Secrets are meant to he kept with the ones you trust. So what if you only trust yourself?


1. chapter one

The airplane isles are crowded with people struggling to get their luggage in the overhead compartments and squirmy children unable to sit still. Its not that I mind crowds, Im not claustrophobic or short tempered, my feet just ache from standing in my worn shoes that supply little to no support for my heels by now. I quite enjoy the loud noise of people conversing, coming from a home where I lived with my five cousins most my childhood. What bothers me is the continuous bickering coming from the man behind me, almost as if the words are trickling down my neck he is so close and consistent with his complaints, if I didn't know better I would say he's been up for blowing up the plane the past two hours. I push those thought to the back of my head remembering that this, in fact, has actually happened. Finally the line begins to move some allowing people to sit in empty seats and fill in where they can fit. By the time I find a row its close to the back but no one is there yet. I silently thank whoever is watching over me and sit by the window seat content that I was in fact able to get my favourite spot on an airplane. I remember as a child taking one plane ride in particular that sparks my memory. I sat by the window looking out of it almost the entire time and it felt like I didnt blink once. I loved looking through the clouds at the trees that looked like ants, I pretended I could also see the people who were even smaller. Next to me sat a body guard, one of the ones that take care of the children flying alone without their parents. I was alone, even to this day I cant remember why, but I was alone.

"Theres no seats left" I hear a familiar voice whine. Of course the boy who almost drove me up the wall in the line would have to ruin my lucky streak and sit next to me. He huffs and throws a small duffle bag into the overhead compartment then flops down onto the chair closest to the aisle leaving one seat separating us. His neck almost looks broken as he lets the top of his head rest on the back of the seat leaving his chin to point straight up. I almost want to ask him what his problem is but quickly decide against it.

"Where does this take us again?" He looks towards me then down at his wrist as if he has a watch on, he doesnt.

"Washington" I reply quickly not making eye contact with him once. Why doesn't he know where he's going? He seems so unorganised and restless, Ive gathered that much and I haven't even learned his name yet. I watch him fumble for his seatbelt and struggle to clasp it together, where is he from again?

Just on time, the fasten seatbelt sign lightens above everyones head. A series of seat belts snapping in place sound off along with mine and I pull a blanket over myself leaning against the window with a book in my hands. From the corner of my eye I can still see the boy attempting to jam the two metal pieces together getting frustrated now.

I sigh and clear my throat. "Lift the latch up then place the buckle in." I instruct him as if he were about five years old and disabled. He looks up at me, His mouth hung open and his eyes bright green and wide his eyebrows are knitted, his expression lets me know he's confused on why Ive commented. His hair is curly and tucked away into a beanie and he wears a black and red flannel, its too big on him but looks really comfortable unlike his jeans. They are the tightest black jeans Ive ever seen on a male in my life all tucked into brown rugged boots. Sunglasses sit on top of his beanie and once im finished examining him he has successfully fastened himself onto the seat and thanks me quietly. I only nod and hope that this will be our last encounter, I just want to read and relax.

A flight attendant comes onto the intercom and begins going over the basic rules for take off. She asks us all sweetly to turn off our phones or electronics and tells us about the life vests and oxygen masks. I comply with her orders and reach into my small bag to pull out my phone, I have multiple texts from my aunt telling me to please be safe and to call her as soon as im off of the plane. Her small messages to make sure of my safety even with me being 18 years old and able to fully fend for myself make me smile at my phone before I turn it off and stuff it away back into my bag. The boy next to me groans and rubs his temples with his thumbs.

"Can she stop talking so we can get on with the show" His voice is deep and is coated in a thick english accent as he complains but I find it far from being attractive, all the has done from the start of the day is complain and whine over nothing anyone can fix. His head flips my direction and he looks at me lazily pressing his cheek to the back of the chair. "What are you reading?" He asks tilting the decorated cover in his direction. His expression shifts from curious to almost amused in seconds. I yank it from and lay it on my lap covering the cover to avoid further embarrassment. "You read the Percy Jackson series?" One of his chocolate curls falls to his forehead as he scoffs. Ive always been into stories that take a lot of imagination to create but don't tell a huge cheesy love story. I don't know why Im embarrassed but my cheeks heat anyways and I look away without a word. He closes his mouth and nods once before turning to his original sitting position.

Its 3 PM by the time we take off, I close my eyes and hold onto my blanket and book a tiny bit tighter as we ascend into the air. As much as I love flying Ive always hated getting off the ground and going back down again. I think its something about how fast we are going that scares me so bad but once we are up in the sky everything is calm and so free feeling. The seatbelt lights go off and people sigh as they are able to get situated. The boy next to me, Im still unaware of his name, repeats the steps I told him to put the belt on only backwards and gets it off throwing it to the side. He lifts the armrest of the chair in between us and puts his feet on it. I glare at him and continue to read moving closer to the window.

"You sure are quiet" He smirks pulling an earbud from his ear, we make eye contact which I quickly break. I put my book into my bag and grab a piece of gum from it to help with the altitude popping my ears. "May I have one?" He holds out a hand that I roll my eyes to. I dont know what he is thinking but the last thing I really want to do is give into his question. I stare at his hand for a few seconds groaning and slipping a piece in it before closing my bag and placing it under my seat. "Thanks!" He chirps giving me a stupid grin, I cant help but smile back at it when a small dimple indents itself into his cheek. "Whats your name? This conversation seems to be very one sided." I notice that I havent answered a single thing hes said to me and blush for the second time on this flight.

"Grace, My name is grace chandlers." Thankfully my voice comes out without an embarrassing break or shaky tone.

"Nice to meet you Grace Chandlers" He sticks out his hand "Im Harry Styles."

"Harry" I say mindlessly taking his hand into mine and shaking it calmly. His hand is big and rough feeling but he is gentle as he holds mine in his.

I still dont like Harry that much but I guess now that hes stopped his bickering he is a tad more bearable. If I had one wish right now however, It wouldn't be to vanish him, It would be for him to get his feet away from me and soon. I dont think he notices my staring as I try to get the hint across to move them off of the chair. Instead he pushes them more towards me until they are against the blanket. "Can you cover my feet up?" He casually asks, leaning back on the armrest closest to the aisle. How does that not seem rude at all to him? Maybe thats his sense of humour and hes just making a joke? Harry stares at me and wiggles his bare toes and I realise he wasnt joking.

"Oh" I snap from my uncomfortable stare. "You were talking to me?" He laughs and nudges his foot against the blanket.

"Not another soul id be talking to"

"Um okay," I lift the blanket awkwardly and put it over his feet then lean back on the window and close my eyes.

My mind wonders everywhere, thinking from what roommate I could possibly end up with, who could be the worst and who could be the best, to what Im actually getting myself into leaving my family to go so far away. Im from Asheville, North Carolina, Ive been living with my aunt, uncle, and cousins since I was about five, that family has felt like my immediate one since such a young age and leaving them has to be one of the toughest things ever. Just before I left to go to the airport everyone lined up humorously into an assembly line letting me go down it hugging each and every one of them telling them about how much I'll miss their company. I miss them so much already, I laugh inside my head, We couldnt have been on the plane for more than thirty minutes of the five hour trip ahead of me. Not to mention the four years of collage and I probably wont be getting visits very often. Two of my cousins are already in college while two are in high school. One is in middle school, She was a 'oops' child and scared everyone half to death when we found out. Im glad she was born though, her name is clara and she is one of the sweetest, kindest people I've ever known. Her heart is good and her humour is gold, this might sound lame to say but I have no other way of putting how great she is.

"Are you asleep?" My eyes move under my eyelids but they cant open "Grace?" I cant tell If I'm that tired or if maybe Im dreaming but the accent continues talking. "Oh Gracie" I know the voice belongs to Harry as he drags out the last part of 'Gracie'.

My eyes shoot open finally winning the fight. "Dont call me that" I snap.

Harry jumps back, clearly I startled him. He starts to laugh, his dimples big and happy and his eyes squint together tightly as he begins to laugh loud throwing his head back.

"Whats so funny?" I question, sitting up and glaring at him.

"The way your eyes flew open" He struggles to say through giggles. People are now hushing him but he ignores their requests. When he finally catches his breath he look seriously whipping small tears from under his eyes. "I was just gonna tell you that you were smiling in your sleep is all." He crosses his arms over his chest and presses back a smile.

"Oh my God" I groan. "You woke me up for that? You're so annoying." I move my body so that my feet are on the seat with me and I have my head on my knees facing the window.

"Ouch." I hear Harry say but ignore him. I really don't like him, why cant he be quiet like everyone else on this damn plane? A finger pokes my back only minutes later and I hum under my breath as a sign to get him to stop. He understands and doesn't touch me again, I make a note to thank him for that.

The airplane bounces due to turbulence and scares me awake. When my eyes open they land on Harry who is shifting in his seat. His eyes squeeze shut tighter and he lets out a soft groan. When hes like this he looks more at ease, If he was like this all the time I think I could get used to it. I smile at myself for no real reason and decide to turn on a movie. We should be landing around eight oh five and right now its six thirty. I take the small control and flip through the movie options. Most of the movies involve cheesy love and sappy things girls like but that doesn't interest me. After fifteen minutes of undeceive movie picking, I settle on watching an old horror movie Ive never heard of before but I figure it will keep me busy. I plug in a pair of headphones and place them in my ears before getting comfortable once again and cuddling with my blanket. I try my very best to pay attention to the movie but I keep thinking about College and my future. Im so nervous and its all only hours away now.

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