ERROR #1 : The Land of Forever

This story takes place in the year 2135 where there's way more high-tec things. This story is about a energetic ( and popular ) 16 year old boy named Andrew who loves video games and internet.
One day he buys a new RPG video game called " Land of Forever " which comes with a head set that you can wear and then play with. Normally people would think it's just like all those other video games that you play with a controller but in this game your body can go into it and you can play online with several other players. One day while he is playing the game a horrible error occurs which then makes the game a way more complicated and frightening. They are all going to be fighting with all of there life now.


5. Wait Here

Since I couldn't find her, I just went down to my classroom to drop my things off. I still held the pencil tight in my hands. I closed my eyes shut. Well, if only I knew where she was. Then it wouldn't be as hard. " Hey, Andrew! " I opened my eyes and looked at the door to see who it was. It was Tom, Elliotte, and Matthew. I avoided eye contact with them. Tom and Matthew walked up and said " Look, we are sorry what we said and did earlier. We just didn't think you'd take it so seriously. " I looked back up at them and grinned and said " It's ok. Maybe it was my fault I took it so seriously. " We grinned at each other. Elliotte said from the back " Hey, shouldn't we be going outside now? " " Oh yeah. "

We walked out of the classroom and headed outside. I noticed how Tom was looking at my hand. "  Is there something wrong with my hand? " Tom looked up at me then replied " It's nothing that serious but I was just wondering why you had a pencil in your hand. " I looked at my hand accidentally dropping the pencil. I picked it up and wondered why I had that in my hand. Just then I remembered that I borrowed the pencil from Alexis. " Oh crap! " My friends looked at me surprised. " I have to give this pencil back to somebody! Wait for me here! " The three nodded and I dashed ahead full speed. 

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