forever || harry styles fanfiction

emily andrews thought she had a perceft life with liam but can this so called "ever lasting love" get through the ups and downs of love?


2. chapter 2

i was awoken by a small noise inside my room. i jumped up and scanned the room for any sign of life.

"liam?" my sleepy voice said waiting for an answer.

"yeah, sorry baby i was just using the bathroom!" he said as he sat beside me in bed and kissed my forhead.

"its okay, i was just wondering." i said as i drifted off to sleep.

when i woke up liam was no where to be found but i could here a faint crackling noise coming from the kitchen. i sat up and put my slippers on before walking out my bedroom door.

i turned the corner to see a shirtless, messy haired liam cooking breakfast.

"i hope you're hungry!" he said not looking away from the food.

"i am, whatcha cooking?" i said walking into the kitchen and looking over his shoulder.

"just some eggs and bacon, wanna try a piece?" he said grabbing some bacon and feeding it to me.

after we had breakfast we didn't wanna sit at home all day so we decided to do something, after all it was a saturday.

"movies? picnic? lunch? putt-putt?" liam said throwing out all these ideas.

"movies and a picnic?!" i said smiling trying my best to convince him.

"sure! why not." he said.

"okay, well im gonna go take a shower, where are your towels?" he said waiting for an answer.

"in the hallway closet on the left!" i said to him.

he walked into the hallway and opened the closet and grabbed a towel.

"your bathroom?" he asked.

"sure!" i said smiling.

while liam showered i thought how does this happen? how do i meet a boy one night and were going out tonight? its strange, but i like it.

after liam was out of the shower it was my turn so made him get ready in the other bathroom.

after we were both dressed and ready to leave for our picnic i grabbed my keys and we walked out the door.

"do you want me to drive?" liam offered but i didn't take the offer.

"turn left." liam said so i knew what park to go to.

we finally made it to the park and realised there was some kind of festival going on.

"do you still wanna have a picnic or do you wanna join the festival?" he said looking at me from the passenger seat.

"festival!" i said pulling my keys from the ignition and sliding them into my purse.

we walked up to the festival and paid for our tickets.

"food festival." the sign read that we walked under to get inside.

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