Diana: Girl with the broken soul.

"Name three things to describe yourself." My new father said. The other boys gawked at me, but in a polite way... They all looked my new dad's-well Louis he told me to call him,- age, like in their twenties...
"Oh honey don't be shy," the blonde one said smiling, flashing his beautiful teeth.
I took a deep breath and mumbled,
They looked confused. Until the one with the jet black hair said...
"Honey.... You don't need to be like this anymore. You can trust us. I swear it. You can tell us anything at any time and we'll keep our mouths shut. I can see it in your eyes, feel your body language and see that you don't trust us or.... Something was happening to you before we adopted you....please don't be afraid. Don't cry. Your free from that place now, okay?" He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his chest while i spilled everything.


3. Me?

My door flew open. Punch.

"HOW DARE YOU EMBARRASS ME LIKE THAT!"she screamed, grabbing my shirt and squishing me between her and the wall. "I swear you'll be extremely lucky if they pick you. They obviously suspected nothing, but you made it clear about how i treat you. You'll be lucky if you survive the night." And with that, she smacked me, and left. I sat there in tears, holding my face, wondering what would happen if those rich guys would adopt me.


I woke up on my pallet and blinked. I heard talking downstairs. 'Is that them already?' I asked as I looked at my wrist watch lying beside me. 7:23 a.m., that's the latest I've ever slept! I got up and scurried to the bathroom to get washed up ad dressed. "Giovanni!!! Come here honey!" Ms. Becky's high pitched whiney voice rang from downstairs. I came slowly down the steps to see the five handsome boys staring at me with huge cheesy grins on their faces. "Hi, Geo." Mr. Tomlinson said softly, like he was talking to a kindergartener. "They chose you Geo." Ms. Becky smiled like this was her lucky day. I just stared. Me, out of all the better orphans here? They chose they abused one over the perfect ones? Why? I turned to go pack when someone said,"We have your bags, Ms.Becky said she packed them, so they're in the trunk." I turned around to the voice. My face turned pink, and I just nodded at the handsome boy who was talking to me.He just smiled. God, he was handsome.... But I know I cant fall in love. I resumed coming down the steps and I stood there. Well, they were taller than I expected. Ms. Becky tapped me on the shoulder, still smiling. "Go on, now. You have your life ahead of you. Have fun with your new dad, okay?" I didn't smile, but instead I just nodded. I walked outside to their car. I haven't been out of the orphanage since I was 6 years old. It was absolutely beautiful. But as I turned back to the car, it was really strange. It was black and long.... They opened the door, but I just stared. I looked back to Mr. Tomlinson and he said, "C'mon love, get in." I bent down to get into the long vehicle. I sat down and the blonde one and the raven haired one got on either side of me. All of a sudden, there was this rumbling noise and the car vibrated. I jumped, a bit frightened at the noise. Mr. Tomlinson just laughed. "Well love, welcome to the family! I'm gonna be your dad now," he explained,"and this is Zayn, Liam,Niall, and Harry." He said pointing to each boy in order. "And honey, you can call me Louis, or if you want you can call me dad, too." He smiled again. I realized that I like his smile. We started talking getting to know each other. "Name three things to describe yourself." My new dad said. The other boys gawked at me, but in a polite way..... They all looked my new dad's- well Louis he told me to call him- age, like in their twenties.

"Oh honey, don't be shy," the blonde one said smiling, flashing his beautiful teeth. I took a deep breath and mumbled," Tired, alone, scared."

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