Hidden in the Shadows

It started out as four best friends on a camping trip but when weird things start happing, they might not make it out alive...


3. The Shack

Next to the cabin were some trees, Syd immediately headed towards the trees and we followed her. We could tell that it had recently rained there because the dirt path was turned to mud. We went off the path and trudged through more mud and grass. Off in the distance we saw what looked like a shack.

"What's that?" I asked as as I pointed towards the shack.

"Don't know," Syd said.

"Then let's go check it out," Erich said as he started pushing through bushes to get to the shack.

We all followed him and as we approached the shack we could see graffiti and different kinds of pictures of like angles on fire and the devil. Above the metal door was written in red 'WARNING DO NOT ENTER'

"Looks inviting," Dan said and I laughed a bit.

Erich walked closer to the door and put his hand in the doorknob.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Syd said. "This place just feels really creepy."

Erich took no mind to Syd's warning, or the warning above the door, and opened the door. The door opened with a loud creaking sound, that sent shivers down my back. Syd backed up a bit as the door opened more and hit the side of the building, causing a loud metal banging to fill the forest. Erich strode into the small building like he had no fear. And he probably want afraid cause I couldn't think of mush he was scared of. But I knew he wasn't scared of dark creepy buildings.

The rest of the groups slowly followed him in. Daniel walked next to Erich and Syd and I walked closely behind them. I was ready to grab onto Erich of something jumped out.

It felt like we were actually in a horror movie and the viewer was yelling out "don't go in the closet!" But in this case it was a creepy shack.

The shack smelled like rust and sulfur. It was obvious that no one had been here in a long time.

"This is weird," Erich said as he stopped.

"What's weird?" I asked. Erich only pointed down to the dusty dirty floor.

"What's with the foot prints?" Dan asked as he noticed a prominent footprint in the dust.

"It looks like someone's been here recently," Syd said.

"But look around," Erich said. "That's the only footprint here besides out own," he explained as he pointed out our footprints. "And there's no way he could've just appeared in one spot then disappeared. Unless he was a ghost..." Erich said as he turned towards me, trying to scare me.

"Well I don't know about you guys but I'm going back to the cabin," Syd said as she turned around.

"Yea it's really creepy in here," Dan said as he followed Syd. I followed them and it seemed like forever until we reached outside. Just then Dan fell to the ground.

"Ow!" he yelled as a grabbed his stomach. We ran over to him as he laid on the ground clutching is sides.

"What the hell happened?" Erich asked once Dans pain seems to dissipate.

"I don't know it felt like someone kicked me," Dan said as he stood up and brushed off the dirt on his back.

"Well let's go back before something else happens," Syd said as we all followed her back to the cabin.

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