Happily ~Niam Hybrid AU fanfiction~

Niall Horan lives the not-so-amazing life of being a kitten Hybrid, seemingly unloved and unwanted. When he finally works up the courage to run away from his current abusive owners, he only comes to find himself hoplesly lost and scared. Spending his nights in a dumpster and days hidden away, Niall can't help but want to live a normal everyday life just like everyone else.

Liam Payne, an average 21 year old who wants nothing more then to help the needy and tend to the broken, cares for everyone but himself. When he one day stumbles upon a fragile boy with tear stained cheeks and adorable ocean blue eyes, he can't help be feel drawn to the scared lad.


4. Chapter Four

Liams POV

     Niall slid his hand over my palm, lacing his fingers through mine, tingles running up my spine with a jolt at the slight contact. The cold wind rushed past our walking figures, nipping at our cheeks as Niall began to pout beside me.

     "LiLi, I'm hungry." He whined, the new nickname rolling off his lips with ease as a wide grin found its way upon my face.

     "I know Kitten, we're almost there." I gave his hand a reassuring squeeze as the tiny family owned bakery came into view up ahead, people rushing in and out as they carried boxes full of yummy pastries.

     "K-kitten..?" Niall peered up at me through his eyelashes, a light blush tinting his cheeks as I nod my head and smile down at him fondly.

     "Yeah, it suits you." I chuckled quietly to myself as he turned to face the opposite direction, a blush more then evident on his rosy cheeks, his hand still entwined with mine as we continued to walk down the sidewalk. Without hesitation, I slowly wrapped my arm around his waist and pulled him into my side, feeling the need to keep him within arms length at all times. As we approached the cozy looking building, the sign above the oak wood door reading 'Bakery' in fancy cursive lettering, caught Nialls eye. Nialls ears flattened against his head with excitement as his tail wrapped around my waist. I quickly reached forward and pulled the door open, a light jingle of the bell ringing above let the workers know that they had a new customer. The familiar sweet scent of cinnamon and sugar filled my nose as I entered the building, pulling Niall along with me as its warm air engulfed Niall and I in a pillow-ie wisp. I quickly glanced down at a beaming Niall and pulled him farther inside, the door closing quietly behind us as we made our way to the counter. Rows upon rows of delicious looking pastry's littered the over sized table that sat in the back corner of the room, some resting on fancy platters as some were placed behind a glass window which allowed only whoever was behind the counter to obtain from.

     "L-Liam.." Niall stood on the tip of his toes as he leaned against my shoulder, whispering quietly in my ear.  "Um-Uh.. C-can I possibly g-get something..?" Nialls voice was hesitant as he stuttered out his question.

     "'Course you can, Ni, you don't have to ask. That's why I brought you here, remember?" I chuckled and ruffled the smaller lads hair, watching in amusement as he bounced over to the counter and gazed at all there was to offer, pure bliss taking over his facial expression. I let my eyes scan over the empty bakery, only now realizing that Harry nor Louis weren't anywhere in sight. Which could only mean one thing...

     I shuddered at the thought of those two fucking in the kitchen, getting their nasty sweat all over the pastry's and utensils. Oh gosh, I don't even want to know what they do with those utensils when no ones around. For some reason I suddenly wasn't sure if I wanted Niall to eat anything from here anymore.

     I huffed to myself and began to make my way around the counter, shuffling past a bewildered Niall as he watched me intently.

     "W-what are you doing?" Niall questioned, rushing to my side as I made my way down the small hall that lead to the kitchen. "I d-don't think your aloud back here, t-the sign says 'Only Employees'."

     "It's ok Ni, I'm good friends with the owners son, and I some times even help around when I have the time." I informed Niall, grabbing his hand as he hid, unsure, behind my back. A quiet moan drifted in through the half open kitchen door, catching Niall off guard as they continued to grow louder and louder. I quietly poked my head in through the crack and took in the sight before me. I thanked god that they were fully clothed and nowhere near the utensils and pastry's as I watched the two continue to make out, Louis' hands sliding down the front of Harrys jeans. Niall silently poked his head in and blushed at the scene unfolding before him, unsure of how to react.

     "Ehem you two, you have customers waiting." I bellowed, watching in amusement as the two love birds sprang apart, panting and trying helplessly to fix their messy hair and dishelved clothes.

     "Uh-ahh sorry." Harry mumbled, face flushed a bright red as he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. "I-I'll be out there in a second."

     I nodded my head and made my way back out to the front of the shop with Niall in tow, leaning against the counter as I waited for Harry and Louis to pull themselves together.

     "Liam.." Niall mumbled, rubbing his eyes as he stood in front of me.

     "Yeah, Kitten?" I reached forward and brushed the hair out of Nialls face before petting behind his ears softly.

     "A-are they y-your friends?"

     I chuckled Lightly before nodding my head and replying. "Unfortunately."

     "Hey, I heard that!" Louis yelled playfully from the doorway as he adjusted his apron and wiped his palms against his jeans. Louis' eyes then landed upon Niall, a wide grin covering his face in an instant. "Who's this little cutie?" Louis all but squealed as he bounded towards Niall and began to stroke his tail softly, causing Niall to flinch back before relaxing and purring slightly.

     "Oh, Louis this is my err- um, pet, I guess.. His name is Niall."

     I watched as Niall smiled softly at the Doncaster lad before him, leaning happily into his touch.

     "Oi." I peered up at a stumbling Harry as he entered the room. "What do you want?"

     "Can I have a cinnamon role please," I asked, then turning to Niall. "What about you Ni? What do you want?"

     Louis scratched behind Nialls ear one more time before walking up behind Harry and wrapping his arms around his waist, resting his chin on his shoulder.

     "Um, I don't k-know.. I guess I'll just have w-what your having." Niall bit his lip softly, shuffling over to my side.

     "Alright then, two cinnamon roles please." I reached for my wallet but was stopped by Harry.

     "It's on the house mate." He gave me a warm smile as he walked over to the glass window, grabbing two cinnamon roles and then drizzling them with icing. "Here you go." Harry happily placed them on two paper plates and then passed them to me. Niall eagerly reached for the cinnamon goodness with grabby hands and I gladly handed it to him, watching him curiously as I bit into mine.

     "Oh my gosh.." Niall moaned, shoving large bits of the yummy pastry into his mouth. I grinned at his reaction, finishing off mine as Niall still munched on his. "This is s-so good!"

     I glanced over at Harry to find him smirking proudly to himself, watching Niall intently. Harry was always proud of his cooking and baking skills, the reactions and praises he got from everyone that walked into this shop only boosting his ego further. Aside from Louis, this shop was his pride and joy.

     "You like that, Ni?" I chuckled to myself as a wide smile tugged at the corner of my lips. Niall peered up at me as he licked his fingers, his tongue swirling over the tips as he popped them out of his mouth causing a blush to cascade over my face as dirty thoughts began to fill my head. He nodded his head furiously, his tail swaying beside him as he grinned goofily.

     "It was really yummy, thanks Li." Niall lunged forward and wrapped his arms around my waist, placing his chin on my chest so that he was gazing straight into my eyes as he purred loudly.

     "No problem." I draped my arms around Nialls neck and ruffled his hair slightly causing Nialls cheeks to flame a slight shade of pink.

     "Aww, you guys are so adorable." Louis cooed, propping his elbows up on the counter top by the register as he rested his head in his hands.

     I glared up at him and Harry as they both nodded their heads and smiled to each other as if they knew something I didn't. I just rolled my eyes and slipped out of Nialls embrace, taking his hand in mine as I pulled him along with me to the front of the bakery.

     "Well, I best be off then."

     Louis and Harry snickered behind us as they both whispered to each other.

     "Yeah, Nialls dick ain't gonna suck itself."  The two boys both burst into a fit of giggles as Niall and I exited the tiny bakery and made our way back home, passing by the darkened alleyway that I had found Niall in not even a day ago. I shook my head, choosing to ignore that last comment.

     "Hey, Ni..?" I bit my lip as I watched Niall from beside me, the baggy blue jersey poking out of the bottom of the hoodie I had let him wear. My black skinnies hung low on his hips allowing his tail to freely sway around as he happily swung our hands back and forth between us.

     "Yeah, Li?"

     The constant use of the nickname gave me butterflies in my stomach and caused a wide smile to take its place upon my face. I know I just met this boy only a day ago, but damn, he couldn't possibly be anymore cuter.

     "Um," I wanted to ask him about how he ended up living in the dumpsters but I felt as if now wasn't the right time. He looked happy and content with this moment and who was I to take that away from him? "N-never mind."

     Niall frowned slightly, glancing up at me questioningly but letting it go nonetheless.

     There are so many things I want to ask him, but they'll all just have to wait.



Alright guys, I finally updated again! Sorry it's really shitty though, I was rushing and I kinda got side tracked seeing as I was trying to watch Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends while writing this. Lol. So please forgive me and I'm sorry if there are any errors, I didn't really bother editing it. Also I'm thinking about adding A LOT of SMUT in the next chapter but I'm not sure... What do you guys think??



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