I Can't Live Without You

"I want to know who Tyler is. Are you cheating on me again, Mariah?" he asked, holding up my phone. I groaned and took my phone back.
"Harry, I never-"
"Yes, you did. Don't lie to me." he said cutting me off.
"He is my ex. He took our break-up to the extreme and has wanted to kill me for 5 years now."

What happens next?


2. Chapter 2

I can still see what's going on around me. Harry is out in the hallway talking to the doctor about taking me off of life support. Everybody is crying. They knew this would come at some point though. I must have blacked out after Tyler shot me because my body was covered in bluish-purple bruises. Tyler used to also beat me up and just leave me there, bloody and most of the time with several broken bones. I saw Harry look at his sister-in-law, then he told the doctor he was ready. Ana, my amazing, sweet, gorgeous, loving  older sister. I know I will miss you most. I see Kayla and Niall come in with Britain between them. I guess they brought her here to say goodbye. Harry comes in behind them.

I feel bad, leaving my five-year-old daughter without a mother. She climbed on the bed carefully. 

"Mommy, please wake up. I don't want you to leave me.....," she started tearing up. "If this is because of something I did or said, I am so sorry. Please just wake up." She was sobbing by the time she finished and so was I. I wanted so badly to pick her up and hold her and say that it would be alright, but Harry beat me to it, even though I wouldn't be able to anyway.

"Britain, you know mommy loved you very much, right?" she nodded. "Well, she loved you so much she gave up her life so that you would be safe." 

"What happened, Daddy?" He looked at my parents who shook their heads.

"She's too young." Mom said.

"Mommy had a friend who has wanted to kill her for eight years."

"But Daddy, why did they want to kill Mommy?" Harry got up and told Kayla to finish. He was going outside to break down. 

"Brit, before Mommy was with Daddy, she had another boy she thought she really liked. When he hurt her, she left him and didn't think about him for a long time. He sent her notes saying one day he would kill her."

"He finally killed her?" she asked sniffling. "She's dead; never coming back?" Her voice was so small you could barely hear her.

"I'm so sorry, Britain." Kayla said and my daughter burst into tears. Ana picked her up and took her outside as Harry returned with the doctor. There were tears in his eyes. 

"There is no point in keeping her alive anymore. She wouldn't want it." The doctor flipped the switch to turn the machine off and I was gone.


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