I find your lips so kissable And your kiss unmissable....

I find your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes irresistible


6. Irresistible, the song

Niall was happy on the Monday. He went straight up to Harry and he laughed lightly. 
"I wrote the music to your text. It's finished!" 
Harry's stomach tingled and he lit up with the whole face. He couldn't understand that Niall had really done it. 
"So when shall we meet?" Harry asked. "You promised we would sing together the first time?" 
Niall laughed and looked at the clock. 
"Not today, but I can on Wednesday?" 
"It will be good. Wednesday it is!" 
Harry replied quickly but he really wanted to meet Niall, hear the melody and sing along with Niall.


Eleanor wasn't as much at Harry's side. He suspected that it was because of what had happened with her. He suspected that she was disappointed and that she avoided him to avoid having to talk about it. Yet it wasn't she who should be ashamed.


"There's a rumor." Zayn mumbled. "That you can't get boner." 
Harry blushed. He understood that it was Eleanor who spread the truth and actually become Harry a little relieved. It sounded better not to get boner against than he was gay. 
"Depends on?" 
Zayn laughed a little bit. 
"You know there are pills that help us get the dick up?" 
Tough topic to talk about. 
"I know, but the problem was that I didn't want to do it." 
Zayn was about to choke on. 
"Huh? Don't tell me you say no to sex? Damn, you're crazy!"
Harry laughed, and he showed with the whole body that he wasn't ashamed. 
"Everyone isn't like you!" 
Zayn sighed, and he didn't seem to like the fact that Harry said so. 
"All guys love sex. All studies show that guys always want sex. It's you who's odd!" 
Harry didn't care. He changed the subject. 
"Niall has done music for my poem." 
"And? Will it help your cock or what?" 
Harry sighed. He left Zayn alone and walked toward the classroom. Everything wasn't about sex, but also about love and community.


In the afternoon, Harry puffed out. Eleanor came up to him and she was anything but the happy girl he was used to. 
"Harry, I need to talk!" 
They stood aside and she chose to avoid eye contact. 
"I want to break up!" 
He wanted to hug her and he was overjoyed. Now he wouldn't have to keep on playing theater and he smiled. 
She sighed. 
"It's not your fault. It's me who may want something else." 
Harry understood. 
"It's okay!" he said and he looked at her. "We're friends?" 
She nodded and met his gaze. She smiled and he saw that she was relieved. 
"Okay, we're friends."
Harry hugged Eleanor and he felt relieved. He realized it was the last time that he would be with a girl. Next time he chose a partner, it would be a guy.


Zayn had a solution to the problem. 
"Next time you're with a girl, have sex all the time. Then she stays." 
Harry laughed. 
"No, thanks, you're crazy." 
Zayn didn't agree. 
"I'm serious. You can't just be with a girl. She wants more." 
Harry didn't listen more to what he said. Instead, he peered over at Niall. The Irishman was with Kim and he looked generally in love. Okay that Harry was jealous, but he tried to realize the truth. Niall would never choose Harry and there was nothing going on between them. It hurt, but Harry didn't want to lie to himself.




On Wednesday, Niall stood and waited outside the school, when they had finished for the day. He went straight up to Harry. 
"So hang you over to my place?" 
Harry swallowed. He realized it was Wednesday and it was the day when they would listen to the song, or at least sing it together. He nodded weakly. 
Niall smiled with his whole face and they began to walk towards Nialls street. 
"You must tell me if I should change anything. This is our song!" 
Harry's heart skipped quickly. Niall said it was their song. Niall had a song with Harry. It was as if it was their child and it felt so right. 
"It's going to sound good." 
Niall blushed and he laughed a little bit. It seemed that he was nervous about what Harry would say, and it seemed that he was unsure what Harry would think. 
"Wait until you have heard it."


Harry sat down on Nialls bed and he watched as the Irishman took up the guitar. He sat down next to Harry and took out a music sheet. 
"Keep this in front of me." 
Harry obeyed. He heard Niall began to play the guitar and then he sang with the most wonderful voice. Harry could do nothing but just stare at him. Niall had a wonderful voice and it sounded like velvet. 
"I find your lips so kissable, And your kiss unmissable..." he sang "Your fingertips so touchable, And your eyes irresistible..."

Harry felt his whole body shook. He felt his heart pumping blood around and he saw how Nialls lips moved. It was so wonderful and so special. Niall sang the text that Harry had written about Niall and to Niall and he wasn't aware of it. Harry could feel every word formed cottons around his heart. If Niall had looked at him, Harry had thrown him selves over him without blinking.


"So it went well?" 
Harry swallowed. He almost had tears in his eyes and he had to look away from Niall. 
"It was wonderful!" 
Niall blushed and smiled awry. 
"I'm serious. How was the song?" 
Harry just wanted to kiss him, ripping off his clothes and show that the song was his. It was made for Niall and no one else. It was as if time stood still, but he missed the chance to really do it with Niall. 
"It sounded great!" 
Niall put down his guitar and he brought his own laptop into hes lap. 
"I recorded it, so you get it home." 
Harry was eternally grateful. 
Niall burned a disc and gave it to Harry. 
"I promised you that we would sing together." he said, looking straight into Harry's eyes. "I thought that you can practice to Saturday? We can meet here and practice?"
Harry was in heaven. 
"Okay!" he said quickly. "At night or in the day?" 
Niall laughed and he didn't understand that he influenced Harry. 
"Later in the afternoon? I can call you when I get home? Going to Grandma during the day, but then I'm home." 
Harry cheered. 




Harry played the disc over and over again. He lay on his bed and listened to every note that Niall sung. It sounded like the voice of an angel and he shivered all over. 
"Who is it?" 
Annie put her head inside the door. Harry was just lying there and he smiled big. 
She was surprised. 
"He can sing?" 
Harry nodded, and he was so proud of Niall. 
"I did the text and he did the melody."
Annie just stared at him, but eventually she smiled big. 
"You can really write lyrics?" 
Harry blushed and laughed a little bit. 
"It was a poem I wrote in school." 
She was still proud of him and she sat on the edge of the bed. 
"You should do more songs?" 
Harry liked that idea. He sat up and nodded instantly. 
"Well, I should tell him that for a fact?" he said cheerfully, "We may be able to be known on our own songs?" 
She laughed. 
"Yes, perhaps so?"

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