Hades' Hot Mess

We were small when we arrived at Camp Had Blood. No sooner had we come than Lynn left. It was an odd day. Meanwhile I was still unclaimed...with the sinking feeling I was somehow related to Lynn.


2. Chapter Two

     I woke up as sunlight fell through the windows. I looked over at Lynn, who seemed to have been healed completely. She sat up in bed and we decided to investigate the strange place.
     We left and walked out of the house and met the old horse man. Except he was in a wheelchair. A blanket covered his legs even though the heat blazed for the summer. I didn't know how he fit his big fat horse butt in there.
     "Hello, sir. We'd like to thank you for helping us," I said.
    "You're welcome. By the way, I forgot to introduce myself last night. You may call me Chiron. Now, I think we need to talk. Come with me," he said, motioning us to follow him. We ended up in a parlor with a table next to a fireplace. The curtains were open and that was the only light in the parlor.
     "I do suppose you two are familiar with Greek 'mythology'," he said.
     "No, sir. We haven't really had a chance. We ran away when we were seven and one day we met each other and ended up here," Lynn said.
     "Why did you run away?" Chiron asked, but he had a mysterious glint in his eyes that said he already knew.
    "Broken families. Broken bones. The monsters were always chasing us. She thought I was crazy, my mom did. I don't know about Jade. She was adopted, didn't you say?"
    "Not really," I said. "I don't honestly remember anything before I was five, actually. I've never had a home."
    Lynn shifted uncomfortably.
     "Well, those monsters are chasing you because you are demigods," said Chiron. "You have a mortal parent and a godly parent. A Greek god."
     Suddenly I felt a pang of remembrance. "I had a family! A mother and a father. And...a brother. So I can't be a demigod, Mister Chiron. I had two parents, and neither looked like Jesus."
    "No, dear, not that God," he smiled. "The Greek gods. They are known to mortals as myths, but they are not."
     Then Chiron went on explaining every Olympian, and the titan-god war, and when he was done the sun was high in the sky. He also explained how he was a centaur and not to be alarmed by his odd appearance.
    "So I have a god for a parent?" Lynn smiled. "Awesome!"
   "I guess your parent his the dad, since you have a mortal mom," I said. "It could be anyone. It could be Ares, or Apollo, or Poseidon-oh, you could even get Zeus!"
    "Zeus or Poseidon would be unfortunate," said Chiron.
    "Why?" Lynn frowned.
     "There is a rather bad prophecy for a child of the Big Three-Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades- that takes action once they reach age sixteen. I'd rather not share it."
     "I wish I knew what my parent could be," I sighed. I knew I had seen a mother and a father, both looking completely normal.
    "What goddess has black hair and blue eyes?" I asked.
    "Why do you ask?" Chiron asked back.
    "The woman in my dream," I said. "She had black hair and blue eyes. She was my mom."
    "Well, I'm not familiar of such, but goddesses can change form."
    "Oh. I suppose that helps."
    "Um, Mister Chiron, quick question-well, questions, really," said Lynn. "One-how are you fitting in the wheelchair, there? I mean...no offense, but you don't seem to be able to fit your..." Lynn winced. She didn't see a good reaction to this, but to her delight Chiron chuckled.
     "Well. That answers that." Lynn sighs. "Two-which cabin are we going to, since we don't know who our parents are?"
    "Cabin Eleven, Hermes," said  Chiron like it was obvious. "I've got a young girl your age here that might show you around. She came about two years ago, I think."
    "Okay, thanks," I said. He rolled out of the room and we followed him out. He stopped on the porch and stepped a long horse leg out of the wheelchair. In seconds he was his regular centaur self.
     A young girl, about our age, like Chiron said, walked up. She had blonde hair that was curled to perfection. Her gray eyes were like a storm, but they had a distracted look to them, like she was thinking about a million things at once. 
    "Hi," she smiled wide. "I'm Annabeth Chase. Welcome to Camp Half Blood."
    "Annabeth is from the Athena cabin," said Chiron. 
    "Lucky," Lynn sighed. "I really wished for Athena. Don't tell my mysterious god parent, but she's my favorite."
    "Me too," Annabeth laughed. I liked her already.

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