Draco and who?

When Ron leaves hermione for lavender everyone is shocked what she says and how she says it . Then somthing you'll never think will happen after that hermione wakes up in the hostile wing with jinny luna and Draco by her side


4. Harry makes me chose

Dracos POV.

I hear hermione yell at Harry and Harry yell hermione then silence "get off me" she screamed I run into the bathroom trying to get in her room but it was locked " HERMIONE " I yelled then I heard whispering " I'm fine Draco " she softly said "I swear you are do rude sometimes" then she giggled "what he's draco he was rude all the time " he said I couldn't tell if it was Ron or Harry " Harry he's trying to change" the. She added"plus he's majorly cute " . " I know I am " that was Ron walking in


Hey can you come her for a sec look like we have the same mouth wash~draco

I gonna put on a aero t-shirt with Blue jeans I was a very differnt person on Sundays

" hey Draco" she said walking in as I but my boxers on " sorry one sec " I was embarrassed so I quickly got dress " sorry love but who's is who's " I could here Harry and Ron whispering nasty word she figured that she had the higher amount considering she just bought hers she kissed me as I kissed back " minty " she winked at me and closed the door

I'm sat and at dinner with anyone I seen Harry pull hermione out

Hermiones POV.

"Who is it going to be me or Draco" he said

" you can't make me choose it unfair" I tried keeping my voice down

" what is it " he got closer

" Harry your my best friend and Draco's idk " he was mad

" what ever " -"filthy mud/blood " he caught himself

" how dare you no how could you shame on you Harry potter " I said crying

She had run off " you didn't just call her that" Ron came up me " how did you " <- Harry) " I walked passed " he cut me off

Draco's POV.

I seen hermione run off crying and Harry walk in upset

"Hermione" I knocked on her door" what Draco" I could hear her crying I walked in And she was standing in the bathroom I hugged her and she collapsed I picked her up and sat down in the couch and set her on my lap she told be everything and she just hugged me and she sobbing then Harry walked in

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