Hades' Hot Mess

We were small when we arrived at Camp Had Blood. No sooner had we come than Lynn left. It was an odd day. Meanwhile I was still unclaimed...with the sinking feeling I was somehow related to Lynn.


1. Chapter One

ran as quickly as could, Lynn close behind. I ran and ran from the pack of dogs that clearly wanted to rip us apart.
     "Lynn!" I called behind me. Her nimble, small body tore through the woods as fast as her short legs could take her. I grabbed her arm and pulled her along. 
     "They're gonna eat us!" Lynn shrieked. We were only nine and we were terrified. Darting through the forests of Maine, we were lost and alone. Her short, chin length black hair shone in the moonlight as she hid behind a large tree with me. Her dark brown eyes were full of fear. My green ones withheld half as much, the other side stupidity. I turned and threw a big stick in the largest hound's mouth, right through the bloody, sharp teeth. I ushered Lynn to come with me as the distraction confused the hounds as the largest struggled to loosen the log from his mouth.
      We ran until a large hill stood before us. We were out of breath. The Long Island Sound was close by. For some reason I felt it would help us. Don't ask why, because I didn't know. I walked to the water and stepped my left sneaker inside. I leaned over and stuck my hand in the salty water. I felt a power surge through me, But I ignored it. I thought about drinking it but I quickly decided against it. I'd experienced the water before...it tasted nasty.
  "JADE!" A bloodcurdling shriek rang out of Lynn's mouth. I jerked around. A hound was on top of her, her small body concealed from my sight by the bus-sized demon.
     "Lynn!" I ran over to her, but when I'd gotten over to the hill where she was the hounds had disappeared and she lie on the ground, motionless. "Lynn? Are you okay?"
     "No, dip wad," she gasped. Her body was scratched all over, her face a bloody mess. I did the only rational thing-screamed for help even though nobody was around.
     "Help, somebody help, please!" I shrieked. I got up and started wandering around. I saw a large pine tree. It seemed to radiate power. I walked some more, and I saw  a large house, lighted with lanterns. I did not see anything for the darkness, and those were the only lights I saw. I walked up to the porch, a heavy wind blowing my pajamas around. I shivered as I knocked on the door. 
     I waited until an old man opened the door. But his bottom half was...odd. I gasped at his waist borderline, where up was human but his other half was a horse. I screamed.
     "What the heck?!" I screamed. "What the..what the...I just...WHAT?!"
     "Calm down," the old horse man coaxed me. "Who are you? Are you a camper?"
     "A...what? No, my friend is hurt, a huge dog attacked her. She's really hurt and I need help."
     The horse man agreed and followed me down the hill to Lynn's injured body. He trotted along and stopped when she looked at him for quick moment. Her eyes widened.
     "WHAT THE-"
     "Calm down," the old man urged. "What is your name?"
     "Lynn," she replied, clearly wishing she had the strength to back away. 
     "Can you stand?" he asked.
     "I don't think so," she moaned. "I think I must have been hurt more than I thought because you're a pony!"
     "Pony?" I muttered. The pony man did not seem pleased with his new nickname. 
     "Pony, pony man, pony man!"
     "She's hurt bad," I said, staring down at her as she acted as though she were on drugs or something. "Really bad."
     He carried her off to the big farm house. She'd been placed on his white stallion of a butt. I followed close behind. He led us to what seemed to be an infirmiry. He told us to lie on the cots, and wait, but the moment I'd laid down I fell asleep.

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