Happily ~Niam Hybrid AU fanfiction~

Niall Horan lives the not-so-amazing life of being a kitten Hybrid, seemingly unloved and unwanted. When he finally works up the courage to run away from his current abusive owners, he only comes to find himself hoplesly lost and scared. Spending his nights in a dumpster and days hidden away, Niall can't help but want to live a normal everyday life just like everyone else.

Liam Payne, an average 21 year old who wants nothing more then to help the needy and tend to the broken, cares for everyone but himself. When he one day stumbles upon a fragile boy with tear stained cheeks and adorable ocean blue eyes, he can't help be feel drawn to the scared lad.


1. Chapter One

~Nialls POV

     My eyes scanned over the busy street before me, the hustling people and fast cars speeding away. My presence continued to remain unknown as I shuffled backwards and leaned against the dirty brick wall that separated me from the rest of the people inside the almost always crowded bakery. The alleyway grew darker as the sun hid behind the rather traitorous looking clouds. Tiny rain drops slowly began falling from the sky, splashing against the cracked and dirty pavement. I sighed, allowing the tiny droplets to trickle down my skin and faintly begin to drench my clothes. I closed my eyes and ran my fingers through my hair, my finger tips just slightly grazing my wet, furry ears, and slowly dropped to the ground, allowing myself to let out a faint whimper. My muscles ached and my bones shook violently, the weight of reality holding me down firmly by my shoulders and against my will.

     I'm a Hybrid.. Nobody loves me.

     "Yeah, I'll be back tomorrow."

     I buried my head in my hands and brought my knees to my chest, wanting so badly to just shrivel up and disappear as a soft, melodic voice drifted through the alley. My ears instantly perked up at the sound, my heart leaping into my throat, nearly choking me.

     "Haha, yeah, alright. Bye!" The rough sound of a heavy door being shut echoed and I fought to hold back a quiet whine as the sound of light footsteps grew closer and closer.

     'They found me... Oh no, they found me!' I bit my lip and whimpered, suddenly jolting up and crawling on my hand's and knee's until I was tucked away as far as possible up against a giant tin dumpster. The thought that they had come back for me sent terrified chills throughout my body. 'They're gonna lock me up... They're gonna starve me!' A heavy trail of tears stained my cheeks as I refused to peer up at the approaching figure. 'I don't know if I'll be able to handle it again.'

     "Hello? Is somebody there?" the same soft melodic voice whispered quietly, a sense of what seemed like urgency seeping into the man's words as the sound of feet shuffling around echoed throughout the eerie alleyway. My body became tense and more aware of its surroundings as the mans presence grew closer and closer. A muffled gasp sounded from in front of me and soon after I felt a gentle hand slide across the small of my back. I flinched and pulled away quickly, yelping as a sudden surge of electricity bolted up my spine, making my heart race and causing me to shiver involuntarily.

     My skin burned fiercely where the man's hand had grazed me, but yet, it wasn't painful, in fact.. the slight contact had sent my tummy in a whirl of butterflies and made me feel slightly safer then before. For some reason I felt the need to scoot closer to this mystery man; it had suddenly became a necessity to be with him and I had no idea why. To be honest, this new feeling frightened me but at the same time came to intrigue me in the smallest way.

     "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry! Are you hurt?" The man quickly withdrew his hand as I peered up at him, frightened, still curled up in a ball and hiding away in the cold. I frowned slightly at his question. Was I hurt? I don't think so, I mean... at least I don't think he hurt me.

     I shook my head vigorously, not liking the sudden frown that took over his features, and for some reason, made my heart sink. He sighed heavily and I watched as he raked his fingers through his slightly quiffed chestnut hair, some wet strands instantly falling back into his face as he tried to fix it. He pulled his hand down to rest on his knee as he slowly crouched down, leveling his face with mine, his movements slow and unsure.

     I stared into his doey, chocolate brown eyes as they gazed intently at me, nearly melting as the man brought his other hand up to my face and lightly brushed away a tear that slowly slid down my cheek with his thumb. Once again his touch set sparks alight and made my skin burn hungrily, leaving my body wanting more.

     "What are you doing all alone out here in the rain?"

     I silently scolded myself as I felt my cheeks burn red, my body disobeying me as I slowly sat up and gazed into the strangers mesmerizing eyes.

     'What am I doing? What if he's trying to lure me in and then take me "home"?' I gulped nervously at the thought. 'I can't trust him...'

     "Uh, um.." I struggled to find words as the man snaked a hand around my wrist and pulled me to my feet with ease. I couldn't help but let my eyes scan over his body, lingering a little bit longer than they should have as I took in his t-shirt clad torso. The rain had caused the thin white fabric to cling to his defined chest, his tan features visible through the see-through shirt. I subconsciously licked my lips, flinching as the man pulled me forward into his grasp.

     "Sorry, I couldn't help it. Your just so adorable." His eyes crinkled up at the corners as a wide smile tugged at his lips, his hands placed firmly on my shoulders as he gave them a slight squeeze. My breath hitched in my throat as my heart began to race, my own actions catching me off guard as well as him. I flung my arms around the mans neck as a rather loud whimper escaped my mouth, needing badly to feel loved and comforted. I felt like I could trust him, it was an unusual feeling but no matter how hard I tried to ignore the fact that he might actually be an ok person, I couldn't bring myself to notice any bad in him whatsoever.

     I buried my head in the crook of his neck as he slowly wrapped his arms around my waist, and let the tears flow. His grip only tightened as he noticed my body shutter and shake with every sob. "Shh, shh... It's gonna be alright.." His words were soothing and his voice was calm but I still continued to cry.

     After a while of crying and sniffling, the man finally pulled away and peered down at my puffy eyes and red cheeks. I felt extremely self conscious under his gaze as I hiccupped and wiped at my face.

     "Are you alright?" The man's voice was quiet but loud enough for me to hear as he reached a careful and hesitant hand up to brush my dripping wet bleached blonde hair away from my eyes. Was I alright? I wasn't even sure of the answer myself. I guess now that he was here I felt safer and more at ease. I felt as if I could trust him, something I've never felt with anyone else before. I nodded my head, my teeth capturing my bottom lip as I shivered and attempted to adjust my soaking wet t-shirt as it clung to my pale skin uncomfortably. The rain had let up quiet a bit sense it first started but every now and then a small droplet would land on me.

     "Are you cold?"

     I nodded again, watching as the man frowned.

     "Where do you live?"

     "H-here.." I stuttered, bowing my head as I nervously fidgeted with the hem of my shirt. Yup, this nasty place was my home. I slept in the cold tin dumpster every night, except for Wednesdays because early in the mornings the garbage men would come and empty them, and I ate whatever I could manage to scrounge up.

     "Oh, well we can't have that now can we? A good home and lots of food is important."

     My heart thumped violently inside my chest as a finger slipped under my chin and tilted my head up so my eyes were focused on the man in front of me. "Now what's your name, love?"

     "N-Niall." Butterfly's exploded in my stomach as the man smiled a wide contagious smile.

     "Well Niall, would you like to come home with me?"

     My breathe hitched in my throat as I processed his question.  Would I? I grinned widely as I happily flung my arms around him for the second time in the past ten minutes and latched my legs around his waste. I nodded my head vigorously and let out a muffled giggle as I hid my face in the man's chest.

     I can trust him, I can, I just know it.

     The man chuckled as I continued to cuddle up against him, loving every bit of warmth that his body radiated and loving the way our body's molded together.

     It wasn't unusual for Hybrids like myself to be brought home and treated as a pet, because that's exactly what we are, a pet. We were sold like animals and treated like animals, living our whole lives like that, never to receive a brake. Some times I just wished I could be normal.

     "Haha alright then." I whimpered as the man pried me off his fit figure and smiled down at me. "My names Liam." I pouted at the loss of contact but couldn't help the small grin that crept upon my face as he crouched down in front of me and motioned for me to crawl onto his back. I happily wrapped my arms around him and hopped onto his back, fighting to hold back a giggle as I buried my face in the crook of his neck as he stood from his crouched position. I squeezed my eyes shut and smirked to myself as the mystery man now known as Liam placed his hands under my thighs to keep me steady and safe from falling. "Well, off we go!"

     I couldn't help the thoughts that swam through my mind as Liam slowly began to make his way out of the dark, damp alleyway and into the busy, bustling city streets. He won't hurt me.. will he? Does he actually care? Why would he want to take me home..? I'm a hybrid..

     I shook my head in attempt to rid my brain of all these thoughts but only succeeded in making Liam chuckle at my random action. I peered up at him from under my eyelashes as I still had my head tucked away in the crook of his neck.


     Liam's body shook as he chuckled once again. My arms loosened around him as they hung limply across his shoulders and chest.

     "Nothing." A small sincere smile tugged at the corners of his lips and made my heart flutter.  I sighed heavily and turned my head so my cheek was resting on his shoulder, my face visible to all the passing people. I quietly took in my surroundings, watching as Liam slowly crossed an empty street and padded up a large drive way, approaching a rather big house. I took in the houses light shade of blue paint and well kept front yard, a loud gasp rolling off my lips as I watched Liam approach the front door.

     "You like?" Liam questioned, removing one of his hands from under my thighs to reach into his front pocket and grab a set of keys. Liam quickly found the key he was looking for and slid it into the lock, turning it until a faint 'click' let us know that we could now enter.

     "L-like? I love.." A wide grin crept onto my face as Liam entered the house and slowly set me down. I gave Liam a questioning glance as I fidgeted with my fingers.

     "Go on, have a look around." Before Liam could stop me I was bolting through the giant house, my sneakers squeaking underneath me with every step I took. The first room that I came to was what seemed to be the living room, its light walls and plush furniture giving off a cozy, homey feeling. I then proceeded across the hall and into a giant kitchen, my eyes growing wide as I took in the counters stocked with delicious snacks and goodies.

     "Food!" I nearly jumped with joy at the wondrous sight as my mouth began to water and my stomach started to growl.

     "Are you hungry?" Liams voice sent shivers down my spine as I turned to face his approaching figure. I nodded my head vigorously and licked my lips. "Alright then, how about we get you out of those wet clothes and then I'll make you some dinner, yeah?" Liam asked. I smiled and nodded my head, a small blush cascading over my cheeks as Liam slid his hand into mine and dragged me up a set of stairs. As we reached the top of the stairs Liam pulled me into what I'm assuming was his room.

     I watched as he flicked the lights on and pulled me over to a giant dresser, letting go of my hand as he opened one of the top drawers and searched for some dry clothes. After about another minute of searching through multiply drawers, Liam had found a dark grey t-shirt, a pair of navy blue boxer briefs and a pair of black sweatpants. I happily took the clothes from Liams out stretched hand and proceeded to take off my still soaked shirt. I found the task to be very difficult as the wet fabric clung to my skin.

     "Hmff." I pouted and crossed my arms over my chest with a heavy sigh as Liam fell into a fit of laughter after watching me struggle.

     "Here," Liam began, motioning for me to lift my arms up. I did as I was told and lifted my arms above my head. Liam brought his hands up to my face and pinched my cheeks, making my face grow warm with a blush, before he tugged at the hem of my shirt and pulled it up and over my head. I shifted uncomfortably under Liams intense gaze as I toed my shoes off my feet and continued to get undressed. My hands trailed down to the button on my jeans as I bit my lip and hesitated, peering up at Liam through my eyelashes. My cheeks were tinted an even darker shade of red as Liam watched me intently.

     "You want me to turn away or do you need help getting those off too?" Liam asked, a serious expression clear on his face as his eyebrows furrowed at the top of his forehead. My breathe hitched in my throat as he brought his hands down to the waist band of my pants and stared down at me, awaiting an answer.

     I bit my lip, unsure of what to say.

     Without my permission Liam had began to tug my damp pants off of my body and I had to place both my hand's on his shoulder's to steady myself as I pulled my leg's out of my jeans. My breathing became rigid intakes as butterflies filled my tummy and I watched as Liam tossed my pants onto the floor next to my shirt. My tail swayed behind me, happy to finally be free from the confines of my trousers as my knees grew weak.

     "L-Liam, I can do-o it.." I gnawed at my bottom lip and placed my hands on top of his as he slid a thumb under the elastic band of my boxers.

     "Oh, um, yeah.. sorry." Liam coughed awkwardly as he pulled away and brought his hand up to scratch the back of his neck. "I-I'll just be downstairs if you, uh.. need me."

     I quickly nodded my head and watched as he shuffled out of the room, closing the door behind him.

     'Ohgosh, that just happened.'

     The butterfly's still fluttered in my tummy as my heart thumped rapidly in my chest. I quickly pulled off my boxers and pulled on the dry, clean set of clothes that were given to me, Liams sent filling my nose as I took a deep breath. A groan rolled off my lips from the back of my throat as I tucked my tail into the back of the baggy sweatpants and ruffled my hair. With a quiet sigh, I happily skipped out of Liams bedroom, turning the light off on my way out and bounded down the stairs.

     "Liam?" I called out, peering into the living room in search for my master.

     "In here!" Liams voice drifted in from the kitchen as the sound of pots and pans clanking together captured my attention.


     I rushed down the hall and slid into the kitchen on my sock covered feet, a wide smile spread across my face as I took in the sight before me. My socks weren't really wet due to the fact that my shoes took most of the damage so I left them on. Liam stood hunched over a giant stove as he switched on a burner and placed a pot of cold water on top of its slowly warm growing surface.

     "I hope you don't mind," Liam spoke, turning around with a small smirk, holding a box of Mac and Cheese in his hand. "But I didn't feel like making a big feast." He chuckled lightly as I shook my head.

     "No, I don't mind!" I brought my hand up to scratch my ears as they perked up at the sound of Liams deep, steady laugh. I roughly bit my cheek as I rocked back and fourth on my feet uncomfortably. "U-um, Liam?"


     "Do you uh, think..." I trialed off, motioning to where my tail fought against the thin fabric of the boxer briefs and sweats that I had borrowed from Liam. A look of confusion clouded over his face as I did so.

     "Wha- Oh!"

     I blushed furiously as I fiddled with the hem of my shirt, well, Liams shirt.

     "Um, yeah. Just give me a second." Liam placed the box of Mac and Cheese down on the counter as he began to rummage through some cluttered drawers. "Aha! There they are."

     My eyes scanned over Liam as he approached me with a pair of scissors in hand.

     "Turn around."

     I did as I was told and swiveled on the heels of my feet, roughly chewing on my bottom lip as I peered behind my shoulder and watched as Liam kneeled down and pulled at the elastic waistband of the sweatpants.

     "Don't move, ok?"

     I nodded my head and whispered a quiet 'Okay' as he forced me forward, pushing me down so I was bent over and my ass was in his face as he brought the scissors up to cut a hole in the plush fabric.

     "There, all done." Liam quickly stood and placed the scissors on the counter, then turned to help me as I struggled to fix my tail. I sighed in relief as a small lazy smile tugged at the corner of my lips.

     "Thanks, Liam." I wrapped my arms around his neck as I pulled him into a grateful hug. My tail swished behind me as Liam snaked his toned arms around my waist, returning the gesture.

     "No problem, Ni."

     I smiled at the nickname and pulled away as he turned to attend to the boiling water that awaited the uncooked noodles that were still sealed tightly away in its box.

     I could definitely learn to love it here with Liam.

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