Hidden in the Shadows

It started out as four best friends on a camping trip but when weird things start happing, they might not make it out alive...


1. The four best friends

I slung my duffle bag over my shoulder and waved goodbye to my parents as I walked out the door and ran down the front steps out to the red car that sat idling in my driveway. I waved at Dan who was driving and opened up the trunk and threw my bag in with the rest of the bags. Then I crawled into the back seat where Syd was sitting.

"Hey you ready for the week?" Syd asked me as Erich shut the door and Dan pulled out of the driveway.

"Totally," I said.

"I can't believe your parents let you out to go camping with us," Erich laughed from the front seat.

"Yea well they can't control me forever, I told them nothing would be happening while were up there," I said.

"That's what they think," Erich said as he laughed evilly.

"There better be nothing going on," Syd warned.

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