Hidden in the Shadows

It started out as four best friends on a camping trip but when weird things start happing, they might not make it out alive...


2. The Cabin

An hour later we pulled up to the cabin we were going to be staying at for the week. The cabin looked run down with it's shutters hanging from the hinges and overgrown weeds that covered the windows. Dan parked the car right in front and we all got out of the car and grabbed out bags and headed towards the front door.

"It should be unlocked," Syd said as Dan reached for the doorknob and turned.

"Well it's unlocked, but the door is stuck," Dan said as he shook the door trying to get it to open.

"Move," Erich said as he pushed Dan aside and rammed his shoulder into the door. A loud cracking sound filled the air around us but the door still didn't open. He rammed it again and the door flew open sending up a cloud of dust. I coughed a bit as the dust seemed to run out the door.

"Well looks nice," I said sarcastically as we walked into the cabin.

The kitchen and family room were connected. A torn couch sat against a wall with two arm chairs on either side. A older tv sat on the floor. Dan immediately went over to the tv and turned it on but the only thing that came up was static.

"Damn, guess we won't be playing video games," Erich said.

"Did you really bring video games?" Syd asked.

"You can never be too prepared," Dan said.

We continued to look around the cabin. A four person table sat next to the door. The kitchen looked as if no one had been in it for a long time; everything was stained yellow. There were two bed rooms, both were exactly alike with two twin bed and a dresser. We all set out bags in our rooms and met back in the family room.

"Let's go exploring," Syd said as she grabbed her camera and headed out the door.

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