I find your lips so kissable And your kiss unmissable....

I find your lips so kissable
And your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips so touchable
And your eyes irresistible


10. Day D....

The day with the big D came. The contest was to be held in the evening, and Harry was nervous. He saw that Niall felt the same thing and they chose to sing the song several times. Right as it appeared Kim up. She threw herself into Nialls arms and kissed him. 
"Sing for me!" 
Harry balked. He saw that Niall became uncertain and the Irishman almost started to sweat. 
"Sure?" said Niall and he was red in the face. Harry couldn't help but stare at him and eventually went the truth up.
"You're not going to break up with Kim." whispered Harry. Niall blushed and he didn't seem eager to respond. 
"Stop it, you know I love you?" 
Harry stood up and he looked at Niall long and hard. 
"If you don't break up with her, before we appear, it's over between us." 
Niall seemed to panic. 
"But please, Harry, I love you!" 
Harry shook his head quickly. 
"No, you love the idea of getting both me and Kim. You don't care about me or what I feel for you."


Harry chose to call home and he called Annie. All words flew out from his mouth and Harry told her about everything that had to do with Niall. In the end he was quite empty, and he sat down. 
"SO what do I do now?" 
His mom seemed uncertain. 
"Should I be honest?" 
Harry nodded, although she didn't see it through the phone. 
He heard a sigh. 
"Please, Harry, break up with him or you will remain a mat. Niall will stomp on you and he wont break up with her."
The tears came, and Harry felt how he began to shake. 
"But I love him?" 
His mom sighed. 
"Believe me, darling, there are other guys who deserve your heart. Niall's your first love, but there will be others."


Niall stood among the others who competed. He had the guitar to his stomach and he looked expectant. Harry walked up to him and he didn't care about the tears ran down his cheeks. 
"Tell Kim that you love me, otherwise I don't go up on stage."
Niall hesitated. 
"But we're going to compete?" 
Harry shook his head, and he lowered his eyes. 
"I wont sing the song, not with a guy who's using me." 
Niall panicked and you saw it in his eyes. 
"But she sits among the audience and I can't find her now?" 
Harry hesitated. He looked down at the floor and he felt his whole body just wanted to collapse. 
"Niall, you don't know what that song means?" 
Niall hesitated. 
Harry looked up and met his gaze. 
"When I wrote the poem, I thought of you. I wrote out it all from me, everything that I felt for you and all I got out of me. It's all about you."
Niall just stared at him. Harry knew that there wouldn't be a change and he swallowed. 
"Then you get to go up on stage alone." he whispered. "I don't want to sing about you, when you don't stand behind our love."


Harry cried. He cried with the whole body and every inch of him was totally together in a lump. The only thing he saw before him was a fog. Annie, his mom, sat in the audience and she understood, when Harry came and sat beside her.


"Hello everyone!" sang the headmaster with a happy voice. "Today, we have joy in our school and we'll sing." 
Annie took her arm around her son's shoulders and smiled at him. 
"It might be fun?" 
Harry shook his head quickly. 
"Mom, he refuses to recognize our love."


Louis Tomlinson was the first that went out on stage. He was a charmer and everyone smiled as he sang. Harry didn't care and he just listened to half the song. Then came Liam Payne on the stage. Niall knew the song. It was a musical that everyone had forgotten and Liam sang well.


Harry lowered his eyes and he looked down at his own feet. It was a dark night, and he could barely smile or listening. Everyone at school thought Niall was okay, that Niall was with Kim, that Niall wasn't gay. Everyone thought Harry was an edited bore, who didn't get boner. Harry couldn't think of all the things that everyone believed. Everything was a lie and the truth was only was in Niall. The truth that there never could be more between them, ever.






Short chapter, but there's more.

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