Life And Death

Okay, so I guess this is the first actual story I have written. Woo? I hope it's not too bad. It's basically about Life and Death. So yeah. Have fun.


3. A Beautiful Lie, And A Painful Truth

As they sat together, side by side in the meadow, the grass slowly died around the broader figure, while flowers popped out of the ground around the slimmer figure, glowing faintly in the low light.


The flowers slowly become brighter, almost as bright as lamps when they are fully grown, revealing the broader figure and the slimmer figure in turn.


The man is wearing a mask that resembles a deer. But, it is unlike any deer mankind has ever seen. It is completely black, as black as the midnight sky. Huge, twisted antlers rise into the air from the mask, fearsome even in the bright light enveloping him. He is clothed in garments of the darkest night, pinpoints of bright red appearing every few seconds and fading just as quickly.


The woman, on the other hand, is as welcoming as the warmth of a perfect summer day. Her skin has the look of the smoothest alabaster, her light green hair winding down her back, flowing with a non-existent breeze. She is clothed in a long summer dress, as white as unbroken snow, intertwined with designs of leaves, a lighter shade of green than her hair. Her features are as fair as the goddess Aphrodite, and the smile gracing her lips is fairer.


Softly smiling at the man next to her, she asks a question of him.

"Death? Why do people love me, yet hate my counter-part, the other part of my soul?"


He sighs, turning to face her slowly.

"Because, my dear Life, they hate that no matter what, I will come for them at whatever time they need to go."


She sighs as well, softer than him.

"That doesn't answer my question. Why do they not accept that everything beautiful must fade? Why do they not accept that it must happen at some time or another?"


"Because, my love, you are a pretty lie, and I am a painful truth."

He pauses, shaking his head.

"They will not let go of the beauty they have found, to follow one who is the embodiment of everything they fear."


She smiles softly, leaning into his side.

"There are some who embrace you, my dear Death. And though I am loathe to put them through so much hardship, some must bear the weight of a message to the many."


"I love those the most. They don't see me as a monster, they see me as one who will take their pain away. And I try my best with those."


She leans more heavily into his side, smiling wider.

"And I thank you for that. They don't deserve any more pain after what I have to do to them."

She yawns softly, her eyes fluttering a bit.


He gently wraps his arms around her, letting her use his shoulder as a cushion.

"Go to sleep, my love, I will wake you when you are needed."


She yawns again, burrowing into the coolness of his side, sighing contently, and finally, falling asleep.




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