Hades' Hot Mess

We were small when we arrived at Camp Had Blood. No sooner had we come than Lynn left. It was an odd day. Meanwhile I was still unclaimed...with the sinking feeling I was somehow related to Lynn.


3. Chapter Three

      She showed us around. The camp was amazing. Annabeth became our best friend as we awaited to hear the names of our parents. Then came the one fateful day for Lynn. Sort of, so to speak.
     As we left the crowded Cabin Eleven, I looked at Lynn. She looked angry.
     "What's wrong?" I asked her. 
     "It's been a year, almost,"she complained. "We still don't know who are parents are."
     A boy walked out. He looked up at us. "I've been in this cabin seven years. You're lucky." And he walked off.
     As we wandered about the beach. We heard a rustling in the bushes and our heads jerked in that direction. It was just Annabeth and Luke, an older kid about fifteen years old, our other best friend. Then more bushes rustled before Annabeth could open her mouth. A large figure appeared in between the leaves.
      "It's a hellhound," I said, looking into its beady eyes. Annabeth scramble  for her small bronze knife and Luke pulled out his sword. I pulled my bow up. Although I wasn't the best, like the Apollo kids, I could still shoot well and I preferred the long range weapon. Lynn just stared at it. She started taking steps toward it.
      "Lynn!" Luke whisper-shouted. The hellhound eased out of the bush and towards Lynn as slowly stepped to it. Then it...nuzzled her. It stuck its huge snout up in her face and rubbed its black fur against it. It started licking her, and Lynn started laughing and giggling as the dog, twice her size, jumped and started licking her all over.
      "What. In. The. Name. Of. Zeus." Annabeth stared.
      "Holy Hades," I exclaimed, dropping my bow.
      "I-I don't even..." Luke's jaw dropped.
     At the edge of the beach a crowd of campers was staring on at the sight as Lynn cackled and laughed louder and louder as the hound excitedly licked her all over. Chiron stood at the front with his bow outstretched. He was going to shoot it. What if he shot Lynn? I raced for him but not fast enough. The arrow flew the hound.
      Lynn instantly jerked her head in the direction of the arrow and stood in front of it. If she didn't move, it would pierce her heart.
     "Lynn!" I shrieked desperately. Then the arrow simply went up into flames, but it stayed intact in midair. Then it switched around and went straight for Chiron, fire flaming behind it. He quickly dodged it, but his hair flamed, and it kept flying past him. I heard the strangled scream of a pegasus, then silence. The campers diverted and in the distance I saw a flaming white lump of feathers. I gasped.
     Lynn looked down at her hands and started breathing heavily. She looked at Chiron, who was far away treating the pegasus. Then Luke's absolutely confused face, then Annabeth's terrified face, and my paralyzed face. Tears fell down her face. She began running down the beach with the hound trailing behind her. Every step she took, flames came from the ground.
     I took off after her, with Annabeth coming behind me and Luke staying behind. We found her sitting in the tree line, crying into a tree that flamed from the roots.
     "Lynn?" Annabeth lowered down to talk to her, but Lynn turned away.
     "Go away! I'm a monster."
     "No, you're not," I said. The hound sat nearby. I looked at it and it growled. I backed away.  
     "Yes! My father...is...go away!"
     She stood up and began running into the trees. As we took a step towards her, she turned and screamed at us. She stomped on the ground and a fissure opened up, swallowing trees and wild squirrels. Annabeth stumbled but I caught her just in time. Lynn looked terrified. She ran and we didn't go after her.
      Luke appeared behind us. He stared at the chasm. We were silent. We all knew what was up. Lynn was a daughter of Hades. 
     Her body disappeared into the shadows. Chiron trotted up behind us.
     "What has happened?" He stared into the setting sun. The orange sky was disappearing into darkness as we started at the crack, staring into the dark abyss. 

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