I find your lips so kissable And your kiss unmissable....

I find your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes irresistible


8. Making love

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There's a sex scene and I would prefer that you skip that part, if you don't want to read it.





Niall placed the TV so that you could see it from the bed. He had talked about a movie all afternoon and he wanted that Harry would see it. Harry was relieved. Niall didn't seemed to care that he had heard the truth. It was as if the kiss had never happened, which in itself wounded Harry bit. Nevertheless, he was glad that they're still talking to each other.
"I don't usually see on horror movies." Harry mumbled. Niall laughed and placed himself beside Harry in bed. He leaned against the wall and it seemed as it was his favorite movie. 
"If you'll be my friend, you must see this." 
Harry sighed. He asked quietly what he needed to see on so that Niall would love him?
"Oh well!" he mumbled. "Let's see the movie then?" 
Niall was happy. The film began. Harry leaned against the wall and he was instead aware that Niall sat next to him. Niall created more chaos inside Harry than the movie did.
"This is so good!" Niall whispered, and he had big eyes. "Now will soon the murderer come from behind the door." 
Harry frowned. 
"Why do you tell me about the act in advance?" 
Niall just smiled and he didn't seemed to care about the issue. Instead, he sat tense in bed, waiting for the killer to show up. Harry looked at the TV and tried to follow along. The killer appeared behind the door and Niall laughed with delight. 
"Did you see that?" 
Harry nodded a little bit. 
"Yes, I saw?"


It was dark when the film was over. Harry noted that Nialls parents hadn't come home yet, which surprised him. 
"Your mom or dad?" 
Niall smiled and looked at Harry. 
"They are sleeping over at Grandma's." 
Harry swallowed. 
"Okay? And you didn't want to do that?" 
Niall laughed a little bit and seemed amused by the question. 
"I promised to come home and see you? I can see my grandmother next weekend?" 
Harry was surprised. 
"So you chose to go home just because I was coming?"
Niall seemed unsure of the answer, or if he would say more. 
"You know how it is?" he said happily. "I didn't want to sleep over there and I might have had you as an excuse. Don't misinterpret me, but your the exciting to be home."
Harry swallowed. He had expected a different answer. Niall saw that he was disappointed. He sighed lightly and teasingly shoved him with his arm. 
"But I'm glad that I went home." he smiled sweetly. "I mean, we've talked about many things, and we sang together?"
Harry nodded and blushed. He avoided Nialls eye contact. 
"Yes, there was a lot that came up?" 
Niall nodded and leaned slightly toward him. 
"Admit that you are relieved?" 
Harry nodded. He had perhaps hoped that Niall would respond to the emotions, but it was nice that he knew the truth.
"So how many boyfriends have you had?" Niall asked. Harry looked at him quickly. 
"No one yet ..." 
Niall was amused. 
"And girlfriends?" 
"One, I may only have been with Eleanor." 
Niall seemed surprised. He laughed lightly. 
"You're not the tough guy as I thought." 
Harry looked at him. 
"Are you disappointed?" 
Niall shook his head quickly. 
"No, I'm glad that I get to know you. I'm also glad that you aren't like everyone else."
Harry balked. 
Niall laughed again. 
"Therefore everyone who dare to be themselves are unique. You are unique!" 
Harry blushed. If he hadn't known that Niall had a girlfriend, he had thought that Niall was flirting with him. 
"Thank you?" 
Niall smiled and seemed to look at Harry a lot. 
"So you are inexperienced kisser?" 
Harry nodded. 
"It can safely be said!" 
Niall smiled. 
"So I can't get to say that you kissed me better against what Kim do?"
Harry blushed and swallowed. He avoided Nialls eyes and looked down at the floor. 
Niall laughed. 
"She believes that the tongue is an helicopter. Was Eleanor also an odd girl?" 
Harry laughed a little bit and shook his head. 
"No, she's perfect, although I prefer guys."
"So kiss me again?" 
Harry was startled and stared at Niall. 
Niall blushed slightly. 
"Yes, I can at least give you an edited kiss?" 
Harry hesitated. He just stared at Niall and wondered if there was a way to test Harry? 
"Kiss me!" Niall whispered again and Harry chose to obey him. He leaned against the Irishman and their lips met. This time Niall answered the kiss, and Harry felt his soft lips. It was one of those wonderful kiss that you just experienced a once in a lifetime.


Harry wasn't aware over what happened. He came to life when Niall lay on top of him in bed and their tongues played perfectly with each other. Cautiously, he took his hands around Nialls waist and he felt that they both had boner. Niall kissed him so intently and seemed not to understand what was happening. Harry couldn't help himself. He pulled up Nialls sweater and began to caress his back. Niall groaned lightly and he chose to end the kiss and then he pulled off his shirt. Quickly were the lips back and they continued. Harry felt with the palms over Nialls skin and it was perfect. Harry was surprised when Niall chose to pull off his shirt too. Again their lips met and their naked skin was against each other. Harry parted lightly on his feet and he felt the whole he was excited about the whole thing. He was unsure why Niall continued, but he didn't stop. Harry let his hands slide down inside Nialls pants and he stroked him over the butt. He pressed down Nialls lower part against himself and Irishman groaned. Niall ended the kiss and looked straight into Harry's eyes. 
"I have to admit one thing." 
Harry swallowed. 
Niall was red in the face and he smiled weakly. 
"I like both guys and girls." 
Harry balked. Niall smiled and seemed almost amused. He let his hands slide down and he unbuttoned Harry's pants. 
"So if we happen to do something, it's nobody's fault." 
Harry nodded weak and he felt Niall got off Harrys pants. He kicked them off and then pulled Niall off his own pants. They had only their underwear on and when Niall lay on top of Harry again, he groaned loudly. 
"I haven't had sex before with a guy." 
Niall grinned. 
"I have, so join me on the journey." 
Harry groaned. 
"Did you have ...?" 
Niall put his hand over Harrys mouth and slowly he rubbed their boner against each other. 
"You talk too much!" 
Their lips met and this time the kiss was intense. Niall pulled off his underwear and then he pulled off Harry's underpants. Their naked bodies met and it was like an explosion.


Niall reached out his arm and opened the bedside table. He took out the lube and smiled big. 
"So would you like to take me?" 
Harry groaned and just stared at him. 
"Are you serious?" 
Niall laughed and nodded. 
"Yes, sex is serious business for me." 
Harry swallowed. 
Niall spun around so that Harry ended up on top of him. He gave him the lubricant. 
"You have to take it between my legs. In and around my rear hole. Then you must take it on your dick." 
Harry blushed. 
"You mean the hole, your hole?" 
Niall laughed. 
"I have no other holes, if you don't want me to use my mouth?" 
Harry was quick. He took the lube over his hand and let the hand massaging Nialls rear holes. Niall spread his legs and moaned lightly. 
"Let a finger penetrate." 
Harry obeyed him. Niall groaned loudly, and Harry felt his finger slipped inside. It was a new feeling and it was so exciting.


Finally took Harry lubricant over his own dick and he brought it to the hole. It was a wonderful feeling as his dick penetrated. He groaned and put a hand on each side of Nialls head. Irishman moaned and lifted his legs up in the air. 
"Faster!" he groaned. Harry nodded and pushed quickly his dick all the way in. They both came close to screaming out straight. Harry felt himself filled the hole, and he looked down at Nialls cock. It stood straight out and it was so lovely. 
"Move your body!" Niall whimpered. Harry nodded and began to move on his hip. He felt how wonderful it was and quickly he rose the beat. Harry lay almost entirely on and over Niall. Their lips met again and this time managed Harry to do two things at the same time. He moved quickly to the hip, and he felt how he pumped into Niall. They groaned and their bodies were red. They sweated, but it was wonderful to feel Nialls sweat. It was as if Harry wanted everything that was Nialls, even his sweat. Niall let his own hand sliding down over his own member and he started to put his hand over it. Harry groaned high because of just the feeling. He felt Nialls hand moved between their bodies and it was wonderful. It was as if they fell into a trance and they both were unaware of the outside world. The only thing that mattered was what happened in bed. Harry stopped to think, and he felt his whole body was approaching the end. It was as if every part of him worked to reach the goal and eventually he began to shake. He felt he pumped cum in Niall. He screamed almost straight out and he shook all over. He squeezed out every drop and eventually he sank together.


"I want to come!" Niall whispered sweetly in his ear. Harry smiled and rolled off him. He quickly pulled away Nialls hand and instead let his own hand jacking him off quickly. Niall kissed Harry, and he liked that Harry ruled. It was as if they still had six, and Harry loved every second. Niall came and Harry felt how it spurted cum all over his hand and up the arm. Niall shook and he whimpered. Finally he was done and he laughed a little bit. 
"Was that okay?" 
Harry released Nialls dick and lay on top of him again. He smiled with his whole face and nodded. 
"You are wonderful." 
Niall laughed and nodded with satisfaction. He kissed Harry again, and their bodies were tired. They lay and cuddled with each other a long time afterwards. It was like it was supposed to happen.

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