I find your lips so kissable And your kiss unmissable....

I find your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes irresistible


1. prologue



I don't know why I'm at all noticed the blond guy. He was new and he didn't fit in into the school. He wasn't odd, but he came from Ireland, he laughed out loud and he always seemed to be in good spirits. He was like a wind that poured into a sleepy school and everyone noticed him. Maybe it was his blue eyes, perhaps it was his smile, or maybe it was his wonderfully sweet face? I don't know, but from the first day, that he showed up, he was in my thoughts most of the day.


"He's so cute!" I heard the girls say behind his back. "Niall's perfect." 
I was jealous, I was jealous when I heard them give him compliments. I didn't want that the girls would look like that at Niall. I wanted them to let him be alone and not touch him. Why? It took me a week, almost two weeks before I realized the truth. I loved everything about Niall and I wanted him. The problem was that he didn't appeared to be gay. Niall was a normal guy, and he looked at girls' butts. Niall looked specifically at some girls and he looked at me with ordinary eyes. I was angry with my emotions and I was mad at him, because he made ​​me shake with desire. I was so pissed off some days that I let it go out over everyone and everything. I didn't want to love the Irish and I didn't want to feel so much for him. I wanted to be like normal guys, which I inside knew I would never be, and I wanted to see the girls in the same way as Niall looked at them. No one knew that I was gay and I had managed to hide my emotions well. The problem was that Niall was the first guy that I really loved and that I really wanted. All the other guys, who I had loved before him, I had stopped to love and I had been able to hide it all.




New school, new opportunities and a new life. I know that many were annoyed at me and I know that I many times talked too much. Still, I was glad to get to start over, although I didn't changing myself. The only thing I had trouble with in class was Harry. He was such a guy who seemed to hate me more than anyone else. I saw the looks he gave me and I knew I had to pull myself away from him. One day, he would surely be pissed at me and beat me. Harry was the only one I really was afraid.






I know! Boring topic, but I love Narry.
I love everything associated with Narry to do and I'm a typical girl who loves to think they have a relationship. ^^

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