Diana: Girl with the broken soul.

"Name three things to describe yourself." My new father said. The other boys gawked at me, but in a polite way... They all looked my new dad's-well Louis he told me to call him,- age, like in their twenties...
"Oh honey don't be shy," the blonde one said smiling, flashing his beautiful teeth.
I took a deep breath and mumbled,
They looked confused. Until the one with the jet black hair said...
"Honey.... You don't need to be like this anymore. You can trust us. I swear it. You can tell us anything at any time and we'll keep our mouths shut. I can see it in your eyes, feel your body language and see that you don't trust us or.... Something was happening to you before we adopted you....please don't be afraid. Don't cry. Your free from that place now, okay?" He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his chest while i spilled everything.


5. Spa-what-y?

We walked into the kitchen. Louis and Niall were making food which I assumed was for the boys. I let go of Harry's hand and walked to the counter. I found a pear and took a bite."Love, what are you doing?" Niall asked. I looked at him and stated with an obvious tone,"I'm eating dinner...." Next thing I know, Louis is taking the pear away and pulling me into his chest. "No ma'am. You're going to eat some real dinner. You will eat like a loved person, that means full meals... With actual food, not scraps. It makes me angry to know that's all you could eat at the orphanage." He pauses and looked at me. "But that's the most food I've ever eaten. I'm used to it.-" "No. You're loved young lady. Do you understand? I want you to be full. Okaaaay?" He half smiled. I just nodded and he kissed me on my forehead. Niall dragged me to the table and whispered, "I wanna teach you to eat like me." I looked at him confused and then he said "I eat a lot.... Duh." Louis came up and hit him on the head. "Niall, we don't want her to be an absolute pig now do we? We just want her to be healthy." Louis shot him a look before Niall agreed. "Okay fine." So i sat there awkwardly until a plate of food was put before me. It looked weird, and it looked like a bunch of strings in red stuff. It smelled amazing though. "What is it?" I asked poking it with a fork. "YAY YOU GUYS MADE SPAGHETTI!!" A girl with blonde hair said, holding Zayn's hand. She had on a ring on her left hand and she was really pretty. I just marveled at her until she said,"Is that..." "Yeah," Zayn said, smiling at me. "Oh my God! Hi ! I'm Perrie..... So i heard your Louis's daughter?" She came and sat by me at the table. I nodded and she said,"Well it's nice to meet you. So what's your name?" I murmured, "Geo." she looked back at Louis,"When you told me and El about her, I thought you meant a younger girl, like a baby." "Nope, that's my girl." She looked back at me. "So how do you like the spaghetti?" I looked confused. "Spa-what-y?" She giggled and pointed to my plate. I made an " oh" face and said,"I haven't tried it yet..... I don't know how to eat it..." Niall came and sat on my lap like a baby and picked up my fork. He put it in the strings and twirled it. He picked it up. "Open." I hesitated, before opening my mouth and he shoved the fork in gently. I chewed it and swallowed. I looked up and smiled. Niall smiled this childish grin before shouting, "SHE LIKES IT, LOU!!!!" I heard a chorus of 'yyyaaaayy's before I picked up my fork and tried it on my own. I twirled it and picked it up. It was taken out of my hands. "NIALL!" Louis and I both shouted, causing him to jump. "Wha'?" He said mouth full of spaghetti. "That was hers! She has to eat! Her first plate of spaghetti and you eat it. You sir, are a pig of a 20 year old." He just rolled his eyes and got off my lap. I was quiet now, confused on what had just happened. "Go on,love. Eat some, before this little piggy cries yum yum yum and before you know it, it's all gone."louis said pointing at Niall. Perrie laughs, and i sit there more confused. "Oh she doesn't know it. We have to teach her!" Niall said laughing. "Dude, she isn't five, we don't need to teach her." I mumbled,"No, I wanna know." Louis laughed and said, "When you go to bed, I'll teach you."

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