forever || harry styles fanfiction

emily andrews thought she had a perceft life with liam but can this so called "ever lasting love" get through the ups and downs of love?


1. chapter 1

"alright bye!" i said as i shut the door to my minimum wage job and fiddled through my purse looking for my phone.

it was a dark damp night and you wpuld have to be crazy to be walking out here alone. so call me crazy. i passed all these dark alleys and didn't stop walking cause i didnt wann meet up with anyone on a night like this.

about 6 minutes into my walk i turned behind me and saw a tall dark figure walking about 20 feet away from me. my first instinct was to run but i didnt wanna make it obvious that i was running from him so instead i just picked up my walking pace.

i hit a hole in the ground and nearly broke my ankle, why did i have to wear heels today?

"hey! come here!" i heard the mystery man call from behind me.

"shit shit shit." i said as i picked up my pace and held my purse close.

"HEY STOP!" he yelled.

i froze.

why did i stop? most normal people wouldnt but i did.

"you dropped you're cellphone and i was trying to return it!" he said as he walked into the light and his face and clothes became visable.

to be walking around this late he looked clean and well put together.

"oh, um thank you!" i said sticking out my hand and having him place it in my palm.

"so whats your name?" he asked leaning against the light pole a short distance from me.

"taylor." i said.

"last name?" he asked.

"should i even be talking to you right now?" i teased him.

"you know you could be a murderer for all i know, i mean you were walking around out here at 11;00 at night." i teased him with a smirk on my face.

"so were you taylor!" he said and it scared me that he knew my name but then i remembered that i had told him.

"true, so why are you talking too me?" i asked.

"i could be a murderer!" i said to him with my smirk still planted on my face.

"i saw you leave you're job. im not stupid." he said to me.

"fine. but whats your excuse?" i asked him.

"i just like to get away from the world, its alot to handle and sometimes a nice walk can help!" he said looking very cute with his hands in his pocket.

"i understand.." i said to the mystery boy whose name i still havent recieved.

"can i get you're name?" i asked and he turned around and leaned against the pole and wrote something on a small slip of paper.

he folded the paper and handed it too me, i unfolded the paper and it read

*my names harry styles and heres my number*

"too cheesy?" he asked with a smile and i realised he had an accent.

"do you have an accent?" i asked tilting my head to the left waiting for a response.

"yeah.. is it a turn off?" he asked me as if he thought i was beginning to like him.

which i was, i just didnt wanna tell him yet.

"no not at all.." i said to him.

"well taylor, will you call me?" he asked now with his head tilting to the left.

i fiddled the paper inbetween my thumbs and thought about an answer.. "yeah, why not!" i said to him slipping the paper into my back pocket.

"well, it was nice, um, meeting you." he said standing on his heels.

"nice meeting you too harry, when i get home i'll put the number into my phone and text you!" i told him making the most brightest and cutest smile ever appear on his face.

"okay!" he said leaning in for a hug and i wasnt gonna let this oppurtunity pass so i leaned in to.

we shared a small hug and walked seperate ways. as i walked i passed more dark alleys but something about these made them even more scarier. but one caught me eye.

why was I always the one who go into trouble for curiosity. damn my curse.

anyways i walked down the alley unsure about what caught my eye, i just wanted to go. as I walked my heart beat got faster and faster and faster. at this point im surprised it didn't leap out my skin and fall to the floor.

once I got to the end i saw 3 dark figures standing in the alley way leaning against a garbage can, my first instinct was to run so I did. but me being in heels and not a Olympic winning track star they caught me. and slammed me against a wall. my purse dropped on the ground so now I had no weapon of defense.

he brushed his hand over my cheek and I could smell the alchohol and drugs in his breath.

"you're such a pretty girl, why you walking out here all alone?" one said as he rubbed his hand up and down my leg.

"yeah, we'd hate for you too get raped!" another said as he unbuttoned my skirt and pushed it down my legs.

it was useless for me to fight back now, they already had me.

"please. no. please don't!" I said as I could feel the tears forming in the corner of my eyes.

"sorry, we have to!" was all he said before a swift hand had hit him in the face and he fell too the floor.

i looked up at who it was and surprisingly it was the boy who I had met on the sidewalk like 20 minutes ago.

"are you okay Taylor?!" he said panicking as he cupped my cheek in his warm palm.

"im fine Harry, thank you so much!" I said bending down and pulling my skirt up.

i leaned in to hug him to show that i appreciate him saving me but i accidently bumped into his arm and i heard him gasp. i looked down and saw his bloody and busted knuckles.

"omg im so sorry, i didn't mean for this to happen im so so sorry!" i said holding his wrist and examining his knuckles.

"its fine honestly, its no big deal!" he said chuckling.

"come on lets go!" i said pulling his arm and trying to get him too move.

"where are we going?" he said confused at my statement.

"my apartment, where else?" i said to him.

"wait let me get this straight, your bringing a boy you just met into you're house?" he said laughing.

"well you did just save my life and you're knuckles are all swollen and busted!" i said to him raising his hand for him to notice his knuckles.

"i know but.." he was cut off by me pulling his hand and him following me.

when we got to my apartment we went up a small flight of stairs and went to the door number 132. i put my key in and turned the knob!

"home sweet home." i said as i hung my keys up on a key rack beside the door.

"nice place!" harry said as he looked around.

"yeah, i want too move but i dont have the money at the moment!" i said to him as i kicked off my shoes.

i looked at the clock and it read 12;30.

"wow! its late." i said to harry waiting for an answer.

"yeah, we better get to bed!" he said to me as he laid his head down on the side of my couch and closed his eyes.

"what are you doing?" i asked him.

"going to bed!" he said to me.

"not on my couch, youll ruin it you're sleeping with me!" i told him as i stand there with my arms crossed.

he moaned as he got up and waited for me to lead the way. he followed me into my bedroom and immediatly took off his shirt.

"what are you doing?" i asked him smiling.

"its hot, im not sleeping with a shirt on!" he said too me as he took off his long sleeve t-shirt showing his perfectly tattooed body.

i looked up and down his torso cause it was just perfect, the perfect tan, perfect tattoos, harry was perfect.

"im going to change!" i said pulling out my sleeping clothes.

"change in here!" he said to me laughing.

"dont make me kick you out!" i scowled at him and walked into my bathroom.

when i came out of the bathroom harry was asleep. i climbed into bed slowly trying not to wake him. my plan went well and i turned so are backs where facing each other. as i lay there pondering about tonight his arm wrapped around me and he scooted closer. he assumed i was asleep and whispered "i love you, even though i just met you, i love you."

for some reason i did feel the same about harry, i dont know hy though. we just met. it was like love at first site.

after all that thinking i pulled his body closer to mine and and we were spooning. i kissed his hand before i shut my eyes and fell asleep!

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