Draco and who?

When Ron leaves hermione for lavender everyone is shocked what she says and how she says it . Then somthing you'll never think will happen after that hermione wakes up in the hostile wing with jinny luna and Draco by her side


6. the big fight

I walked into my room and lay on my " nHERMIONE GRANDER " I woke up to the door slammed shut it was paisley Draco's ex " your dating my boyfriend you whore" she screamed at me " get out paisley ur being crazy " I. Was still half alseep "NO SHUT UP BREAK UP WITH HIM NOW AND IM NOY CRAZY" she screamed then Draco came in " Whts going on in here " he walked in with bandages around his arm " get out now paisley " Draco pushed her out of my room and layed down with me I quickly got up and locked the door u sat him while he was laying down on my bed he pulled me close and kissed my neck and then kissed up my neck and up to my mouth he always

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