Happily ~Niam Hybrid AU fanfiction~

Niall Horan lives the not-so-amazing life of being a kitten Hybrid, seemingly unloved and unwanted. When he finally works up the courage to run away from his current abusive owners, he only comes to find himself hoplesly lost and scared. Spending his nights in a dumpster and days hidden away, Niall can't help but want to live a normal everyday life just like everyone else.

Liam Payne, an average 21 year old who wants nothing more then to help the needy and tend to the broken, cares for everyone but himself. When he one day stumbles upon a fragile boy with tear stained cheeks and adorable ocean blue eyes, he can't help be feel drawn to the scared lad.


5. Chapter Five

Liams POV


"Liammm." Niall moaned from underneath me, his breath grazing my skin as his nails dug into the heated flesh on my back. I continued to pound in and out of him as I brought my lips down to his and kissed him roughly. "Li, I-I feel w-weird.." Niall panted as I pulled away slightly, only to kiss down his jaw and to his neck, nipping and sucking at his skin.

"I know Ni, just let it go." My thrusts became sloppier as I neared my high.

"Nhgg, L-Li!" Niall rushed out, cumming all over my chest and stomach, sending me over the edge as I quickly pulled out of him and came all over the bed sheets and Nialls torso.

"I love you, Li." Niall wrapped his arms around me as I collapsed next to him, whispering those four words to me as he planted a sweet kiss against my lips.

"I Love you too, Ni." I smiled happily to myself as Niall pulled the covers over the two of us and cuddled into my my side, wrapping his arms around me. I smiled to myself as Nialls soft kitten ears tickled my chest, his tail draping itself around our covered bodies as our panting died down.



I stirred slightly at the soft sound of my name being called, pulling the warmth that I cradled in my arms closer to my body as I refused to open my eyes.

"T-that was..cute..." The voice spoke again, causing a small smile to tug at my lips as their words registered in the back of my brain. I slowly peeled my eyes open and gazed groggily up at a blushing Niall who's ocean blue eyes gazed back in curiosity.

"Morning Ni." I yawned, my eyes falling down to peer at my arms as I had them wrapped around Nialls torso. I frowned slightly as I took in our clothed figures, my mood changing slightly as I realized that before was only just a dream.

"M-morning Li." Niall beamed, smiling down at me shyly as I made no move to release him, but instead pulled him down so that his head was rested against my chest as I ran my fingers through his hair and stroked his soft kitten ears. "U-uh, Liam..?" Niall began, a slight blush covering his cheeks as I turned to give him my full attention.

"Yeah, Ni?" I watched intently as he roughly sucked in his bottom lip, nibbling at its surface as he quickly hid his face in the crook of my neck, all while he squirmed in my grasp. I frowned slightly as he moved his legs away from mine and blushed furiously.

"Uh-umm.." He stumbled over his words as I watched him with curious eyes. His adorable, pale cheeks flamed a shade of bright red as he pulled away completely, pointedly looking down. I followed his gaze and nearly choked on my own spit as I took in the slight bulge in Nialls (technically my) sweatpants. "Li, it's really uncomfortable.." Niall whined, squeezing his eyes shut tight as he began to palm himself.

I fought to hold back a moan as I watched Niall buck his hips into his hand, desperately needing relief from his little problem. Why is he doing this to me? I continued to watch as he began to pant loudly, my own member beginning to throb as I took my bottom lip in between my teeth.

"Liam.." Niall moaned, peering over at me with his usually bright, ocean blues eyes now a darker shade, one that almost reminded me of the night sky. And that was all it took before I had found myself straddling his waist, my face inches away from his as I hastily placed both my arms by his head, holding myself up as I roughly began to grind my throbbing member against his, heavy pants leaving both our mouths as I quickly connected my lips with his. Niall moaned into the kiss as he gripped my waist, rolling his hips against mine roughly. My heart pounded rapidly against my rib cage as I quickly ran my tongue across his bottom lip, begging for entrance. Before he could grant me access I forced my way in, my tongue fighting for dominance but not for long as he quickly gave up, letting my tongue explore his mouth freely.

Sooner or later one of us was gonna have to pull back for some air and as that time came, I wasted no time in slipping my hands under his t-shirt and quickly pulling it off his body, tossing it to the floor as I did the same with mine. I peered down at Niall to find his eyes scanning over my chest, his cheeks flaming a shade of red.

"Fuck, I want you so bad.." Niall moaned, throwing his head back as I began to grind my crotch against his again, with even more force then before. I was surprised by Nialls sudden change in domineer but turned on nonetheless.

"Language, Niall." I purred into his ear, my hands trailing down his chest slowly and teasingly, coming to a stop as they reached the waist band of his sweats. I slid my thumb under the fabric and pulled them down in one quick movement, tossing them next to our shirts on the floor. I glanced up at Niall as he closed his eyes, tangling his fingers in my hair as I began to pull down his boxers. Before I could completely remove them, Niall had fully slipped out of them, throwing them across the room before switching us around. I stared up at Niall with a shocked expression.

"I wanna ride you." His eyes gleamed at the thought as he helped me slip out of the rest of my clothes. I quickly reached over and opened up the bedside drawer, grabbing a small bottle of lube. I twisted off the cap and squeezed a little bit onto my fingers, placing one at Nialls entrance before glancing up at him questioningly. He quickly nodded his head, letting me know that this was really what he wanted, and without hesitation I slowly slipped one of my fingers in.

"Nghh." Niall squeaked, his body tensing as I let him adjust to the new feeling. A minute or two later Niall nodded his head, letting me know that I could continue. I slowly began to slip my finger in and out of him, his back arching slightly as he moaned quietly, begging for more. I did as he wanted and slipped my other finger in, waiting a minute before beginning to scissor him, stretching him out as much as possible.

"I-I'm ready." Niall moaned, biting down on his bottom lip as he gazed down at me. I gave him a reassuring smile before squeezing some more lube into my hand and lathering my cock with the substance. I placed my hands on Nialls hips, aligning my dick at his entrance. I slowly eased myself into him, allowing him time to adjust as he whimpered quietly, hands gripping fist fulls of the bed sheets.

"Shhh. It's gonna be ok Ni." I reassured him, stroking his cheek lightly as he let out a pained breath. I pulled him into my chest and gave him a small kiss on the forehead, slowly lowering his hips down more until I was completely inside him.

"L-Liam.." Niall groaned, gyrating his hips slightly as he released his grip from the sheets and tangled his fingers in my hair. "Ok, you can g-go now"

I slowly began to thrust in and out of him, my hands gripping his hips tightly as he road me. I moaned lightly, Nialls name slipping from my lips as I did so, causing the hybrids face to flush as he begged for me to pound him harder. I complied and pounded in and out of him, the sound of our panting and moans being the only thing that filled my ears besides the bed hitting the wall behind us.

"Liamm." Niall panted, reaching down to stroke his length. I bit my lip as I watched him stroke himself, my thrusts become sloppier as I felt a familiar feeling stir inside my stomach. Niall continued to bounce on top of me, riding my dick like his life depended on it as he moaned my name.

"Shit, Ni, I'm gonna c-cum!" I let out a deep moan as I hit my climax and came hard inside Niall, causing Niall to reach his high as he ran his finger over his tip and came all over my chest and his stomach. I quickly road out my high and then pulled out of Niall, attempting to catch my breathe as I kissed the under side of Nialls jaw, sucking and nipping at the skin, being sure to leave a mark. Nialls hands rested against my chest as he fought to catch his breath, sweat glistening on his forehead.

"You.." Niall began, a small smile tugging at his lips as he gazed up into my eyes. "You where my first.." He stated shyly, a blush creeping onto his face as I pulled him closer to me, kissing the tip of his nose as I smiled fondly at him.

"I'm glad I could be your first." I nuzzled my face in the crook of his neck, admiring the marks I had left on his beautiful skin, marking him as mine. "I hope I didn't hurt you to much..." I thought aloud, frowning at the thought of causing him to much pain.

"I'll be fine, Li." He giggled, his kitten ears poking out his disheveled hair as he cuddled further into my embrace. "I... I really like having morning sex.." His face quickly flushed a bright shade of pink as he realized what he had said. I chuckled lightly and gave him one sweet kiss on the lips before pulling away and nodding my head in agreement.



I'm sorry it took me so long to update, I've been struggling with some family problems and my mom has recently been diagnosed with possible breast cancer so I've been trying to help my mom feel better. Anyways, I hope you guys liked this, I know it's kinda terrible (to be completely honest, this is my first time actually writing a proper sex scene so I hope it doesn't suck llama dick) so I hope you won't be to mad at me because I tried lol. Anyways, I'm kinda running out of ideas for this story so if you could possibly give me some ideas that would be great.

Anyways, sorry if there are any mistakes, I'm typing this on my iPod soooo yeahhhh.

Anyways, I love you guys and I hope this chapter is good enough for you all. Lol

Ill try to update sometime next week, but please don't get your hopes up.

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