I find your lips so kissable And your kiss unmissable....

I find your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes irresistible


9. The contest at school

Harry was the happiest guy in the world. He woke up in the morning and he felt Nialls head lying against his chest. It was a wonderful feeling in the whole body, and Harry wished that time would stand still. It had been such a great night and it was so great to get to sleep next to the person that your loved.
"Hi!" whispered Harry as soon as Niall opened his eyes. The Irishman smiled and looked up at him. 
"Hello yourself!" 
Harry laughed lightly. He let his hand slip through the blond hair and he enjoyed the moment. 
"Did you sleep well?" 
Niall nodded with satisfaction. 
"And you?" 
Harry couldn't help but smile. He nodded and raised his eyebrows. 
"I slept all night."
Niall yawned and sat up. He let his eyes slide over Harry's naked chest and he smiled big. 
"You have four nipples?" 
Harry grinned and pulled the covers over his body. 
"And that did you see now?" 
Niall was amused and nodded with satisfaction. 
"Yesterday I was too busy with other things." he said teasingly. "I can't pay attention to all your details at the same time?" 
Harry blushed and he laughed a little bit. 
"No, maybe not?" 
Niall jumped down on the floor and he stood naked and looked back at Harry. 
"So do you want breakfast?" 
Harry nodded, and he couldn't help but let his eyes slide down over Nialls gorgeous body. 


Harry just enjoyed the morning. They went naked into the kitchen and they ate a breakfast that Harry late would forget. Then they showered and put on their clothes. 


"What will you do with Kim?" got Harry uncertain out. Niall was startled and it was as if he had forgotten her. 
"I guess I should break up with her, but I have to wait for the right time." 
Harry was a bit disappointed by the answer, but he chose to nod and he smiled. 
"Of course, only you promise to be faithful to me?" 
Niall laughed and nodded. 
"You're the one for me."




On Monday followed Harry Niall all day with his eyes. Niall didn't break up with Kim and he was as usual to her. It hurt Harry, and finally he had enough. Harry pulled Niall into the toilet and locked the door. 
"You would break up with her?" 
Niall smiled and took Harry's face between his hands. 
"Quiet darling, I'm waiting for the right moment. For every day that passes, I will go back more from her and in the end I say it's over. Okay?" 
Harry frowned. 
"You're serious, right?" 
Niall nodded and released him. 
"I just want to do it the right way. I can't just tell her that I want you instead, I have to say the right words. Wait and see?" 
Harry nodded. 
"Okay, but promise not to have sex with her or do too much with her. I just get jealous."
Niall smiled and kissed Harry lightly. 
"I promise. It's you I love. Okay?" 
Harry swallowed. 
"Do you promise?" 
Niall nodded and looked at him. 
"Yes, I promise, baby."


Harry chose to bite the bullet and he chose to look away. Kim didn't seemed to understand that Niall didn't love her and she was like a patch over him. Harry still managed to stand out and he chose to stay away from them in school.




"A contest!" said their teacher one day. "Everyone gets to sing, if they want, for the school. In a month we will have competition in the assembly hall and all should be there. Those who don't sing gets to be cheering and select the winner." 
Harry lit up and looked at Niall. They could be there with their song? Niall seemed to think the same thing and he nodded at Harry and gave the thumbs up. It was exciting and Harry felt his whole body tingled.


"We set up us in the competition." said Niall at recess and smiled at Harry. "I play the guitar and we both sing?" 
Harry was excited and he loved the idea. 
"Sure, only I can be with you, I can do everything." 

Niall smiled and gave him a pat on the shoulder. They couldn't hugging in front of everybody, but Harry saw that Niall wanted to hug him. It was a torment to not show anything open. 
"I'm coming home to you tonight." Niall whispered. Harry nodded and smiled a little bit. 
Niall laughed a little bit and he looked around so no one heard them. He then looked at Harry again and he looked straight into Harry's green eyes. 
"I love you. Okay?" 
Harry nodded and he smiled. It was wonderful to hear those words from Niall.




Niall and Harry practiced every day and they managed to get the song to sound perfect. 
"We will win." Niall laughed and kissed him lightly. "We are the best?" 
Harry nodded, and he agreed. The only thing he was worried about was that Niall hadn't broken up with Kim yet. It had been two weeks and nothing had happened. Niall immediately saw that Harry was serious. He kissed him again, and smiled a little bit. 
"I'll talk to Kim before the competition. Okay?" 
Harry nodded, but he had begun to doubt Nialls words. 
Niall put down the guitar and crept into Harry's arms. 
"Come on, sweetheart. You know I love you and she means nothing to me." 
Harry swallowed. 
"But tell her that it's over between you, then?" 
Niall nodded. 
"I promise to make it in the weekend. It's you I want and no one else."


When the weekend was over Niall came with excuses. It was as if he was afraid to break up with Kim, or that he wouldn't let her go? Harry was split and he felt like the third wheel. He was glad when he got some time along with Niall, alone, but it wasn't enough. Harry wanted everything and he wanted Niall wholeheartedly.


"So you are going to really join the competition?"
Zayn hadn't yet believed that Harry was serious about the fact to sing a song in front of the hole school. Harry nodded and laughed a little bit.
"Me and Niall."
Zayn sighed.
"I vote just on you if your song's okay. Otherwise I vote for someone else!"
Harry laughed. He hadn't expected anything else.
"You should vote with your heart."
Zayn agreed.
"And if you suck, I wont still not vote for you."
Harry nodded and he put his hand against Zayns shoulder.
"It's okay!"

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