Kakashis Family

The Hatake family went out for a picnic near the konoha river and while they were enjoying themselves,Kakashi and Anko(Yes,I ship them) fell asleep while the three little rugrats,Entai(White hair and oldest boy),Tamen(Brown hair and second oldest boy)and the only girl,Blossom(Brown hair and youngest) were doing some adventuring.They worst part was,Blossom heard Diedara and Tobi talkign while they were exploring and she got caught.Blossoms actions created a big mess and now Kakashi + others have to try to save Blossom and Entai......(Different perspectives)


2. The Akatsuki


"Senpai!Senpai!Are you really going to kill these kids?" I turned over to Diedara as we were runnning away from Kakashi. "Tobi.Shut up.And of course i'm going to kill these kids.I'm serious.If Kakashi doesn't do whatever I say,thy're BOTH dead meat" Diedara-senpai said without a second thought.I turned away from him "Cold as ever,senpai!" Diedara-senpai looked at me with scary eyes.Yikes!I ran ahead of him and held the little flower in my hands(Blossom).She struggled.I looked down at her "You're going to hurt yourself.." She sniffled a little and looked up to me "Let me go y-you horrible man!" She had plenty of tears in her eyes.I felt sad for her.Oh well.I couldn't let her free "I cant let you go." She asked my "why?Why?" "Because I would kill him.Like I will kill you" Diedara-senpai said coldly.I sighed.He's mean but he's the best partner I could ever have!


These little brats would be my only way of getting my revenge on Kakashi.After he foiled my plans to kill the 9th Jinchuriki and ripped of my arms with his sharingan eyeball. "Hey brat.Stop trying to escape.It won't work,trust me.You're lucky that i'm not killing you this instant." I looked at the boy that reminded me of Kakashi.Ugh.I hate looking at his face. "Hey!Let me go!Where are we going anyway??" The white haired brat asked. "Shut up brat.We're going to go to the akatsuki hideout.You're going to meet my teammates." I smiled trying to scare him.He looked plain and boring and not a single sight of fear in his eyes.Just like Kakashi. "My name's Entai by the way.Not brat." Entai.What a horrible name for a child.It should be Zaptos or Loki or anything that sounds cool.Wait,why am I even thinking about this?I hate this brat. "Hey,I call you whatever I want and I call you brat.Deal with it.You wanna fight with me?Bring it on" I stared at him.He looked away.

*At the Akatsuki hideout*

"We're back.Did'cha miss us?" I smiled at Hidan and threw Entai the brat at Tobi.Hidan played with his little sword "Oh look guys.The brats came back with more brats." I reached into my clay pocket and made a exploding clay spider.As I was about to throw it at Hidan,someone patted my shoulder "Stop it.Both of you.We're going to get in trouble"It was Zetsu.The living vegetable.Tobi dropped Blossom and Entai into a steel cage "You guys stay there. :) Hey,where's Pein??" Tobi glanced around the room.Konan got up and walked to her room "Pein went to go and try to kill the 9th jinchuriki.I don't even know why he tries.He'll fail just like the rest of us.We should just give up on catching the 9th jinchuriki and go for the hokage." We heard a dark voice near the entrance "Stop saying nonsense.I will not give up no matter what happens.I WILL succeed." It was Pein,our leader.Pein stared at Konan with darkness inside his eyes.Konan stared back and said "Oh?You'll succeed?Are you sure about that?The last time,Diedara and Sasori tried to protect the 1st jinchuriki from the 9th and Diedara got his arms ripped off and Sasori died." Pein looked at me. "Diedara,you and Tobi will try to get the 9th jinchuriki to the waterfall of truth.Keep him occupied until I come.You go now.Got that?" Tobi ran up to Pein and did a salute.Tobi was jolly and happy(Like he usually is)and he jumped around like Kisame on sugar high.Tobi ran out the door and tugged me along "Hey Kakuzu,take care of the little brats." Kakuzu turned to me "Why me?Let Itachi do it." Itachi glared at Kakuzu "Never mind,i'll do it." Itachi looked away and did some paperwork.Me and Tobi went to go to the leaf village and we went to a window in the house of the Uzumaki residence.There we saw,a little purpled haired baby with a little blonde boy carrying her.It was Narutos and Hinatas kids.Oh,I'd really love to kill them,just for fun..... >:D

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