanted to come?" 
"Why wouldn't I want to come?" 
Niall hesitated again and as if he didn't know if he would respond. 
"You don't like me and I understand that you might think it's lame with a party. You aren't the type who might come?" 
Harry balked. 
"Don't I like you?"
Harry was surprised. Niall thought he hated him? 
"Yes ..." whispered Niall uncertain. "You seem to think I'm a wimp and you always look cool at me. You push me sometimes..." 
Harry frowned. He realized that Niall had totally misinterpreted why Harry was who he was. It hurt and actually didn't Harry know what to say. 
"But I want to come to your party." 
Niall gulped and he smiled weakly. 
"Okay! Then you are invited, but promise not to spoil the evening?" 
Harry nodded instantly. He thought about to indeed show Niall that he didn't hate him. Harry wanted to show that he had a lot of feelings for Niall, but not hatred.


"Are you serious?" Zayn snorted. "Nialls party will be boring and I promise that they don't even have beer there." 
Harry was still happy and he was going to go to Niall. 
Zayn snorted again. 
"I'll go with you if we take with us some alcohol?" 
Harry sighed. Zayn couldn't partying without drinking, but he was fun to hang with. 
"Okay." he mumbled in reply. "But promise that we two are the only ones who drink. You don't provide any in-class alcohol, so their parents calling to my mom shouting at her." 
Zayn nodded but wasn't fond of the requirement. 
"Okay. You are a pussy."
Harry laughed a little bit. 
"Zayn, it's our classmates and they've certainly never tried alcohol. We must understand that they aren't like the ones we tend to be with."


Harry stood in front of the mirror for hours. He wants to look good and he wanted that Niall would discover that Harry was indeed charming. Okay that Niall was gay, but maybe they could become friends? 
"You look great!" said Anne, when he came down into the kitchen. "Going to a party?" 
Harry nodded and swallowed. 
"Yes, a friend in the class has a party and it's just the school." 
She seemed satisfied. 
"Good, then I can go to bed? I mean, you're going to be sober?" 
Harry blushed and nodded. Too many times he had got into trouble with the police because of alcohol. Anne had to pick him up many times and made ​​sure that he hadn't vomited down the bed. She never barked at him. Perhaps she had given up. She knew that Harry still did what he wanted and he didn't listen to her advice. 
"I'll drive you?" 
Harry quickly shook his head and walked out into the hall. 
"No, I walk!" 
She followed him with her eyes and smiled weakly. 
"Call if you need me..." 
Harry got tired of her voice. 
"Yeah, I'll call if I'm lying on the street and vomit." He gave her a cold look. "Go to sleep. I'll be fine."


It was a wonderful evening. There were hot air and everything felt so good. Harry was in a good mood and he looked forward to coming to Nialls house. Zayn met him up and he had with him a bag with beer. Harry sighed.
"And promise not to offer beer to the others."
Zayn grunted dissatisfied. He gave Harry a beer and opened one for himself. 
"Yes, I promise." 
Harry opened the bottle and drank it all quickly. He was nervous and he was excited. Quickly, he drank one more beer, just to calm the body a little.


Niall lived in a fairly newly built house. It was one of the few houses on the street that had a pretty big yard, and Harry liked the house. Okay, everything depended on the fact the family Horan lived there, but at the same time the house was actually okay. When they entered the hall, greeted them by loud music. Everyone was in a good mood, and Harry knew almost everyone who was there. He slipped into the room and immediately he saw Niall. The Irishman stood in a corner and he was talking to some girls. Harry loved what he saw. Niall was wearing pants, a tank top and you could see his muscles on his arms, he had made arrangements with his hair and put energy into getting a haircut. Harry just enjoyed it all. Damn what good looking Niall was.


"Damn they only have soda." 
Harry sighed and looked coldly at Zayn. 
"Pull yourself together!" 
Zayn sighed. He took the bag and disappeared into the kitchen. Harry knew that the case would soon be empty and Zayn would sit still on a chair and just be drunk. Eleanor saw Harry. She went straight up to him and giggled. 
"So you came?" 
Harry nodded and looked at her quickly. Then he looked over at Niall again. 
"Yes, I was invited." he replied coldly. "Many came?" 
Eleanor didn't seem to give up. She almost seemed to think that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. 
"Everyone is here." she said, just to say something. Harry smiled weakly and gave her another quick and disinterested gaze. 
"I see that."


Harry was able to get closer to Niall. Directly he saw the Irishman and he smiled. 
"Great party?" 
Niall seemed almost surprised. He looked at Harry and seemed to wonder if Harry was serious or not. 
"Thank you?" 
Harry smiled and drank up the soda in the can. 
"Would you have games or something?" 
Niall hesitated. 
"Do you have games at parties?" 
Harry laughed and nodded. 
"We can always do truth or dare?" 
Niall hesitated, but he seemed to like the idea. He nodded a little bit and actually smiled. 
"What a good idea!"


It tingled in Harry's body. Those who wanted to be in, gathered upstairs. All sat in a circle and Harry chose to sit so he could see Niall all the time. Louis came up with a bottle and went through the rules. Harry didn't care. He knew the rules were changed all the time and that was the point.


It started off lame. Harry sighed and realized that his classmates weren't on his level. The girls giggled and blushed guys. In the end, Harry spun the bottle and it landed on a girl. She looked at Harry with anticipation and smiled big. 
Harry grinned. 
"Kiss the guy that you like most of us in the ring!"
She hesitated and everyone seemed almost like what she would do. The girl went straight away to Liam and kissed him. Harry cheered and laughed.
"Nicely done!"
She blushed and gave him a quick glance. Liam blushed too and he laughed uncertainly. Then things started to happen. All dared more and more.


"Take off your shirt!" said Eleanor, and she looked at Harry with wide eyes. He understood that she wanted to see his skin and he sighed. He knew he had to obey. In the corner of his eye he saw that Niall stared at him. Harry chose to obey and he pulled off his shirt. All the girls stared at him, and it led to him blushing. Okay, he blushed because that Niall was in the room, but at the same time it was so exciting. Eleanor stared content on Harry's body and he saw that she was really horny for him. Harry laughed a little bit and spun the bottle. It ended up at Niall. 
"Dare!" Niall said with a big smile. Harry was so close to demand a kiss. He wanted to force Niall to kiss him, but it didn't work in practice. He hesitated and finally Niall seemed almost surprised. 
"So what should I do?" 
Harry swallowed. 
"Oh well!" he whispered, swallowing even more. "Kiss someone!"
It hurt so much inside Harry. Niall chose to walk up to a girl and he kissed her. Okay, it wasn't a deep kiss, but still a kiss. Harry was shaking all over and he just wanted to disappear. Why couldn't Niall have chosen Harry? It had been the right choice. Niall sat down again and he blushed to the girl. She flushing back and seemed to like that Niall had chosen her. Harry was angry, he was jealous. It was like the whole Harry just blew up and he was in pain all the way out to the fingers.

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