Kakashis Family

The Hatake family went out for a picnic near the konoha river and while they were enjoying themselves,Kakashi and Anko(Yes,I ship them) fell asleep while the three little rugrats,Entai(White hair and oldest boy),Tamen(Brown hair and second oldest boy)and the only girl,Blossom(Brown hair and youngest) were doing some adventuring.They worst part was,Blossom heard Diedara and Tobi talkign while they were exploring and she got caught.Blossoms actions created a big mess and now Kakashi + others have to try to save Blossom and Entai......(Different perspectives)


4. Getting help


I was at home,figuring out a way to save Entai and Blossom without the Akatsuki noticing me. "Tamen.Come here for a second " Tamen was taking care of Anko,who was in bed for sever illness.Tamen ran up to me "Yes dad?" I got up off of the chair I was sitting in and placed me hand on Tamens shoulder "I need you to go and ask Naruto for help.He'll know what to do after that,just follow him.Go now okay?"  I looked down at Tamens face.He looked sad and he was scared.I reached out to him and hugged him "It's alright.I promise we're going to get Entai and Blossom back.Don't get sad,they're not going to die.I promise." Tamen nodded and ran out.Sigh.Damn Diedara.When I get there,I WIll kill you.


I was running around the village to go to the Uzumaki house.When I got there,I saw Diedara by the window and I panicked!I knocked on the door as hard as I could and Naruto opened it "Hey Tamen.What's up?" Looking behind him,I could see Hinata in the background baking a pie.I dashed inside Narutos house and ran upstairs "NARUTO-SAMA!HINATA-SAMA!YOUR KIDS!THEY'RE IN DANGER!!" Naruto ran up with me and Hinata dropped the pie.She used byakugan and yelled in her squeaky voice "NARUTO!NARUTO!DIEDARA AND TOBI ARE UP THERE!THEY'RE GOING AFTER GON AND EMI!" Naruto dashed past me and slammmed open the door to the kids room.We saw Diedara with Gon(Little blond kid boy) in his arms and Tobi with Emi(Little purpled hair baby girl) in his arms.Diedara smiled at Naruto and placed clay on Gons head "If you come after us,we'll blow up your kids heads.So go ahead,come catch me,HOKAGE." Diedara and Tobi jumped out the window and ran into the forest.Naruto tried going after them but Hinata refused because of Diedaras sayiny "If you come after us,we'll blow up your kids heads.So go ahead,come catch me,HOKAGE." Diedara was so evil.Later on,Naruto-sama and I talked for a while "*Sigh*What is it Tamen and damn Diedara.He teased me abouth the hokage thing againHE KNOWS HOW MUCH I WANT TO BE THE FUTURE HOKAGE!!" Naruto looked down. "M-my dad sent me here for help.." I fidgeted with my fingers and looked through the windows checking if anyone was eavesdropping on our conversation. "What do you need help for ??" Hinata came into the room and gave me some blueberry pie and then left "My brother and sister got kidnapped by Diedara and Tobi,same as you.He said you knew what to do so all I have to do is follow you." I took a bite out of the blueberry pie and it was delicious. "Alright" Naruto got up "I'll get changed and we'll go get the others." Naruto walked out of the room and it was only me there.



I quickly got changed into my Hokage clothes and went to get Kakashi-sensai's kid. "Hey Tamen.Let's go" I bobbed my head to the doorway.As we were walking,Tamen asked "Who are we meeting or getting??" I looked back at him and continued walking "Some powerful back-up.Like Gaara,Sasuke,Sakura,Neji,Kiba,Shino,Bushy brows(Rock Lee) and Gai." I led Tamen in with me to a meeting room.I looked around and we were missing Gaara. "Hey bushy brows,where's Gaara?I thought you guys were coming here together." Bushy brows coughed and said with a serious tone "Gaara's kids got kidnapped.Same as Sasuke,Sakura,Kiba,Neji and myself.Diedara and Tobi only took 2 kids from everyone.Gaara stayed home to keep Matsuri(Wife) calm.She's freaking out!!" Hmm.I thought for a moment "Only 2 kids?SO that means all of your other kids are okay?" Sasuke nodded.I saw Sakure chasing Nescar(Youngest son) yelling "NESCAR!!PUT.THOSE.DOWN!" Sasuke sighed and walked in front of Nescar.Nescar stopped "D-daddy?" Sasuke looked down at Nescar "How dare you goof around while we're trying to help save your brother and sister?Give those to your mother,NOW." Nescar looked to the doorway and looked back at Sasuke "NOOOOOO!" Nescar started to run toward the door.Kiba closed his eyes and crossed his hands "AKAMARU." Akamaru barked and ran to block the door.Nescar tried dodging the doorway and crashing with Akamaru but he couldn't avoid it.The thing in Nescars hands went flying and I ran to catch them since they were important.I caught them and looked down.It was pictures.

I looked up at Sasuke and he glared at me.EEEK!Sasuke pushed me away and grabbed the photos.He hid them in his cloth "Nescar.Come here." Nescar hid behind Sakura and held onto her pant leg.Nescar shook his head no. "Nescar.Don't make me repeat myself.COME HERE" Sasuke looked back at Nescar.Nescar appeared and put his head down,trying not to make eye contact "Y-yes dad?" Nescar softly said.Sasuke bent down "If you EVER touch these pictures again,even if you are my youngest son,i'll kill you." Nescar started to cry and Sakura lifted him up "Sasuke!We talked about this.We are NEVER going to kill our kids okay?Now stop crying Nescar,it's alright :)" Sakura is such a kind mother.I wonder why did she even marry Sasuke?And why does Sasuke have picture of his brother Itachi?I thought he hated him.Oh,I forgot he didn't hate him anymore.Now he treasures him and Sasuke doesn't want anyone to touch his pictures of his special brother.

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