The Neighbor.

A girl named Elizabeth she just turned 18 and moved in to apartment 5B and falls in love with her neighbor named John.


1. 18th B-Day

Wake up Eli "Nichelle My step mom says" Happy Birth Day! Shut up what do u care! "I say getting up and walking away" IM YOUR STEP MOM U HAVE TO LISTIN TO ME! "Nichelle screams" I stop roll my eyes and look back and say I'm 18 bitch. "I say" Morning hun whats up. "Kayden my dad asks" Don't you know what day it is? "I say looking at my dad funny" Ummmmm... sunday? "he starts laughing" Your Birth day hun I did not forget anything! What about the promis you made to me? "I ask my dad" What promis? "He looks at me funny" The apartment deal. "I say" Oh um whos paying? "my dad says" You, but forget it you and step monster are ruining my damn life!! "I scream" COME BACK HERE ELI NOW! "He pulls my back" Will u pay for the apartment so I can move out? "I look at my dad funny" Ill think about it 'my dad says". I yank my arm away and walk away.

I get dressed and ready for the day and go to my dad

You done thinking? " I ask" here is $1,000,000 now go buy one get your stuff later. "My dad yells" "I grab the money and start to walk away" Eli where r u going? "Nichelle asks" Fuck off "I say and walk out"


I I go and buy a apartment and move most the stuff in but I had a long day so now its 12:46pm time to go to bed!

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