Draco and who?

When Ron leaves hermione for lavender everyone is shocked what she says and how she says it . Then somthing you'll never think will happen after that hermione wakes up in the hostile wing with jinny luna and Draco by her side


1. never seen Harry so mad

Since the war they made us redo last year so there was some remodeling

Hermiones POV.

I just got out of pool with jenny and luna I can hear the most annoying lavender louaghing "I have to hurry to meat up with Ron and Harry " that shut lavender up real fast but it only last 2 seconds " or so she thinks" I herd her whisper "and what's that's susposed to mean " I said looking her dead in the eyes " you'll see " she walks away

In the mess hall

" hey Ron " I said kissing his check but he pushes me back " we need to talk " he said like I did something wrong " not again Ron you can't break my heart a sencond time with lavender " I said crying " hermione I can't anymore we just can't" he said looking away " I HATE YOU RON WEASLY AND YOU LAVENDER YOURE BOTH FUCKING STUPID " I screamed and ran off everyone was staring at me shocked that 1 I raised my voice 2 I cried and 3 I cursed

I ran out to into the forbidden forest just to be alone for like 2 sencond and here come Harry " what just happened " he said hugging me " Ron happened " I was crying and his shirt got wet " not again " I pushed off of him " fine then leave me like everyone else " I said walking away " hermione stop maybe that's why everyone left you Becouse you never let anyone in " he yelled " HOW DARE YOU LEAVE ME ALONE AND YOUR RUDE FRIENDS " I screamed " NO HOW DARE YOU ALWAYS FEAL BAD FOR YOURSELF " he was sreamimg at me " AND IF WAS YOUR CHOICE TO LEAVE YOUR PARENTS" he screamed louder and pushed me on a tree " GET OFF ME " I screamed and that when he punched me twice in the face. I haven't seen Draco since last year he was bigger now strong " get off her Harry now " he yelled Harry left and I collapsed

I woke up in the hospital wing with jinny and luna and Draco by My side there where bruises on my arms from Harry and my my lip was slip to opens from when Harry punched me. They all left except Draco and Harry walked in he sat next to my bed and tried to touched me but I flinched and suggled him to Draco " so your just gonna go to the person that nearly killed you last year " he yelled Draco lightly pushed me off and stood up " not infront of her she's been through to much in one day why don't you just leave.

" why are you doing this " I whispered

" Becouse I care " he said moving my hair out of my face

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