ERROR #1 : The Land of Forever

This story takes place in the year 2135 where there's way more high-tec things. This story is about a energetic ( and popular ) 16 year old boy named Andrew who loves video games and internet.
One day he buys a new RPG video game called " Land of Forever " which comes with a head set that you can wear and then play with. Normally people would think it's just like all those other video games that you play with a controller but in this game your body can go into it and you can play online with several other players. One day while he is playing the game a horrible error occurs which then makes the game a way more complicated and frightening. They are all going to be fighting with all of there life now.


1. What a morning

" Andrew! Time to wake up! You'll be late for school again! " I woke up jerkily from my sleep and blinked quickly a few times. I slowly  got out of the bed and looked and the clock on our wall. I couldn't see it clearly so I blinked a few more times then looked at it again. It was already 8 o'clock. I got back to my senses. " Damn it! Not again! " Suddenly I heard my sister, Julia angrily come up the stairs. " Andrew, did you hear me?! " Oh crap. She sounds really mad. " Andrew! I'm asking you a simple question! Why won't you answer me! " " Of corse I heard you sis! Don't be so angry! " I replied yelling. " Well then hurry up! " " Ok, ok. I'll be down there in a few minutes! " That's when the door burst right open. I was just on the progress of getting my pajama shirt off. There was awkward silence. Both of our faces went bright red. Then she slammed the door closed shut again. She yelled just right outside the door " Andrew! You idiot! "  " Well, you were the one who opened the door and you were telling me to hurry up! " " S.... Shut up!! " Then I heard Julia go down the stairs enraged. I was quite surprised because I didn't think my twin sister would just burst open the door. Bu the time she got to the bottom of the stairs I was already finished changing. My oldest sister, Madeline, who is 19 years old was watching TV on the couch. I walked behind her when she suddenly said " I heard that you and Julia were fighting again. " I tried walking past her but then she grabbed my arm. " So what did you do this time? " I started blushing while I turned away from Madeline. How can I tell her that happened!? That's when she said " If you don't tell me, I will just go to your sister. You know she is the kind of person who would tell anything. " I went around the couch and sat beside her. " Well, to simplify it at first Julia was yelling at me to hurry up because she said I was going to be late again. I listened to her but she thought I was being too slow. Then she slammed open the door while I was just taking my shirt off. Then we got into a fight, like a big one. " I could hear Madeline laughing under her breath. " Well that must've been nice. " I grunted. I heard Julia yelling at me again. " Andrew! Hurry up!! " " Well it seems like somebody is calling for you. " I turned around and yelled " Ok! I'm coming. " I turned back at Madeline. " Well, I'm going to be going to school now. " She smiled at me kindly and gave me a sandwich in a plastic bag then said " See you after school! " I ran to the front door and quickly got on my Nikes and ran up to Julia. Julia looked pretty frustrated at me. 

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