Secrets are meant to he kept with the ones you trust. So what if you only trust yourself?


2. chapter two

"Hello everyone, our flight is almost over. I hope you have had a wonderful experience and do choose to take our flight again. Im now asking everyone to please fasten your seat belts, it is five o'clock here in your destination, Washington. Thank you again and enjoy your evening" The welcoming voice of one of the flight attendants goes silent and people start to stir in their seats and talk to each other excitedly. Harry is still slouched in his chair asleep so I tap his shoulder to wake him up. He lets out a lazy groan and rubs his eyes furiously.

"Whats going on?" He mumbles obviously still overwhelmed in his slumber.

"Its time to put your lap belt back on, we are landing soon" I inform him as I secure my own tightly. Harry sighs and latches the pieces together leaving them loosely connected and sitting on top of his lap. His hand rubs over his forehead pushing his long and unruly curls from his face. I lean over and pick my bag up from the floor and do my very best to roll my blanket up and shove it in there like it had originally been this morning. It doesn't work out very well so I leave it hanging out of the bag. No body will care besides me anyways, Im way too neat and like to keep all of my things in perfect order just so I don't stress myself out and get overwhelmed.

My arms clutch around my small, now very full bag and I lie my head on it as the plane begins to move at a downwards angle causing the pressure in my ears to return and my stomach to drop. Harry takes notice and chuckles quietly. "Why so tense?" he asks. Im almost done with having to deal with his annoying personality and then I'll be free to worry about other things, like college. College seems to be the major thing I'm worrying about now. "Aw don't tell me Gracie is scared of landing is she?" Gracie just might have to punch him if he mocks me one more time. I continue to ignore him, maybe he's like a dog, if you ignore them then they go away right? "Don't worry its almost over!" Why is he still talking? Isn't this the part where he gets that I don't want to talk to him and he loses interest?

The force of the wheels hitting the ground softly yet fast jerks at me and my ears buzz with the familiar screeching of the wheels doing their best to obtain grip and slow on the pavement. Finally we are slowed and I casually lift my head as if nothing happened. Harry is already staring at me when I look up, my dull blue eyes connect and fix into his electric green ones then break away. "You don't like me much do you?" His pink lips press together and he looks down nodding slowly. I know I should say something but I don't. My brain is unable to form words to say to him so instead I only nod once and look out of the window swallowing thickly.

The attendant tells everyone that they are now able to unbuckle and file off of the plane. When I stand my legs feel dizzy themselves and struggle to hold up my body weight. I haven't stood up even to stretch in hours, I yawn and reach my arms out leaning from side to side then grab my bag. When I look back up to exit, Harry is already gone. Im not sure how I feel about his disappearance, maybe Im upset because I didn't get to tell him goodbye, or maybe Im shocked because I really couldn't care less if I ever saw him again. Either way I continue to think about how grumpy he was at first but then suddenly became so friendly and talkative with a wild smirk always playing onto his plump lips letting a dimple onto his cheek barely.

My suitcase is one of the last ones off of the conveyer belt, of course it would be with my luck. I reach into my bag and pull out my phone holding down the top button for three seconds. A small white apple appears in the middle of the black screen with a bite taken out of it and I wait for my screensaver to show. The familiar picture appears a few seconds later, my oldest cousin is sitting on the couch, his face is all scrunched up with stickers on it while Clara and I are on either side of him with more stickers. It was his birthday when this was taken. I remember Clara got him a whole book of stickers and we sat on our legs putting them all over his face after everyone got a piece of cake and he finished his presents. Times like these make me want to rethink exactly what Im doing, maybe I was meant to stay close to home. Nonsense Grace! My conscious reminds me. This is something great for you and you need this. I know that shes right, I do need this. I dial the number that my aunt looked up for a local taxi and wait for the rings to pass and for someone to pick up. When they do I ask for a taxi to Washington State University.

Outside the wind makes it feel probably ten degrees colder than it really is. Every once in a while people walk down the sidewalk in small groups from two people to probably about six. Almost no one is alone like I am, and quite literally I am alone. I dont know anyone in this entire state besides Harry and the Lord only knows where he is right now. I sigh and pull my arms closer to my chest as I wait for the taxi to come. Its five forty in the afternoon now and thankfully the sun is still up but it is taking forever for this guy to come pick me up. I end up kicking at my own feet when finally a small yellow car pulls in front of me, at first the driver stays inside the car. I knock on the passenger window and he rolls it down. Hes sort of young looking, his hair is a chestnut brown spiked up and neat. His eyes are also brown and his skin is pale.

"Could I put my luggage in the back?" I ask him as sweetly as I can.

"Oh, of course!" Within seconds he has the trunk popped and is out by my side to help me lift them in. I didn't pack all my clothes and belongings but Id also be lying if I said I packed light.

"Thank you so much!" I shake his hand before we both step into the car and he begins to drive down the road. "To Washington State University please" I smile even though he cant see it from the back seat.

"Youre going there?" Why does he sound so excited?

"Yeah, Monday will be my first day, Im so nervous!" Its strange telling a stranger these things. Im not shy but I just normally don't talk to people that I don't know well.

"Ah don't worry about it!" He waves his right hand in the air. "I go there too, this is just a side job to make some money you know?" I cant see his face but he sounds like he's smiling really big. I don't blame him though because now that I know he goes there Ive got at least one person I may know and now now im smiling big too. "Whats your name? Im Brian" I can defiantly hear the smile in his voice now.

"Grace" I say proudly. "Im really glad I met someone else going there, I dont know anyone in Washington." I sigh and slump into my seat.

"Well please allow me to show you around sometime, it would be an honour." I laugh and nod my head even though he still cant see. We finally get there and he drops me off in front of a big building that apparently I can get all of my dorm information from. Brian tells me exactly where to find the desk and who the lady looks like also. We made plans for on monday to meet next to the huge water fountain in the middle or the park, I couldnt decline such an offer.

The halls are huge immediately making me feel small and intimidated. My shoes tap against the tile colored in grey and crimson. Above the doors are small signs that say things like attendance and student help. I continue to walk until I find a sign that reads 'student dorms' just like Brian said it would. I knock on the door three times and wait for a reply.

A stern female voice instructs me to enter the room. Relax Grace, all you're here for us the key to your dorm, breathe. I decide to leave my luggage in the hallway and enter just as she told me to.

"Hello" I say calmly making sure to stand up straight and present myself nicely. She looks pleased, her hands are folded and sitting on top of her desk and she is smiling without showing any teeth. She has short brown hair that is curled and crows feet when she smiles. She is sort of heavy set and looks really sweet.

"Good afternoon, Im assuming you're new here?" She checks a few papers that I'm guessing belong to all new students coming to the school monday.

"Yes ma'am" I take a seat in front of her desk "Im Grace Chandlers"

"Miss Chandlers! Ive seen your grades and am very impressed in your grammar skills, Welcome to WSU! Im Mrs. Dail" She holds out a chubby hand for me to shake and I take it eagerly. "I suppose you would like your key to unpack?" She laughs sweetly and looks in the file cabinet pulling out a key and slip. "This is your key and this is the number, have a nice day!" She smiles and turns to start typing on her computer.

"Thank you" I walk out of the room and collect my Luggage tugging it behind me as I begin to look for my room.

Three fifty nine, three sixty, three sixty one. Finally ive found my room, my shoulder is starting to ache from my bag and my suitcase couldnt have been more annoying to drag than it was. I hold my breath to prepare myself for who is behind the door. My key fits into the hole and I give it a quick easy turn unlocking the door. My nerves feel like they could come out of my mouth as I twist the handle and walk into the room. Just as I suspected there are two beds, on one of them is a girl with long brown hair. It it waved and pulled back by a bobby pin on both sides. Shes watching tv with a bowl of popcorn on her lap. Her head snaps up and her mouth goes wide in a grin when our gazes meet.

"I knew you were coming!" She jumps off of the bed and is surprisingly nicer than her looks give off, I was guessing she would be a bitch since shes so pretty. "They told me I was finally getting a roommate and God, I just couldn't wait!" She picks up my suitcase taking it from me. Her back is arched backwards, she has her arms extended as she tries to pick it up and bring it in the room. "I was beginning to think it was a joke because I haven't had one yet!" Her voice is strained from the labor but she continues to hustle the bag inside. "Wow this is heavy, what did you bring? A bunch of bricks?"

I laugh and help her pick it up. "We could have just rolled it like I've been doing" I say as we finally set it down. She breathes heavy trying to catch her breath.

"Im Katie" She walks towards her bed. Its covered in a cute patched quilt and oddly enough the other bed has one also that looks the same besides the colors. Theres a mirror on the wall and a set of dressers between our beds. A tv is directly across from them hanging on the wall and theres pictures on shelves.

"Im Grace" I say for what feels like the hundredth time today. I shove my hands in my back pockets and look around the room.

"Oh! I hope you don't mind the blanket on your bed, My mom loves to sew and she made me two of them for both beds, if you don't like it I can take it off-"

"No its really cute" I decide to cut her off and smile before taking a seat on it. Im so thankful Ive gotten a roommate that seems like she could share the same interests as me. I was nervous that I would end up with one that had death metal blaring and posters covering the walls, it sounds crazy now that I've met Katie and she is totally normal.

Katie looks up and smiles "I made popcorn, want some?"

I shake my head. "No thanks, Im not really a fan of popcorn." I say honestly.

Her mouth drops and the handful she had just put in her mouth spills out. "That was lady like" I laugh and check my phone remembering I was suppose to call my aunt. Katie comps back on her popcorn and continues watching tv as I step into the hallway to catch up with her.

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