I Can't Love Him. But I Do!

Rae, her mom died at the age 12 and shes now 18 and in her senior year her she has lived with her father ever since, but he isnt the good type of father he takes advantage of her , abusses her.She dosent like the interrest that ashton takes in her, she thinks hell be like her dad. her best friend has moved and shes all alone . What will she do? (New writer it may not be the best blurb or story :0)


1. Another Day Of Hell

Rae's P.O.V



    I walked into what I thought was another day of hell, But it was just school! I hated this place, All I was here was a girl no one knew or wanted to know i was different, But i cant appoligize for being different.I wore my blake and white split skinny jeans and a checkered black and white long sleve and some black vans with a beanie and some colored hair exstensions.

   I walked staright to my locker, between the two worst people ever! The schools bitch and one of her "possie's".it sucked all I heard when I was between them was Gossip >.<, but thank god they werent there, I grabbed my first hour books, social studies accompanying it with my drawing folder and journal. I felt my phone buzz so i toke it out and swipped over to check my messages it was from my best friend, my only friend, Emily wich moved away .I read :Hey little sis!how are u? dad hasnt pulled anything lately?? I replied : Haii, im okay >.< , i've been 3 days clean ^.^ , and he almost hit meh but his phone interupted his angryness.How are u doing down south?: i put my phone back in my pocket trying not to remind myself of the incident wiht my dad. Walking past the lunch room I glanced inside threw the glass windows seeing a crowd surronding someone, I thought to myslf <Porbably just a new guy> I tried looking hardewr to see what he looked like and he turned his head towards me and made eye-contact I instantly looked away knowing cameron and her " possie" are already bundling him up with there fakeness,I kept walking and when i turned the corner after the lunch room I felt all my stuff fly over along with my beanie falling of , when i snapped back to reality i was on the ground looking around i saw all my things scattered around and saw a boy I didnt reconize lending me a hand but i didnt accept it i got up on my own.

  *I'm sorry about that miss* i heard from a boy with an australlian accent. *No its fine* I bent down on my knees picking up my papers and social studies book. *here let me help you with that* I heard him again, he started grabbing some of my papers and I saw him start to observe them and then he looked at me i looked away at once, going back to picking up papers. *Are these your drawings?* He asked. *Yeah they are* I snatched the papers out of his hands, I didnt want him seeing my drawings, I guess it was because they exspresed me in a way said things i didnt want people to know.

*Hey I was just looking* He exclaimed in a affended tone of voice. *Well I dont want you to look* I standed up. *Thank you* I walked of, he probably thinks I'm a mean Bitch but whatever i dont really care.

   I walked to social studies and sat down right as the bell rang.




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