Kakashis Family

The Hatake family went out for a picnic near the konoha river and while they were enjoying themselves,Kakashi and Anko(Yes,I ship them) fell asleep while the three little rugrats,Entai(White hair and oldest boy),Tamen(Brown hair and second oldest boy)and the only girl,Blossom(Brown hair and youngest) were doing some adventuring.They worst part was,Blossom heard Diedara and Tobi talkign while they were exploring and she got caught.Blossoms actions created a big mess and now Kakashi + others have to try to save Blossom and Entai......(Different perspectives)


5. *Authors Note

Hey readers!I kind of ran out of ideas there...Or did I??Well,I kind of let it end there but only temporarly.Comment or mumble to me if you want an update!!!If you do ask for one,I will update it but it may take a while because I am currently working on 4 or 5 movellas.I don't know why but I have all these ideas and I just need to jot them down!!


So I will reapeat this in case; 1.Finish reading the story

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