Draco and who?

When Ron leaves hermione for lavender everyone is shocked what she says and how she says it . Then somthing you'll never think will happen after that hermione wakes up in the hostile wing with jinny luna and Draco by her side


8. he's returned

" I over slept" we both said at the same time " you guy slept together" she blurted out I knew Ron was there and every on Draco looked at me and gave me the ' i guess we have to tell them' look " yes we didn't" I got all embrassed but where one exsept Ron " AWW" everyone said in harmione " SETTLE DOWN... and did you" the teacher shouldn't of asked that it says in the hand book that I don't have to answer anything personal " did we have sex you mean .. No we didn't and if we did it would be none of your bussiness" I walked and sat down "now then that was very rude of you hermione" the teacher spit "oh and draco your father is waiting for you"

Draco's POV.

" why where you late to class " my father said " I over slept" and that carried on " listen he's back ok I want you to lock Down this school and I'll take hermione and anyone of your friends" I thought " Layla .. I'll be right back" I ran down the Hall fixed my suit and then knock on the door " come in " the fair old lady said " may I take Layla " yes Layla she's my baby sister in 3rd yes they are taking any grade now "for a minute" as she nods her head " Draco what is it " you could here the worri " nothing sweetie" I picker her up and walked to the 1st grade wing I put Layla down and knocked on the door " hello and I have scarlet " scarlet is a 1st grader that has no parents and she's seem to grow on me I found scarlet crying on a bench and yup she's my adopted little douaghter kind of " I supose so "Draco " she ran to me " what's wrong " she asked " nothing" I kissed her head picked her up and held Layla's hand as I walk into my class " hermione" I waved her to come " what is it" she asked " I'll tell you later" we got to my cabin and everyone walked in "Scarlet this is hermione , Layla and my father there going to be taking care of you ok " and she looked at me like I was going to leave her to " your gonna leave me .. I'm sorry I promise I'll be good " I felt so bad " no no sweetie your fine I have to do something" she felt better or so u could tell " your coming back right " I hoped so " yea .... Bye Layla " then I got to hermione "babe I love you" I wishpeed and bite her ear " I love you to" then scarlet ran up to my leg and huged it " bye " and I lefted Harry and Ron where waiting in the class as we hear " May we see Draco " two big death eater wanna bees said " hell be put shortly " they waked out and I walked up to the teachers desk " send out a lock down Speel and notify the teacher but not on the loud speaker and I'm being very serious " I walked out the back way followed by Harry and Ron

Hey guys I've. Have been sooooooooo busy and I love all you guys and girls who read this my grandfather just passed and I've had a lot of test I'm very sorry and please let me know if you guys have any ideas

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