The Twins of Arendelle

Elsa has a twin sister, and she has fire powers. Her name? Elizabeth, or Liz for short. Liz knows how to control her powers and played with Anna, while Elsa was attempting to control her own. When Elsa runs away, Liz's first instinct is to run after her.


1. 1

I was enjoying a nice warm sleep, when I heard a little whisper.

"Elsa!" I heard something climb on my twin's bed heard more whispering. 

"Elsa! Wake up wake up wake up!" I heard my younger sister Anna chirp. 

"Anna," Elsa moaned, "Go back to sleep!" Anna sighed and crawled off the bed, then I heard Anna whisper by my bed. 

"Liz!" I heard her do the same thing to Elsa. 

"Wake up, wake up, wake up!" She chirped again. 

"Anna!" I whispered back, "Go back to sleep." 

"I just can't!" Anna exclaimed, then dramatically laid on me, "The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to play!" 

"Go play by yourself!" I said playfully, then pushed her off my bed. She fell, thought for a moment, then went back to Elsa's bed. 

"You wanna build a snowman?" Anna asked. Elsa and I hopped out of bed at the same time. This was going to be fun. 

Anna dragged Elsa and I down the stairs and we were giggling the whole time.

"Do the magic!" Anna said. Elsa used her powers, creating snowfall, then making the floor ice. I knew that if I used my powers, I would ruin the fun. So I didn't.

Elsa and Anna played, while I watched. It wasn't until Elsa started panicking when she was creating piles of snow to catch Anna that everything went wrong. 

"Slow down!" Elsa told Anna, then she slipped on ice. Anna jumped and I tried to step in, but it was too late. Elsa's ice had hit Anna in the head. She fell in a pile of snow. 

"Anna!" We yelled at the same time, and ran to her. Elsa was hugging her and her powers went wild. I ran out to get out parents, melting the ice on the doors on the way. 

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