I find your lips so kissable And your kiss unmissable....

I find your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes irresistible


4. The girlfriend and make love

"They're so cute." Eleanor giggled. Harry just wanted to scream at her and he wanted to kill the girl. Niall got a girlfriend and her name was Kim. The girl that he had kissed wanted him and Harry was pissed. 
"Hmm." replied he coldly. "Niall shouldn't have such a girl." 
Eleanor laughed. She pulled Harry into a corner and looked at him with wide eyes. 
"You're single and I'm single?" she said, and Harry knew immediately what she wanted. He sighed and saw at her that she would be devastated over the truth. 
"You mean we would be together?" he sighed. She nodded immediately and she almost jumped with excitement. 
"Ask me?" 
Harry saw that Niall flirted with Kim. Why not? Harry wouldn't still get Niall and love sucked. Maybe that Eleanor at least could become a great pastime, to avoid feeling anything?
"Okay!" Harry mumbled and looked at Eleanor. "So are we going....?" 
She was overjoyed. Harry was surprised when she threw herself into his arms and kissed him. First didn't Harry want to answer the kiss, but he understood that it would look weird. He brought his arms around her waist and he felt how she ruled the kiss. It was as if she wanted to eat him up.


"Okay, you were interested of her?" Zayn mumbled and he seemed surprised. Harry had to play theater. 
"Yes, there's nothing wrong with Eleanor?" 
Zayn agreed. 
"I thought you just didn't wanted her? But I understand you. She's hot and she's sexy. I think you can get her to the bed, too." 
Harry balked. He didn't want to have sex with Eleanor, but what if she wanted to have with him? 
"She's a virgin and she will remain there until she marries." 
Zayn laughed amused and pushed teasingly to him. 
"I promise you, she will allow everything in a week."




On Monday, everyone was gathered in the classroom. Everyone knew that Niall was with Kim and that Eleanor was Harry's girlfriend. It was almost laughable. Harry wanted Niall, but nobody saw it. Miss Sanders stood right in front of everyone and she smiled out over the class. 
"I have a winning poem." 
Harry sighed and leaned back in his chair. Poems were boring and whoever won would surely get praise from everyone. 
"I'll read it." 
Harry looked up and was surprised when Miss Sanders gave him a quick amused gaze. It was such a look that said it all, and Harry knew immediately that she would read his poem.
"Don't try to make me stay, Or ask if I'm okay, I don't have the answer, Don't make me stay the night, Or ask if I'm alright, I don't have the answer."
Harry just stared at her. She read his poem and he heard for the first time how it would sound, when you just read his poem.
"Heartache doesn't last forever, I'll say I'm fine, Midnight ain't no time for laughing, When you say goodbye."
Harry let his eyes drift away towards Niall. The blond boy listened and he heard every word that Harry had written to him. It tingled all over Harry's body and he swallowed. 
"It makes your lips so kissable, And your kiss unmissable, Your fingertips so touchable, And your eyes irresistible."


When she had finished reading the whole poem applauded almost the entire class. Harry blushed and he heard her saying that it was he who had written it. Harry felt his whole face was red and everyone looked at him. It was embarrassing, because the poem was his praise to Niall, but nobody expected it. Niall looked at him too and he smiled big. Harry chose to look down at the bench and he heard how Perrie whispered to Eleanor.
"It's certainly about you, the poem is about."


Harry chose to let everyone believe that the poem was about Eleanor. He chose to remain silent about the truth and he smiled, even though he wanted to scream out straight. 
"You are wonderful!" Eleanor giggled and kissed him. He kissed her back, but saw in the corner of his eye how Niall walked over to his student lockers. Niall was the truth, Eleanor was a lie! He didn't resist when Eleanor let her tongue slip into his mouth. He allowed their tongues to play and he heard her moan lightly. She ended the kiss and she looked happy. 
"I love you so much." 
Harry loved Niall but he lied. 
"I love you!"




Harry threw himself on the bed and tears just flowed out. He felt so small and he was the school's biggest liar. Why did he have to love Niall? Why was the Irish so special? Harry just wanted to die and he didn't want to feel love any more in the body. Okay he did Eleanor happy, but at the same time he became only more devastated inside himself.


"What happened?" 
Harry looked up and met his mother's eyes. She came into the room and she seemed worried. 
"Nothing has happened!" he muttered, and he sat up. He wiped away tears. "It's just so damn hard sometimes." 
She agreed and sat down on the edge of the bed. 
"You must tell me what's wrong. I promise to listen." 
Harry sighed. He knew he had to tell the truth in the future. Would she understand him or she would get angry. He chose to hide the truth. 
"I'm with Eleanor." he said. Annie smiled and she seemed surprised. 
"But why are you crying? Has she said or done something?" 
Harry shook his head quickly. 
"No, it's just so much and I'm tired."
She hugged him. Harry chose to hug her back and actually felt good. 
"School is tough." she said kindly, and released him. "But you will make it." 
He nodded and smiled weakly. 
"Yeah, I know!"


Harry was surprised when Eleanor appeared. He heard the doorbell rang and then she showed up in his room. He saw at her she was excited and she closed the door behind his back. 
Harry cleared his throat and he smiled. 
Eleanor took a few steps forward and looked around his room. 
"Nice room you got?" 
Harry didn't know what to say. He smiled and tried to look happy. 
"Thank you!" 
Eleanor giggled and came over to the bed. She sat down beside him, and she looked straight at him. 
"Did you mind if I came here?" 
Harry chose to smile, shake his head and he took his arm around her shoulders. He tried to do what normal guys did. 
"That's all right!"


One thing led to another. Harry landed on his back in bed. Eleanor lay on top of him and she kissed him intensely. He felt how she pressed against his member, but he didn't respond. She giggled and seemed not to care. Instead, the kiss was intense and she put energy into it. She pulled up the dress and took his hand. She brought it to one of her breasts and Harry chose to fondle her. Was it like that, guys did? He didn't like to feel her breasts, but he didn't dare say it to her. She moaned and she quickly pulled off her dress. Harry hesitated. 
"You don't want to have sex, you said?" 
She giggled and pulled off her bra. 
"I might have changed my mind?" 
Harry whimpered. He looked at her breasts and he tried not to show how bad he really felt. 
"Are they nice?" she asked. Harry looked at her and he chose to continue with the lie. 
"They are beautiful."

Eleanor giggled. She started to pull off Harry shirt and he let her continue. She unbuttoned his pants and in the end he had only his underwear on. Eleanor lay down on top of him again and their lips met. She was hot and she showed with the whole body what she wanted to do. Harry had almost panicked. His member was still limp and he knew she wouldn't get him to want the same thing. Harry chose to ignore the truth and he tried instead to fantasize about Niall. It was Niall who lay on top of him and the Irishman was naked. Harry could almost imagine that it was Nialls body as his hands caressed and in the end he felt that he was horny. Niall would surely groan and he would kiss Harry intensely. Eleanor drew their last clothes off and he felt her pressed herself against his dick. Harry continued to fantasize that she was Niall. It was the only thing that worked.


It went quickly and Eleanor was certainly disappointed afterwards. She just needed to ride him briefly. Harry continued to ignore her and he continued to see Niall naked. It was too much and he came. He felt his whole body was shaking and he pushed her down on his dick. It was a relief and the imagination had been perfect. As soon as he opened his eyes he saw her disappointed eyes. 
"Was it good?" 
He nodded. He understood that she also wanted to feel something. Harry decided to give her something. He laid her down on the mattress and let his hand begin to caress her between her legs. Eleanor moaned lightly and she lit up. Harry didn't like to touch her ​​most sensitive part, but he didn't want to be selfish. He had to play with and he had to behave normally.


"A little more!" Eleanor moaned and he saw that she was near the end. Harry looked down over her body. He felt nothing, and he almost thought she was ugly. A normal guy had loved her body, but Harry didn't want to see it. He caressed her harder and he let two fingers penetrating. He saw that he did the right stuff to her. It was disgusting. She was so wet and he felt her clitoris was hard. She finally came and she shook. She whimpered and she bumped up against the hand.


"I love you!" whispered Eleanor and she smiled at him. Harry smiled, he kissed her, but he didn't say the words. He released her and walked towards the bathroom. He just wanted to get off her fluids from his hand and he wanted to be clean. She had got what she came there for and she should be happy. Harry felt his stomach almost turned around. Why he was so disgusted with her? Eleanor was looking good, at least according to everyone else. She had a nice figure, that had Zayn told him. Still, she was all that Harry didn't want or touch. He hoped that she didn't want to have sex again. It was just so wrong!

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