Happily ~Niam Hybrid AU fanfiction~

Niall Horan lives the not-so-amazing life of being a kitten Hybrid, seemingly unloved and unwanted. When he finally works up the courage to run away from his current abusive owners, he only comes to find himself hoplesly lost and scared. Spending his nights in a dumpster and days hidden away, Niall can't help but want to live a normal everyday life just like everyone else.

Liam Payne, an average 21 year old who wants nothing more then to help the needy and tend to the broken, cares for everyone but himself. When he one day stumbles upon a fragile boy with tear stained cheeks and adorable ocean blue eyes, he can't help be feel drawn to the scared lad.


2. Chapter Two

~Liams POV

     I roughly chewed on my bottom lip as I took in Nialls sleeping figure curled up at the end of the couch, his kitten ears folded against his head and his mouth slightly parted as small snores rolled off his lips. I couldn't help but smile at the adorable sight, wanting nothing more than to lay right next him and wrap my arms around his fragile figure.

     "L-Liam.." Niall breathed as he lifted his hand to rub his eyes groggily. "S-stop staring.. Its not nice you know.."

     I fought to hold back a light blush as I chuckled at Nialls words, shifting my body around awkwardly as I sat comfortably in my recliner.

     "Sorry," I began. "I thought you where sleeping."

     "Well, I was..." Niall trailed off as he slowly sat up and stretched his arms above his head, his tail swaying by his side as he shifted around slightly.

     "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to wake you."

     Nialls fierce blue eyes trapped mine in a long gaze before he stuck his bottom lip out in a slight pout. My insides grew jittery at the adorable sight and I had to use all my strength to hold myself back from jumping at him and showering him in a haze of baby kisses.

     "Can we c-cuddle?" Nialls words were hesitant but the pout was still very much evident on his face as he patted the spot next to him. A wide grin spread across my face as I processed his question, my legs lifting me from my seat and carrying me over to Nialls expectant stare. "Yay!" Niall let out a quiet giggle as I plopped down beside him and held my arms open wide. He happily crawled into my embrace as I pulled him to my chest protectively.

     Nialls tiny hand came to rest by his head as he lye against my torso, his other hand tracing pattern's along my forearm. I shivered under his feather light touch and sighed, bringing my hand up to run my fingers through his hair.

     "Hey, Ni.." I frowned and groaned as he squirmed in my lap, his bum ever so slightly rubbing against my crotch.

     Nialls movements quickly ceased, his ears once again flattening against his head as he peered up at me with a concerned and nervous look.


     I firmly placed my hands on his hips, a slight groan escaping my lips as he twisted his body around to straddle me, causing even more friction between our lower regions.

     "P-please stop.."

     I watched as Nialls eyebrows furrowed at the top of his forehead and lips turned down into a small frown.


     Nialls face quickly twisted with realization as he slowly slid off my lap.

     "S-sorry, master."

     I bit my lip, forceing all the dirty thoughts to leave my mind as Niall spoke.

     "It's ok, Ni. But just call me Liam, alright?"

     Niall nodded his head furiously as he hid his face behind my shoulder, his tail wrapping around his stomache as he held it close to his body.

     He's to damn cute for his own good.

     I sighed heavily as I pushed myself up and off the couch, causing Niall to scramble to his feet with a nervous expression as I held my hand out for him to take. He slowly slipped his tiny hand into mine, his cheeks a light shade of pink as I dragged him upstairs and into my bedroom. As I shut the door behind us I motioned for Niall to follow me over to my bed. I happily slid under my plush covers and reached for my TV remote on my night stand as I switched the DVD player on and pulled up Netflix. The bed dipped beside me as Niall skittishly made himself comfortable and chewed on his bottom lip.

     "Wanna watch a movie?" I peered over at Niall as he sat awkwardly next to me, his body tense and expression anxious.

     "U-um, yeah."

     "What do you want to watch?" I gave Niall a questioning look as he fiddled with the hem of his t-shirt, his head hung low as he pondered over his options.

     "T-The Breakfast Club?" Niall stuttered, scooting closer ever so slightly as I nodded my head in approval. From the corner of my eye I could barley make out Nialls hesitant movements and "secret" side glances.

      I couldn't help the smile that tugged at my lips as I pulled a pouting Niall into my chest and hugged him tight, quickly pressing play and watching as the movie began to load.


     Niall gazed up at me as his teeth grazed across his bottom lip, his lips slowly becoming plump and swollen due to the fact that he was constantly chewing on them.

     "Hey, don't do that." I frowned, scolding Niall as I brought my hand up to flick his pouty lip.


     I couldn't help but wonder what Nialls lips would feel like against mine as he spoke, my mind wondering as he buried his head in my chest and wrapped his arms around my torso.

     "Hey, Li?"

     I smiled at he nickname and gave him an amused grin.

     "Yeah, Ni?"

     "D-do you have any p-popcorn?"

     I chuckled lightly, nodding my head as I slowly slid out of Nialls grasp and out of the warmth of my covers.

     "I'm guessing you want some?"

    Niall nodded his head frantically, his kitten ears perking up and fluffy tail happily swishing beside him as I shook my head in amazement. This boy literally ate almost all my food as an after dinner snack.... How the fuck is he still hungry?!

    "Alright." I sighed and made my way into the hallway, bonding down the stairs two steps at a time as I entered the kitchen, flicking the dim lights on in the process. I shuffled around the cold tiled floor and searched through my cupboards, grabbing a package of popcorn from the top shelf and taking off the plastic wrapper. I unfolded the popcorn bag and placed it into the microwave, shutting the mini door on the microwave and pressing the handy dandy "Popcorn" button.

     As I watched the popcorn cornels (spelling?) pop, I leaned against the granite counter top and huffed, my thoughts wondering to Niall.

     I wonder why he was crying earlier today when I found him in the alleyway... Did somebody hurt him?

     The loud beeping of the microwave startled me from my thoughts as I grabbed the steaming hot bag of popcorn and opened it carefully, setting it on the counter as I reached into a cabinet and grabbed a giant plastic bowl. I emptied the still hot bags contents into the big bowl and made my way back to my room, bowl of popcorn in hand as I navigated through the hallway.

     "Yay!" Nialls tired eyes lit up as I entered the room, slipping back under the covers as I passed the bowl of salty and buttery food to him. I watched as he happily munched away, curling up into my side as he watched the movie intently.

     I wrapped my arm around Nialls shoulder and began to watch the movie as well, not wanting this moment to end and not wanting Niall to leave my arms.


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