Happily ~Niam Hybrid AU fanfiction~

Niall Horan lives the not-so-amazing life of being a kitten Hybrid, seemingly unloved and unwanted. When he finally works up the courage to run away from his current abusive owners, he only comes to find himself hoplesly lost and scared. Spending his nights in a dumpster and days hidden away, Niall can't help but want to live a normal everyday life just like everyone else.

Liam Payne, an average 21 year old who wants nothing more then to help the needy and tend to the broken, cares for everyone but himself. When he one day stumbles upon a fragile boy with tear stained cheeks and adorable ocean blue eyes, he can't help be feel drawn to the scared lad.


3. Chapter Three


(P.S. This is my first time ever writing a smut scene so I'm sorry if its absolute shit.)



Liams POV


     My eyes fluttered open as the sun peaked in through the half drawn curtains, its rays shining brightly in my face as I whimpered. I huffed heavily, squinting as I attempted to edge away from the beaming light, only to be stopped by a pair of strong arms as they lye draped around my torso, keeping me close. My heart beat rapidly inside my chest as I turned to face a sleeping Niall, his nose buried in my neck and legs entwined with mine. I couldn't help but stare in awe as he cuddled further into my heated body, my cheeks flaming red as a sudden rush of happiness filled my insides, only then noticing his tail wrapped around my waist protectively. All I wanted to do was stay here and snuggle with him but that thought was cut short as my bladder suddenly began to ache with the need to pee. I snaked my fingers around Nialls wrists and attempted to pry him off my struggling body but failed miserably as he only gripped me tighter.

     "N-Niall... please let go.." I quietly whispered, watching as his ears flattened against his head, his eyes soon fluttering open and peering up at me.

     "Morning, L-Li." He yawned, his nose twitching adorably as he sighed contently and pressed his chest against my torso, lying his head in the crook of my neck.

    "G-good morning, Ni." I sighed and tensed in his embrace, my bladder pleading with me to get up and take care of business. "Uh, u-um, Niall.. Can y-you please let go, I need to use the bathroom."

     Niall huffed quietly and pouted. "But I want to cuddle with you."

     My heart swelled at the adorable site before me, Nialls bright, ocean blue eyes gleaming as he reluctantly let go.

     "I'll just be a second, I promise." I slowly slipped out of the warmth of my bed and away from Niall as I padded into the small bathroom that was attached to my room and shut the door behind me. I did my business and flushed the toilet after and then washed my hands before opening up the bathroom door and making my way back over to the edge of the bed, bring my arms up above my head as I began to stretch my aching muscles.

     "I-I'm hungry." Niall pouted, sitting up in my bed as he rubbed his eyes and scanned over my body. My cheeks flushed a light shade of pink as he crawled over to me and tugged at my shirt, his ears flattened atop his head and tail swaying behind him. "Can I please have something to eat?"

     "Sure, come on." I grabbed Nialls hand and proceeded out of my room and down the stairs and into the kitchen, pulling out a stool for Niall to sit on at the small kitchen island as I made my way to the fridge.

     "What would you like to eat?" I opened up the fridge and peered at the contents inside, moving around old pizza boxes and cartons full of left over Chinese food in search for something still edible.

     "U-um, can I have some pancakes?" Niall asked hopefully, licking his bottom lip.

     "Sure." I closed the fridge with a chuckle and pulled the box of pancake mix out from one of the top cupboards, heating up a pan on the stove top. I quickly made the pancake mix and poured its contents onto the pan and watched as it settled, taking on the shape of an almost perfect circle.

     "U-um, mast- I mean Liam.." I turned to face Niall and took in his current state as he nervously fiddled with his fingers and chewed on his bottom lip.

     "Yeah, Ni?" I flipped the pancake over on the pan and went to grab two plates out of the cupboard above.

     "I just wanted to say... thanks. Thanks for taking me in." Nialls voice cracked at the end of his sentence, his lips beginning to quiver and tremble slightly. "You really didn't have to you know.."

     My heart began to ache as tears rolled down Nialls cheeks, his shoulders shaking as he placed his head in his hands. I quickly placed the pancake onto a plate shutting, off the burner and scurried over to Nialls side, pulling him to his feet and wrapping him up in a tight hug. Without hesitation Niall wrapped his arms around my torso and cried into my chest, hiccupping and sniffling.

     "Shh, Ni, its ok..." I cooed, running my fingers through his hair and gently rubbing circles on his back as I tried to calm him down. Sobs continued to rack his body as he desperately clung to me, his heavy breathing making it difficult to talk. I continued to cradle Niall in my arms until his breathing returned to normal and his crying subsided.

     "I-I'm so-sorry.." He sniffed, wiping the remaining tears from his eyes and rubbing his nose.

     "It's ok." I ran my thumb over his red cheeks and pulled away. "I want you to know that I brought you home with me because I wanted to. I know I didn't have to, but I wanted to." I gave Niall a small reassuring smile and hugged him tightly to my chest. Niall seemed so fragile, so... broken. He acted as if he was a burden, as if no one wanted him, cared for him. It truly broke my heart to see him in this state, so vulnerable and I wanted desperately to know why. To know what made him this way. But for some reason I felt as if I shouldn't ask, for if I did I would be crossing some unknown boundary.

     "Thank y-you.." Niall gripped my t-shirt as he pulled away, a new trail of tears forming and slowly running down his face.

     "Please don't cry, Ni." I frowned, wanting nothing more then to comfort him.

     "I'm s-sorry, I'm just so happy.." Niall let out a small chuckle as he rubbed a this cheeks vigorously.

     "Hey, I have an idea, how about you and me head to the Bakery and get some yummy pastry's, yeah?" I asked. I told Harry that I'd be back today anyways so why not bring Niall and get him a little something.

     "R-really?" Nialls ears perked up as I nodded my head, letting him know that I was being serious  and I couldn't help the smile that covered my face as he licked his lips in anticipation.

     "Your to cute, Ni." I cooed as I tapped his nose and pinched his cheeks. I lifted my hands up and ran my fingers through his hair, rubbing behind his ears ever so slightly.

     "Mmm." Niall purred loudly at the contact and I chuckled quietly as Nialls face tinted a bright shade of pink.

    "How about we get you cleaned up and then we can go grab breakfast at the bakery?"

    Niall nodded his head happily and slipped his hand into mine as we exited the kitchen and made our way up to my room.

     "Ok, lets just get you into the shower and clean you up." I fumbled around in my drawers for a clean shirt and a pair of pants that could possibly fit Niall. "Hmm, this will do." I mumbled to myself as I grabbed my favorite blue and white jersey and a pair of black skinnies. "Alright, lets get you all squeaky clean."

     Niall followed me into the bathroom and watched as I placed his clothes on the counter and turned on the faucet, allowing the water in the bath to run warm before turning on the shower head. I quickly shut the shower curtain and turned around only to find Niall stripping his clothes.

     "U-Uh, um, If you need anything, I'll be in my room. Your towels hanging up on the rack." I gulped nervously and shuffle towards the door only to stop dead in my tracks as Nialls slender fingers grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled me back.

     "W-wait, Li. I-I don't want to be by myself." Niall pouted, standing before me in only my boxers.

     My boxers.

     "U-um, ok.." I bit my lip and took a step back, turning around to completely face Niall.

     "D-do you think that--could you possibly ta-take a shower with me?" Nialls face grew red as he peered down at his feet, fiddling with his fingers and awaiting my answer.

     "Um.. Sure..." I slowly slipped my t-shirt up and over my head as Niall gave me an adorable smile, quickly slipping out of my boxers and depositing them onto the bathroom floor as he pulled back the shower curtain and slipped under the warm water. Without further hesitation I discarded the rest of my clothes into a pile next to the rest and stepped into the shower with Niall, watching intently as the water ran down his well defined torso. My face burned as thoughts began to run through my head and pollute my mind.

     Snap out of it Liam.

     I silently scolded myself as I watched Niall reach for the shampoo, squeezing a little bit onto his hands and then lathering it into this hair.

     "Your to cute for your own good." I chuckled, helping Niall wash behind his wet kitty ears. Niall only blushed in response, pulling me under the water with him as he began to wash my chest.

    After I had helped Niall rinse the shampoo out of his hair, I then began to wash his back, my hands grazing over his shoulder blades and down to the middle of his back before I reached his waist.

     "Can I?" I asked Niall, my hand held right above where his tail started. Niall nodded his head as his tail swished from side to side. In an instant I had brought my hand to his tail and began to stroke it, loud purrs erupting from Nialls mouth as I did so, his ears flattening against his head as he brought his hands up and wrapped them around my neck, leaning against my chest.

     "You like it when I pet your tail don't you." I chuckled, trying hard to ignore the fact that his hard member was pressed against mine.

     "Y-yes." He purred even louder, biting his bottom lip. I continued to stroke his tail as he then began to wash my hair, allowing the suds to bubble up before pulling me back fully under the water and ridding me of the soapy substance. My face flushed as Niall reached his hand out to begin to wash my back, his fingers dancing over my skin as they covered my whole back in body wash.

     "L-Liam, can I... Can I try something..?" Niall peered up at me with innocent and curious eyes as he began to rinse the soap off my back.


     Niall bit his lip roughly as he gazed at me through his eyelashes, trailing his hands down my back and to my hip before bringing them to my chest and trailing them downwards as he then gently began to stroke my hard member, earning a quiet moan from me in the process. I nearly melted into Nialls touch as he began to pump my member harder.

     "N-Ni." I stepped back under the water until my back hit the side of the shower wall, my arms wrapping around Niall as he pumped faster and faster. I bit my bottom lip in attempt to stop myself from moaning but failed miserably as Niall brought lips to my neck and began to suck on my heated skin, his tongue flicking across the surface every so often.

     "Niall, I-I'm gonna-" I moaned, arching my back slightly as Niall continued to pump me, rubbing his thumb over my slit as I came into his hand and all over his chest. I leaned forward, resting my forehead against his as I panted heavily.

     "Does master feel better now?" Niall asked, his tail wrapping around my waist and pulling me close as nod my head.

     "Very much. Thank you Ni." I kissed the top of his head and quickly cleaned us off, shutting off the shower once I was finished. I quickly dried us off and helped Niall into his clean clothes, cutting a slight hole in the back were necessary for Nialls tail. I then slipped into mine, smiling to myself as I watched Niall adjust the baggy clothes that hung loosely on his body. He looked too cute in my clothes. I helped Niall towel dry his hair and quickly styled mine into a little quiff before exiting the bathroom and grabbing two hoodies, one for me and one for Niall.

     "Off to the bakery!" I shouted, grabbing my set of house keys and making my way out the door with Niall by my side.

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