ERROR #1 : The Land of Forever

This story takes place in the year 2135 where there's way more high-tec things. This story is about a energetic ( and popular ) 16 year old boy named Andrew who loves video games and internet.
One day he buys a new RPG video game called " Land of Forever " which comes with a head set that you can wear and then play with. Normally people would think it's just like all those other video games that you play with a controller but in this game your body can go into it and you can play online with several other players. One day while he is playing the game a horrible error occurs which then makes the game a way more complicated and frightening. They are all going to be fighting with all of there life now.


4. 1st Period

We all sat back down at our seats. I reached in my desk and a note fell out and landed in my lap. I mumbled quietly under my breath, " What the hell? " I heard the second bell ring and so I shoved the note in my desk again.

We took attendance then went next door for history. My friends walked up to my sides. Tom slapped me in the back to get my attention. I yelled at him, " Ow! What was that for?! " Then Tom replied laughing, " I'm sorry! It was just to get your attention. " I heard other people giggle and snicker. I sighed. That's when my eyes met with the blue eyes of the cheerleader captain, Alexis. She smiled at me and passed by letting her long blonde hair trail behind her. That's when Matthew came back into my view. He asked excitedly " Do you like her? " I started walking and replied. " Of corse not! " Tom grinned at me and asked again " Are you sure??? " I sighed again. " Why would I go with a girl who just broke up with her boyfriend? " They looked at me blankly and then thought about it for a while. Then they looked up at me again. " Well, you are like one of those perfect boys that girls definitely want to be with. I mean cause you are tall, smart, athletic, good-looking, and nice. " I didn't look back at them and just kept on walking. I just walked into the class without saying anything.

In the history class I sat beside a boy named Alex who's on the same basketball team as me. " Can I sit down here? " He looked up at me and replied " Of corse. " That's when I noticed that Alexis was sitting right infront of me. I somehow felt uneasy. Class started when the teacher started talking. " Please all get your pencils and erasers out and flip to page 253. " I just noticed i hadn't brought a damn pencil. " Alex, by any chance do you have an extra pencil? " He looked at me and replied " Sorry. Not right now. " I sighed. Alexis seemed to hear me and handed me an extra pencil. She smiled at me kindly then said  " You can borrow this for now. " I looked at her a bit surprised then said " Thank you. " 

It felt like atleast 6 hours when the bell finally rang. I got up and grabbed my text books. I thought of giving the pencil back to Alexis but she wasn't there. I said bye to Alex and ran out the room to go find Alexis. 



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