Living in the Past

Lexi Caryn is a girl who doesn't let go of the past. She holds on to her old things, habits, and even worse…problems. She let all of her problems eat her up, leaving her with nothing. But what happens when that one boy she didn't want to be bothered her, saves her? Could he bring her to live in the present?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Lexi come on! We are going to be late for the show. You know you are the star!" Jessica, my best friends/sister said half joking half serious. Yes I was a Victoria Secret Model. No I'm not stuck up. No I am not hooking up with Justin Biber who is known for being with Victoria Secret Model. Did I answer all of your questions? Ok good. Even though I probably didn't you will find out soon enough. "Ok ok. I'm coming. I'm coming." I said while I ran down the stairs. "Finally. God how long does it take for your to get ready." Jess said. "Not that long. I was watching…something." I responded. "OMG were you watching porn." She said laughing hysterically. "Um…no." I said laughing with her. "I was watching my old best friend'a new music video." I told her. Yes she knew about him...she's my real sister. Oooo and you are probably wondering who that him is. Well I'm not telling you. I've been told not to live in my past. "Lex what have I told you. Stop living in the past what he did to you was absolutely horrible. Ok?!" "Yea yea fine whatever. It still doesn't mean I don't care for him." I said while I walked out of my apartment, walking into the air of the marvelous New Your City air. I then walked quickly to my black Dodge. I know you would probably expect me to have some glamorous car, but I don't.

"Fuck we are already late!" Jess said.


"You're late!" My manger, Christiana said. "Yea I know Chris. I always am late. What's so different about this one?!" I said annoyed. Yes I'm kind of a rebel. "The thing that's different about this is that the world'a biggest boy band, One Direction is performing AND modeling with you. Soo go get ready!!" Oh. Crap.

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