Ich leibe dich, my sweet...

Katelynn, or London, is the shy girl. At world meetings, she never spoke up, almost as invisible as Matthew. Almost. What happens when she catches Ludwig's eye? And he falls in love with her? Will he tell her, or would the normally fearless Germany keep it his dying secret? And what does SHE feel about this?


1. The moment he noticed...

A/N: Okay, I have a tendency to switch point of view a lot with out warning, so I'll try not to do that. Mostly I write third person omniscient, but sometimes I occasionally slip with 'I' or 'We'...


A long sigh escaped the German's lips. No matter how hard he tried, he could never seem to grab the attention of the other countries for too long. Two fingers to the temple. Why was he in such distress? Of course he had to go to the meeting, it was simply an obligation of him, but why bother with the meetings in the first place, if all anybody's going to do is fight?

His icy blue eyes scanned the room, at all the countries in particular. Hercules was asleep. Tino looked mortified, Berwald unintentionally glaring at him. Lovino was pissed by Antonio. Arthur was protecting a girl from Francis. Alfred was-- Wait. The girl... She looked a little familiar. Perhaps he'd seen her before? His eyes followed her, as she moved away from the fighting countries.

It was definite to Ludwig that he'd seen this girl. So why would he just now notice her? She was pretty... Short, light brown hair, about five feet in height... Wait, wait, wait! Why in the world did he care?! He looked back at Francis and Arthur. He heard snippets of their argument; "Now leave Katelynn alone, Frog-Face!!,' "But why, Angletterre?!,' "BECAUSE SHE'S MY BLOODY SISTER!!,'

So that's how Ludwig knew her... Her name was Katelynn, and she was Arthur's sister, which meant she was definitely part of the United Kingdom... Ludwig snapped out of his thoughts, when he found a hand being waved in front of his face. "Ve~! Germany, are you okay??,' Oh. It was just Veneciano, thank goodness. "Ja, Italy, I'm fine...,' Ludwig replied, giving the Italian a small smile, for proof.

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