ERROR #1 : The Land of Forever

This story takes place in the year 2135 where there's way more high-tec things. This story is about a energetic ( and popular ) 16 year old boy named Andrew who loves video games and internet.
One day he buys a new RPG video game called " Land of Forever " which comes with a head set that you can wear and then play with. Normally people would think it's just like all those other video games that you play with a controller but in this game your body can go into it and you can play online with several other players. One day while he is playing the game a horrible error occurs which then makes the game a way more complicated and frightening. They are all going to be fighting with all of there life now.


6. Finally

I looked around for Alexis and even started asking her best friends where she was. I noticed a few of them blush when I asked them. I was sort of getting exhausting and thought about giving it to her later when I noticed a short girl walk up to me. It was Alexis's classmates who was also in the cheerleading club. Her name was Isabelle. She was also really popular to both girls and boys. She said shyly to me " Alexis is at the back of the gym. " I wondered why she was there. I thanked her with a smile for telling me that. I ran up to the back of the gym and as Isabelle Alexis was there. Alexis seemed pretty surprised when she saw me. " Oh. Um... Hi. " said Alexis. " Hi Alexis. " I walked up to her and handed her the pencil I was borrowing earlier. " Thanks for the pencil earlier. " She took the pencil and shoved it in her sweater pocket. " Y.. Your welcome. " It was quite quiet for a long time until I spoke up. " If you want me to I can pay you lunch in the cafeteria today. " She smiled at me. " Thanks. I would love that! " Then she pulled me and pecked me on the cheek. I could feel my face go really bright red. " So at lunch right? " " Um... Ya. See you at lunch. " " See you, too. "

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