ERROR #1 : The Land of Forever

This story takes place in the year 2135 where there's way more high-tec things. This story is about a energetic ( and popular ) 16 year old boy named Andrew who loves video games and internet.
One day he buys a new RPG video game called " Land of Forever " which comes with a head set that you can wear and then play with. Normally people would think it's just like all those other video games that you play with a controller but in this game your body can go into it and you can play online with several other players. One day while he is playing the game a horrible error occurs which then makes the game a way more complicated and frightening. They are all going to be fighting with all of there life now.


2. On the Way

" I'm sorry I didn't come quickly enoughM it's just that Madeline was holding me back! " Julia looked at me frustrated for a while but then a grin went across her face then she started giggling. While still laughing she said " Seems like something you will do! " Then she grabbed my hand and started walking. I blushed and yelled " What in the world are you doing?! " Julia, who didn't look back said with a confident tone " Too bad! You made me angry so this is a way of making me happy again. " I, who was trying to struggle free from her, replied " What if somebody misunderstands?! I don't want to be a freakin lover of yours! We are twins too! " Then she looked back at me and let go of my hand. Her caramel brown hair whipped me across the face. She mumbled, " Do you hate me that much? " She looked pretty serious. " I didn't say that! " She was still looking down at the concrete pavement. A long silence passed by. That's when it saw tears falling down from her coffee brown eyes. I knew she wasn't going to move from there. Knowing that I grabbed her hand and started walking. She looked at me surprised. " I'm only going to be holding you're hand until we get there. " She grinned. " I'm totally fine with that! "

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