Draco and who?

When Ron leaves hermione for lavender everyone is shocked what she says and how she says it . Then somthing you'll never think will happen after that hermione wakes up in the hostile wing with jinny luna and Draco by her side


5. I refuse

Draco's POV.

Just as Harry walkes in Harry walkes in " I'm not choosing" she yelled "hermione just choose Harry I'm not going to make you choose between me and your best friend " I whispered into her ear " your going to choose right now" Harry demmanded " I choose Draco" she yelled then Harry fell on the ground "Harry " she screamed

~time skip~

We where in the hospital wing with Harry i made Draco stay with me

Draco's POV.

Hermione grasd my arm when the DOA teacher came with a blank face in " Harry has been bedeviled or possessed for quit some time" she looked scared " he is free and will Remeber everything " then walked out " Draco come with me" said a man in a black suit that

Hermiones POV.

The man took Draco in the conference room for parents. I know exactly what was happing they where removing the dark lords tattoo the hard way. You could hear him scream I was scared at what I heard he walked out with 15 scares and he looked at me his eyes where bright red and kept walking with just a white under shirt that showed the outline of his abbs

Im just going to grab pain meds and go lay down~Draco

Ok btws u look hot in that 😜~mione

I must have been blushing and Ron must have walked in " oh stop drooling Over that death eater" he spit " enough Ronald" I was angery that he called Draco a death eater

Sorry I haven't updated in a while I've been super busy

Stay saxy


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